Weather Hound updated, adds a trial version and minor bug fixes

Weather Hound

Weather Hound is a simple Windows Phone 8 weather app that delivers the forecast basics to your phone.  The app has a clean, minimalistic appearance and comes across as an appealing choice to consider for those wanting a basic weather app.

Weather Hound was updated today to version 1.1, which most notably adds a trial version for the app.  The update also adds support for a solid color lockscreen and a description to the unit choices in the apps settings to make things a little understandable.

The update also includes several bug fixes that to address issues that include Live Tile update issues, weather data refresh issues, and missing information with certain Regional formats.

If you were hesitant in trying Weather Hound, you should not have any excuse now that a trial version is available.  The full version is still at the $.99 price point.

Weather Hound is available for Windows Phone 8 and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Weather Hound updated, adds a trial version and minor bug fixes


Yes, I am indeed new to windows phone, thanks for asking. What a wonderful welcome! (I think I have 1000+ posts on your message board, thanks for noticing my contributions...)

...and actually, just because its been around doesn't make it right. That little black circle doesn't seem to fit the esthetic if Windows Phone. Just my opinion.

I purchased weather flow, but use Bing weather since it has more features. Moweather is the prettiest of them all so far.

Currently using Vieather as it's the most accurate, the live tile refreshes every hour too, and I can set it to do so on certain times so it doesn't kill my battery overnight. Since it's icing/sleeting here right now, it's showing me a pretty slightly tinted background with snowflakes. MoWeather is nice, but it doesn't refresh correctly on my 520.

I'm trying Weather Hound right now, but it just doesn't seem right for me. The summaries are nice, but that's the only thing it has going for it.