WeatherLive getting themes & animated radar in 4.0 update [Video]

It's been awhile since we've seen WeatherLive get some major new functions, so it's with great joy to see version 4.0 beta making the rounds.

While the poplar weather app has grown in functionality, it has also become a little sluggish too. In addition, some people missed the simplicity of the the versions 1 and 2 of the app over the more busy 3.x. Luckily, the developer has been listening and 4.0 looks to make everyone happy. Here are the major changes:

WeathLive themes

  • Faster - the app's transitions and loading times are much zippier and more fluid
  • Theme support - With three themes, including Metro Minimalist, Metro and the new Glass, users can choose how they want the app to look
  • Animated radar - the radar map is now animated with 'pinch and zoom' built right in
  • Graphic tweaks - improved and cleaner UI

We really like where 4.0 is heading with the themes support as it will seemingly make everyone happy who has used this app in the past. The performance increase is also welcomed as the app was getting a big bogged down with the latest updates.

WeathLive 4.0

Look towards version 4.0 hitting the Marketplace in a few weeks. In the meantime, take v3.5 for a trial in the Marketplace or buy it for $1.49.


Reader comments

WeatherLive getting themes & animated radar in 4.0 update [Video]


I'm very happy to see this.  I feel like the newest version of this app is quite cluttered, not to mention slower than the original. 

I bought this app way back when it was new and fast. The main reason I shelled out money for it was because it was faster than the weather network app and it had a live tile (which the Microsoft weather app lacked at that time).

I liked its quick startup and defended it against commenters complaining about the lack of features. Its since become slow and unwieldy. For example, you now need to move past seemingly useless things (like average temperature) to get to useful things like the hourly forecast. Temperature averages might be nice to have but it's annoying to have to swipe through that

Is the live tile still limited to one hour updates. With it can be thirty min. Can't wait to get the updates....

Is the two day forecast at the back tile that shows max and min temperature in the video the current version (3.5)?  Mine only flips to show next day forecast. Or is it in the new version 4.0 ?