We're talking smartphone keyboards on today's Talk Mobile Hangout!

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We're talking smartphone keyboards on today's Talk Mobile Hangout!


There are plusses and minuses to both, but please don't comment on the autocorrect making touch screens so much better without properly acknowledging that it works just as well with physical keyboards too. In Windows Phone, auto correct is the same with touch compared to physical. I just wish that we would get a flagship WP8 phone with a keyboard (HTC 8 Pro anyone???)

I can't watch the video, why? I choose native and it just tells me I beed to get to Youtube app, and there's no YT app for WP7.8

I did prefer a hardware keyboard.. Until i used windows phone.. Its really awesome.. My only problem always was the fat finger problem.. Which Microsoft solved really efficiently.. I've even given all the android fans out there to try this keyboard and the look on their face on typing the first word is enough to tell you how awesome this virtual keyboard is.. :D

I really miss the BB kb. If they had purchased RIM as the old rumors were...I would have enjoyed it greatly. 
The elder in my family also enjoy making the switch from feature phones to smartphones with keyboards, so they go Android.
The problem is RIM went dead, not the use of keyboards.

I miss the worlds best physical keyboard on my HTC TouchPro 2. It had buttons properly laid out offset, spaced far enough to be really usable, and they had just the right amount of click feedback. The keys were backlit! Can you imagine! This was a keyboard for writing documents not just short texts or brief email. I actually wore off the finish on some of the keys. I just don't create documents on my phone anymore. My screen keyboard takes up most of my screen. It's not conducive to writing long documents. The TouchPro2 keyboard slid out and then tilted so the keyboard and screen were at the right angle for typing and viewing.
It was a Windows Mobile 5 (update: 6 & 6.5) phone and except for being underpowered, was a great device.
I want that keyboard.

Is that the same as the Tilt II?  That was a great device for WM 6.5.  By the way, the LG Quantum WP7.8 device also has becklit keys.

I'm tired of the frustrating experience of the keyboard on my 920. This keyboard doesn't learn over time. I make the same mistakes in the same areas of the keyboard all the time. I know it's my fault-- I have long fingers. Still, I miss the physical keyboard on my old all palm pre. I wish MS would open wp up to services like swype, because this sucks.

Google Hangout audio/video synch is off just enough for me to not be willing to watch this.  Anyway, yes, keyboards are better than soft keyboards for people that care about typing correctly. I have skipped all WP's since the Quantum because there have not been any keyboards, among other reasons.  The EOS might be the one to reel me in, but without a keyboard I will have to give it a great deal of thought.  I am forced to use an iPhone for work and everytime I need to type a message I get pissed and want to throw the POS as far as possible.
I place most of the blame on Apple for the death of the keyboard (and punctuation for that matter since almost all punctuation requires an additional keystroke which most lazy Apple users are unwilling to do).  The remainder of the blame goes to Apple customers for willfully lowering their standards for the sake of entertainment and to Google and Microsoft for copying Apple and following the trend.

I have seen a Very High Amount of Praise towards HTC for their Hardware QWERTY Keyboards here in response to this Post.
I am also a Fan of the HTC Hardware QWERTY Keyboard. When I got my first HTC phone, it was the HTC Touch. I got Extremely Frustrated with using it to type because I had to type using the Stylus all the time or suffer from "FFS" "Fat Finger Syndrome".
When I had Upgraded My Wife's Phone to the HTC Touch Pro, I saw that the HTC Touch Pro2 was going to be coming out to the Market and I Fell in love with that Phone even before I got it. I not only upgraded My Phone to it, but I also Upgraded My Wife's Phone to it as well.
Now I and My Wife have the HTC Arrive / HTC 7 Pro and We Both Love it for the Keyboard. I have Been Eligible for an Upgrade on My Phone for about a Year already, but I refuse to Upgrade for a Few Reasons. The 2 Main Reasons are the Lack of Any Quality Physical Sliding QWERTY Keyboards like the HTC Pro2 and HTC Arrive / HTC 7 Pro, and the Second reason is the OS. I have used other OS's on Friends and Family's Phones and I DON'T Like them in the slightest bit at all. 
I think, feel, and believe that there should be an Option from EVERY Phone Model from EVERY Phone Manufacturer to have a Physical QWERTY Keyboard. Even if We have to Order it Directly from the Manufacturer like you do when you go buy a Car with Extras that that Dealer Don't have in stock.
Bring on the Physical QWERTY KEYBOARDS!

screen sensitivity and size of the space bar in relation to the full stop impacts how I type and.i.hate.that.this.happens