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Welcome Connectedly to the Mobile Nations family!

Today Mobile Nations and I are thrilled to announce the rebranding (and refocus) of our sister site Smartwatch Fans to Connectedly!

Along with the great new name we are expanding the coverage to include the full scope of next-generation of smart devices and related products hitting the consumer market today — think connected lifestyle (health trackers, wearables), connected home, connected toys, connected automotive, and more! Be sure to visit the Connectedly is Open for Business welcome post for the full manifesto.

The site is hosted at, and we also have which will be used as the URL shortener for story links that appear on social sharing sites like Twitter. 

Nobody guessed the Connectedly name right in our guess the new name contest. Many of you got close, but no cigar. It's not surprising though - it took us over a year to land on the Connectedly name. Indeed, it’s a pretty awesome name for our site as it encapsulates everything that is coming in technology these days, from wearables to home automation and even that Windows on Devices thing announced at Build this year.

Be sure to visit Connectedly, check out the welcome post, and start visiting on a regular basis. On May 1st, we'll kick off our launch celebration contest - you won't want to miss it!

How to connect to Connectedly

You can follow the Connectedly team on Google+YouTubeRSS and Twitter at @LiveConnectedly and yes, even I'll be contributing the occasional article there, so check it out!

Let us know what you think in comments!


Reader comments

Welcome Connectedly to the Mobile Nations family!


Really?! It took you a year to come up with that amazingly original name?!?! I wonder why no one got the name right...

I like that the new website works with the Pin to Start feature of IE11.


Every Mobile Nations site works with this feature except for Androidcentral! Make the web admin fix this. Please and thanks.

Will you be covering all things Q*Bert as well?  Sorry, first thing I thought of when I saw the logo :)

I understand and fully endorse the concept, but "Connectedly"? Really? That's almost as awful a name as "iMore".

Terrible name, i think you guys could have done better.

Can anyone confirm if Microsoft had the simliar logo on one of their websites, i am sure i have seen this before.

Maybe the Zune (syncing software) icon/logo? Now that you mention it, it looks sort of similar to me too.

I'm not sure. The only logo I know associated with Channel 9 is their 9 character/mascot icon, I don't really use that site that much except to download the absolute beginner series for learning programming in C# and for WP8

So it's for the Internet of Things. Awesome idea, definitely a buzz there that is ripe for reporting and editorializing. However, I don't see Connectedly resonating or being something people attach to that concept. I predict issues with SEO and mindshare, hope I'm wrong.