Weather Flow updated with new languages and background images

Weather Flow

It has been a long time since we’ve seen an update for Weather Flow on Windows Phone. In fact, version 1.5 of the app came out last August and introduced a few new languages and Live tile improvements. After a long period without an update we’re finally getting one today. Does it bring those transparent Live tiles a lot of you have wanted since last Monday?

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see Weather Flow at version 1.6 with a small, but welcomed changelog. Here’s what’s new:

  • Support for 6 new languages: Polish, Czech, Greek, Finnish, Vietnamese, Indonesian
  • New background images
  • Bug fixes

We’re always happy to see new languages join the mix. It’s also nice to get some new background images when using the app. Bug fixes are also very nice and always welcomed. Unfortunately, we know a handful of you will be bummed about the inability to support transparent Live tiles on your Start screen. We’ve covered a few weather apps in the past week that have been updated with that functionality, sadly you won’t get that today with Weather Flow.

Weather Flow comes with a free trial, otherwise the full app can be yours for $1.99. Download it today from the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks for the tip Ghaleb H!

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Weather Flow updated with new languages and background images


The app is nice but it lacks a key feature for me, real feel. In the winter and early showing it's key.

that app actually isn't doing the transparent tiles. I updated and all that. any one else having that problem?

Love the app, but it needs a solid live radar function as well as notifications for severe weather alerts based upon gps location.  These paid apps (Weather Flow, Amazing Weather, etc.) should all be providing that information and one should not have to use multilple apps to get this info.    

Agreed.  We really don't have a comprehensive weather app on WP, unfortunately.  As it stands now, I have to use 2 or 3 apps to get the info I should have on one.  

You can get yahoo weather indirectly . download lock mix . in advanced settings there is an option to choose weather source , yahoo weather o bing weather.....

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When 4castr gets an update to fix the background tasks I'm switching back right now I'm on amazing weather

Do you know how much time developers put into their work? To post this is very disrespectful. Most of the paid apps only cost around 0.99 each. I'm pretty sure you could afford those apps when you already bought a phone.
EDIT: The comment that I replied to was deleted.

Tested the update and this is better overall. The images are better, the information on the live tile doesn't appear blurred on my 720p screen anymore and I like how all the info is displayed on one tile as opposed to a flipping tile...

I agree its obviously more important to get into "other markets" than to provide a quality up to date product for loyal paying customers. Bye bye Weather Flow from me my wife and my daughter

Bing Weather is always off by 7 to
10 degrees for me. Are you experiencing that? I do love the lay out and would love to use it again.

Same for me in my area. It's always hours behind the actual temperature. Nice looking and no ads but not sure why it doesn't work for me. Uninstalled.

Used it for a while, and i love the Dark Metro theme it uses..but..it's Forecasts are woefully inaccurate for New Zealand. Wouldn't mind an option to choose the Weather info provider.

Paid for and never really liked. It's all style over substance really. Looks superb but is very basic. I'm a Blue Skies fan atm.

I just couldn't ever get into WF. Too much missing for my needs and no updates for over a year. At this rate, it may get transparent tiles sometime around Summer, 2015.

I purchased the app... and really regret it. Scant forecast data, and no real depth to information that it provides. It LOOKS nice, sure, but has no features that someone who, say, walks a lot and uses public transportation might need to know if it's going to be sweater weather or a smart idea to have your umbrella at the end of the day.

My Weather Flow updated with a live tile and set itself as transparent with the logo, but when I went to unpin and pin it to reset the tile view, it went back to full display? Anybody know if transparent is there, we all just have the wrong settings? Cause I just saw it. :/

Bought this app when WP8 just launch and that time there were quite limited in weather app. The app look nice, but after years it still lacking of features... need more info on the weather such as real feel, sunrise, sunset time and etc...

And it still havent fix that tiny black horizontal line in the center of the screen. It only visible with HD screen on my 1520 and with 920 that line is invinsible.


Finally they update, but no transparent tiles?! It's my favourite weather app :-(

Also, viether doesn't work, not even after two more updates

I used wether flow for more than a year now. I don't usually go into the app, I just use the hourly on the lock screen and daily on the start screen. Amazing weather dint have the options before. Now that they do I swithched to AW recently and it works great for me.

I used to love the simplicity of weather flow but now that I am used to Amazing weather I dont think I can ever go back.

Amazing weather has transparency for some of the layouts not all of them. The hourly tile layout does not.