Latest WeChat update for Windows Phone brings increased group sizes and more


WeChat, the popular communication and social networking app available for both Windows Phone 7 and 8, has been updated. While the service is generally seen to be more popular in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and India, boasting over 300 million users spread around the globe, it's still worth noting that the app has been updated to version 5.1.

If you upgrade to version 5.1, you'll be able to take full advantage of the maximum size of any group being increased to 100 members. More than a single message can be forwarded at any given time and stickers can be previewed before downloading (by press + hold). Lastly, it's possible to show message not sent in the chat list. Version 5.1 is a sweet bump to an already feature-rich app.

You can download WeChat from the Windows Phone Store for free. Thanks, ahmadsamhann, for the tip!

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Latest WeChat update for Windows Phone brings increased group sizes and more


Having used Whatsapp always I haven't tried out WeChat yet. Is there anything exceptionally good in WeChat that is missing in Whatsapp that I need to check out?

99 cents a year is not really an 'expense', is it? And if you joined early, like myself, WhatsApp is free...FOR LIFEEEEE! lol

Ya WhatsApp is free for lifetime.. My one year is already over months back.. No need for any payment.. The Period gets extended automatically...

WeChat is much better than whatsapp on a few points. First the design of the app is much more original. Whatsapp's design is really plain and does not make me happy. In addition WeChat has stickers, which is kind of childish but also funny. But most of all, WeChat has a web client which allows you to chat from your laptop instead of having to use the phone all the time like Whatsapp does. I continue to use Whatsapp because many of my friends won't change, but WeChat is miles ahead in terms of design and features. WeChat also has a great video chat feature (real time) and "walkie talkie" which is a fun way to communicate.
The only thing I miss on WeChat compared to Whatsapp is the ability to send prerecorded videos.

Skype is immensely popular. I doubt Whatsapp have even a fraction of their users. But Skype need to improve their offline messaging... I hate using Skype on my phone as a result

Skype is popular for video calling. But what happens that any person who buys a smartphone after a simple phone then they dont switch to Skype than watsapp

Are you serious? Skype is huge for Instant Messaging... that's what I use it for 99% of the time. Remember that MSN Messenger had millions of users and then Microsoft moved everyone over to Skype. Your Microsoft account is your Skype account, and it's all tied in to Outlook.com / Hotmail. Whatsapp can only dream of having as many users...

You sir are correct, Wechat is actually the most feature rich app and my personal favorite and I use kakao talk, whatsapp, line, kik, nimbuzz and voxer. Wechat has the features of them all and more not only this, but it is the best programmed for windows phone as well. However it remains a Chinese application and as a result it is largely overlooked or unheard of by most in the U.S the only reason I started using it was because of a chinese girl I go out with hah, but since then I have a rather sizable friend list thanks to the location service built into the app.

Definitely. Wechat won't allow people to add you without your consent. Wechat used to have way better voice message until whatsapp finally catch up., but video call, walki talki and group voice chat (group walkie talkie) still missing on whatsapp. Wecjat has game center and social circle etc because it's a full social network platform while whatsapp is a messaging app only.

In terms of feature, there is no way whatsapp or any other message app can come close to wechat.

But whatsapp is more popular in the west because it can automatically add people from your phone contact ( wechat needs authentication), and the prejudice that wechat is a Chinese app

Oh shit ! I uninstalled wechat yesterday for the sake of Asphalt 8 airborne !! Anyways, will install again when i will flash entire OS(updating to GDR3+black) :)

Take out Taiwan for part of population that uses wechat. I've friends in Taiwan, and all the use is LINE for messaging and they barely use wechat.

Line is very popular in Asia and is actually a good app too, but I have many friends in Taiwan who use WeChat too. My experience is that many asian people use both depending who they talk to.

A lot of qonqr players are using WeChat especially in UK and Europe to play more efficiently. WeChat keep the anonymous rule of the game.

How exactly can a person use WeChat to 'play'? I really have no clue; so if you could please explain....

Off topic: If i uninstall Kingdom and lords game and reinstall again,Do i have to start over again or progress is saved?

I still don't understand why wechat app has a size of more than 100 Mb when other apps like line and WhatsApp are no more than 30 Mb