Weather Live v3.0 with new Mango features [Video]

Our favorite weather app Weather Live (previous coverage), is about to hit the big v3.0 today. This new version is for the Mango peeps out there, bringing some excellent new functionality to the Metro themed weather program. New features include:

  • Multiple locations with secondary tiles (in paid version).
  • Display location, next forecast (today or tomorrow) and alerts in the back tiles.
  • Background Agent to automatically update locations when you are on the go (in paid version).

As you can see in the video hands on above, the new tiles add some excellent options to the mix and with fast-app resuming and improved Mango scrolling, the app is better than ever. Expect version 3.0 to appear today or tomorrow. You can pick up Weather Live here in the Marketplace (both paid and unlimited trial).


Reader comments

Weather Live v3.0 with new Mango features [Video]


Daniel, could you PLEASE tell the dev to release Weather Live in the international marketplaces? I've been looking for a decent live-tile weather app in the Dutch marketplace but Weatherlive is not available there, and I've grown tired of waiting.. I don't care if the interface is in english, I want that app!

Download WP7 Desktop Marketplace and then select GB or USA and download the XAP, then if your device is developer unlocked you can load it on the phone. (:

???And the weather feed from WeatherUnderground. Why begrudge a dev from charging for his app? Servers aren't cheap too push live tile updates and push notifications. He's not running a charity...

Does the Radar work for the UK now? Grrr this really &&%^& off about nearly all the weather apps, Weatherbug looks gorgeous and is perfect, no Radar unless your in the US, same with this.

I have downloaded it, but no "back tile" in the settings! :(The whole "live tile" settings are the same as in V 2.1 :(Anybody a solution?

When you go in to add your location, flick right and you have the option of a live tile for that location and an option to enable the back tile.

Bought this, it is great, one problem though i could do with some help. I'm in the UK and for some reason the app won't save my location nickname, just displays the postcode, no matter how much i change it, it just reverts. :/Any help greatly appreciated.