Weave News Reader returns to the Windows Phone Store after being delisted


We really like Weave. It’s one of our favorite news readers on Windows Phone and Windows 8. The app has been out forever and we’ve seen it grow and mature over the years. The biggest change was the introduction of the new Weave cloud services that allowed the apps to sync between Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. The apps were recently pulled because of a bogus copyright claim from a French company. Have you been missing Weave since upgrading to Windows Phone 8.1 or getting a new phone? Good news because Weave is back on the Windows Phone Store.

The legal/trademark issues have not been resolved. Instead, Microsoft has policies that state the French company had 14 days to file a court proceeding. That hasn’t happened so Microsoft has given the green light for Weave to come back into the Windows Phone Store.

There’s still a strong possibility that the app will be pulled if they file a new claim against Microsoft, so we recommended downloading as soon as possible.

Download Weave (free) from the Windows Phone Store (first QR code)

Download Weave (paid/$9.99) from the Windows Phone Store (second QR code)

Download Weave from the Windows Store

QR: Weave Free

QR: Weave


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Weave News Reader returns to the Windows Phone Store after being delisted


As long as it is installed on your phone, you can use it even if it is delisted. Works with most of the apps. I didn't even know Weave was delisted until now.

It won't work because your phone verifies that you have the latest version of the app from the store before installing it

$9.99 is kind of high for a phone app. What does it offer that makes it worth that much of a price premium?

Just wanted to say thanks. It was the first app I really fell in love with back when I got a Samsung Focus around launch and it's been one of the first apps I make sure gets installed on every new device I get. Weave gas followed me to 5 phones so far and my tabs, too. It's a really great app. Thanks again.

Thank you man, that means a lot.  Glad to hear you have enjoyed the app so many years :)

Btw is your SN a Venture Bros. reference?

Ha ha you got it, VB all the way-- I think it might be my favorite show ever.
I'll keep plugging you wherever I can-- I have a growing stable of WP converts and you always get a recommendation from me when they are setting up their new devices too. Keep up the great work!!!

The $10 is a "donate" option.  "Weave News Reader Donation Edition" was a bit too wordy as an app name though

Donation is set by the person paying. It's just a paid app that is 10 dollars. I've seen non-microtransaction games for cheaper.

Bulls***... Donate option? What, if its a donate option remove the adds from the free version. I hate adds, I truly hate them. I dont want to have any adds on my phone, period. So I buy all apps I use, even if Im using them for few days.

I bought the 10$ Weave because at that time it was the only reader with Outlook login and sync to Windows 8 pc. I feel that it was a total rip off and I got screwed. Ok sure, I bought it, no one help a gun to my head, but still. Now NEXTGEN reader has Microsoft login and other, people use that and forget about this over priced, not even so well working crap.

I also remember in the beginning when I encountered some problems, maybe it was unread tile count not working properly. I emailed you guys about it, asking is it a known problem, is a fix coming etc. No one even bothered to reply. After paying 10$ for an app it was unbeliavable.

It says the free version offers the same features. 10 bucks is to remove all ads. A news reader app is one that's probably going to be constantly open so they much rather have people have the ad funded version so they make money out of it. But if you really are annoyed aith ads, then yoh can give them 10 bucks to turn it off. Devs need to make money, too.

Then don't buy it and use the free version with a banner ad that you can click once and it goes away for the session.

Love ❤ it! Couldn't get it back after upgrading to 8.1 and now I am happy again.

Paid version is totally worth it, because WP is way better without ads. If you don't like it then don't but it and move on.

What he meant is instead of having two versions of the app (1 paid and 1 free), why not have just one app and use the in-app purchase facility to allow people to purchase if they want to remove ads.

Weave was launched in 2010.  Microsoft didn't add the ability to have IAPs until 2011.  Weave was a launch app.

Does that mean in future, we would see single combined Weave in store?

IMO, it gives good impression if there is one version. Otherwise, some cosumers may get confused; Two versions; one free, another paid, then the free one must be sucky!

ATT's HTC Surround was my first smartphone ever (Jan 2011). Since then I have been using Windows Phone devices. Whenever someone asks me, "which one is the best app" or about the "strenghts of WP in terms of apps?", Weave is the first thing which comes to mind.. So thanking you!!

OAN, last year I developed a security app for the organization i work for (company hub app). It was challenging to handle video stream (ASF container), while the same stream was working in he default players of Android and iOS. Do you have any idea if this is resolved in 8.1 http://stackoverflow.com/q/14552820/863980? I used a very ugly hack to solved this (made my own image stream to simulate video motion :P)... I don't have the equipment (CCTV etc.), so can't test the code. Just curious if 8.1 SDK got enhancements in this area..

What Aashish said. Microsoft added this ability for a reason... So the store didn't get cluttered with duplicate apps like the Apple AppStore.

Who is they? Microsoft? This feature has been around for at least 3 years now. This has been around since WP7. That sounds a little lazy of an excuse to me.

IAP was not available at launch, but Weave was.  There is no way to roll over anyone paid for the app at launch as an IAP, so you are wrong in your statement.

He's not referring to IAP, he's referring to the Try/Buy method which would achieve the same outcome and has indeed been part of WP since launch.

What Nik Rolls said. I was pretty sure that feature was available since launch but was worried I was mistaken.

No, it doesn't achieve the same outcome.  Not at all.

IAP is the best scenario for having a mechanism for removing ads, but it was not available at launch.

Try/Buy has *severe* drawbacks.

Funny, being a developer and keeping up with developer things, I've never heard anyone say that ever.

Truly, Honestly would like to know what they are.

Funny, because it's completely obvious. A user will much sooner install an app marked as "free" over one that is marked as "$10 with trial".

Yep it does stop the app appearing in the free section or as a free app. Functionally it's quite similar though.

Oh,I get it. He means it has severe drawbacks for their business model where they want people using the ad riddled version over the paid one.

Ah yes.  I take it you don't actually use the app.  Even the "ad-supported" version has been ad-free for the past month.

If you want to contribute to the ecosystem, go make an app.  Go be productive.  Go do *something* to contribute.  Whatever you do it will be an upgrade over the person you are now.

Btw, not trying to be negative or mean.  WP is a small ecosystem.  Try to spend your time being positive, helpful and productive, as opposed to spending it trying to tear down other devs.  You will enjoy it more that way!  Just some friendly advice :)

I'm confused by your sentence structure man, sorry.  Not sure what you are trying to say.  Are you asking what the topic of this post is about?  The article is about Weave, there is a giant picture of it at the top.

@Whodaboss - he created Weave.... the app mentioned in the article you are replying to. Oh, it seems you have egg on your face now.

LOL @ schlubadub! And one of my other favorite apps is Windows Phone News. I really haven't tried any of the OTHER SEVEN apps Seles Games has in the store yet though.

Uh, no. Are you being obtuse on purpose? At the time of release they had only one option to make free and paid versions of the app.
Also should I get you a ladder for reaching? Because you're really trying hard to make them look greedy for no reason.

What the Weave developer is saying is this. If they made the free version an iAP instead they would have to get rid of the donation edition. This would mean people who have paid lose out. This would create two paid apps instead of one. It's just much easier on everyone if there is a paid app and a free one. This is only because weave was at launch when iap was not available. If weave launched when iap was available then there would only be one app. Hope this clears things up. 

Not quite so. They could hide the paid app from the Store; no one can see it but it keeps working as usual so existing paid users don't miss out. The dev would need to keep updating this app as well, but at least there wouldn't be confusion over the two apps in the store.

I'm pretty sure they wouldn't even have to do that.  The paid app could have the Try option added to it.  Anyone who currently owns it would retain that paid ownership since it's still the same app.  Any newcomers would get a Try or Buy option.  The current free app would go away.

That massively reduced visibility of the app because it's no longer listed as a free app on the store. I avoid that for my own apps now that IAP is available for this reason. Unfortunately this is a downside to an otherwise almost perfect try/buy model.

There were two options: create one free app, one paid app *or* create an app with a Try/Buy option.

For some reason, SelesGames says this second method wouldn't work.  Not sure how; I asked and got no response as to why.  And truly I would like to know what the shortcomings are.

So there were two ways to do it; one that was the typical Apple App Store way or the way Microsoft invented to keep the store better curated.

I'm glad its back but I want MS to be smarter and stand up against bullshit claims like this one. The frenchy's have no real claim here, its absolutely bogus. MS needs to wake the F up. Good luck Seles folks! Keep up the good fight.

MS did step up.... Do you even know how many apps have bee pulled from iOS and Android Stores for bogus claims like this? Many. MS was at least bold enough and fair to both parties.

I could see how that would be annoying. Burden of proof should be on the person claiming the fault before it just gets taken down. Of course,I guess if it goes to court you could counter sue right then so that when proceedings are over you can get reimbursed of the judge rules in your favor. At least they have a14 day policy. Could have been worse... Like Google's crappy YouTube policies

Weave is the best reader! The only rss feed app that syncs via OneDrive on both Windows Phone and Windows 8.1, and no unnecessary Google account required. :-).

You are wrong sir... NEXTGEN READER does that. It also has WAY more settings and the Windows 8 version beats 100-0 the Weave.

It is absolutely your right to stand against what you think is a bogus claim, I have no problem with that. But it raises "unnecessary" problems, your app being pulled, customers complaining, you losing potential customers, etc. And it's just a mobile app after all, where changing name doesn't really take the slightest effort.

You definitely have your right to your opinion.  If you were a mobile dev and spent 4 years building up a product under a specific name, you'd maybe feel differently

Totally missed this app!!  So glad it's back!  I was upset when I did a hard reset on my phone and couldn't get this wonderful app.


EDIT:  Hmm I thought I already purchased it but that's okay if I did I hope this $10 helps the fight.

Contact MS if it is trying to charge you a 2nd time.  It should be a free download once you buy it the first time

I downloaded the paid version I believe it was 2011 half price not sure, when I got my Lumia 920 tried downloading again and asked me to pay, I ignored it for the first few weeks cause wpcentral had an article saying that store had some problem with purchased apps. I called Microsoft and after an hour fighting they just told me to contact the developers of the app so that problem can be resolved. I've ignored that sentence ever since, very happy with your service when it got pulled from the store I just downloaded the beta.

The frenchies would have to be very stupid to try and move to Court for that. They have no case on them to fight on. Specially when the company is younger than Weave. If anything, Weave could end up sueig them. And even that wouldn't be a sure victory.


That said, as awesome as Weave is, it's not worth 10€. But it is a really cool app. I'm hoping they add a transparent live tile though.

Login via the same account - Facebook/Google/Twitter/Microsoft.  You will then be synced.  We make it very simple :)

I guess you have to stick to your pricing model...
BUT...you would surely get far more revenue by dropping the price? You would also get lots more word of mouth advertising...

We don't want anyone using the paid version.  It is not a sustainable business model when you have recurring monthly server costs.

Fair play :). I always thought paying for apps helped developers...but if the advertising model works better for you, then it suits me too!

Glad they're back. This is one of the first apps I had since WAY back. Love it! First app purchase I've ever made!

Awesome, Glad it's back ! I was using a old beta version I found on a 3rd party site because I had to hard reset. Yes, I own the $9.99 version and that is what I paid for it...The best news reader for Windows Phone hands down...

First news app I downloaded after making the switch to WP 2.5 years ago and it's still one of only 2 news apps I open multiple times a day(other being wpcentral). Love it. Thanks

Yup. The amount of hours spent makes it the cheapest app in my collection. I often read more news on my phone than on the computer!

Have tried weave on W8, but.. It's a bit to cluttered. Or something. What's with the menu - its like taking up unnecessary space. Have I missed a setting or something?

Just curious, was Weave ever alot cheaper at anytime? I've had it forever and I remember I was unwilling to spend 10$ on wp7.

Lol, I had a ton of news apps on my phone before it was relisted. I could not find a replacement for my number 1 used app from wp7-8.1

If the lawsuit was bogus,you should sue for potential lost business. Not Microsoft, but the French company that claimed falsely. That will put them in their place and also provide some funding for weave to continue to grow.

We are definitely trying to figure out if that is an option.  As a small company we don't have a laywer on call or a legal team.  As soon as we find a good laywer to work with that is the first question we are going to ask - whether we can sue for damages.

If I may make a suggestion, be careful what lawyer you choose, because it is not a typical lawsuit, you're dealing with international law. While you may choose to proceed with actions also against Microsoft, I would advise against it. Firstly, don't bite the hand that feeds you. 2ndly, they have the financial backing to literally draw it out long enough that you no longer have the finances to continue or by the end, you will end up not getting anything. But you can also push to have Microsoft jointly file a claim against the company which then I assume to keep their name clear, they will provide you with any documentation and will also give you some legal advice. But either way, good luck and sorry you had to go through this.

Thank you for the advice Coop, that deifnitely complicates it being international law.

We would never sue Microsoft, it would be a slap in the face for all they've done for us in the past.  We do hope they help us out if we end up filing against the French company.

With you filing against the French company, and the threat of Microsoft at your backing, I'm pretty sure the French company will want to settle out of court,

Only use Weave and WPC apps for all my WP news... I only believe the news from the WPC app though ...lol... (Not a dig at Weave team)
On the plus side, this bogus claim has provided you guys with some free positive advertising! One to keep in mind before heading into the endless depths of the wonderful court system ;)

Since coming from Android, I was looking for something similar to Feedly...and this was right around the time Weave got delisted.  Instead, I found Phonly, which ties directly into Feedly.  It's pretty good, and I can see the same stream and edit it via the web or my Android using the Feedly sites/apps.  I'll give this Weave a try, but it will have to be pretty darn good to make me stop using Phonly, at this point.

I never new it was gone. It is my main news and rss reader on windows 8.1 and windows phone 7.x. I'm actually surprised it was delisted!

Great app, good to see it's back! I just had it set up for sync with the Win8 version (such a nice feature), so it would be a pain to have to search for alternatives.

Glad it's back. was checking for availabilty for the past few days. Without Weave my coffee wasn't that great :)

Glad to see you back Weave. If I could share my Battery Saver screenshot, you would see it's my most used app. On my phone and tablet. I can consume all my news in an order and format that I prefer. Syncing is flawless. I'll say it again. If I had to pay another $9.99 for a rebranded Weave, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Didn't notice since I'm still on WP8.


Weave is good, I like it.


But I really miss Pulse to be 100% honest.  Weave is the next best thing, I'm not saying anything about Weave per se by talking about Pulse.  But... I really wish I had Pulse.  Did I mention I wish we had Pulse?  You know, I was just thinking: I wish we had Pulse.