What is your favorite simple Windows Phone game?

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What is your favorite simple game for Windows Phone? That is a question being tossed around in a Windows Phone Central forum discussion by Forum Member Omar94f.

He is looking for suggestions for games that have really simple controls (such as tapping on the screen as the only gaming control) or possibly games that are easy to play in short bursts. These are often games that are great time wasters that aren't too involved, like a game of Halo: Spartan Assault, but entertaining nonetheless.

So far Omar94f has received some decent suggestions by other WPCentral Forum members such as Pipes from trwrt.

Personally, I still find 2048 as a great time waster of a game that is easy to play, has simple mechanics and can be played for short bursts. You also have Timberman by Digital Melody (or 250K Games) that is a fun, simple game to try.

Other titles that would qualify as a fun, simple game would include Rainbow Rapture, Impossible Shoota and Naargh!!. Then you can also add classics such as Fruit Ninja and Shuffle Party to the mix as well.

Discussion like this should help remind everyone how many quality games are sitting in the Windows Phone Store.

But what say you? What's your favorite simple game for Windows Phone? Feel free to head on over to the Forums and offer up your suggestions.


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What is your favorite simple Windows Phone game?



Yes... That game still need some customization, really... The non random-Shield spawn really just making me die rarely... (hope they update it with more content and fix their horrible menu navigation (and email function, I've sent lots of suggestion for the game to them!)) And you're lots better than me... I'm only able to get 27-0 as my best now... Now need to grind again a little bit to get Protector II :) ...

Fun fact: if you change the date of the phone, you get another daily bonus ;)

I'm not counting my xx-0 score, but I got 55-2 with my Destroyer III 

Yes you're right about the shields, they should have a longer time before respawning. Currently I'm using the Titan lll, it's awesome!

2048 is pretty based. i don't game much on mobiles, but it's a fantastic time waster. other than that, i'll play a bit of mahjong every now and then.



Although getting to 2048 has become trivial for me. At this point I wish I could start with the 2048 tile.

+620 for 2048 !

Recently I got hooks with Hues. pretty much like 2048 but instead of number we combine colour. Plus the bgm is amazing.

Flow free
Would like smash hit though, all my friends hate WP becos of it, Real Racing 3 and clash of clans not being there in WP Store.

PS I would add piano tiles and I am Box too. I am box is a great time waster

Forget about coc. It's too mainstream. We have cloud raiders that ten times better. And we have clash of lords 2

Yah I would try kingdoms and lords but my friends are all hooked to coc
Anyway I play it on iPad and only would request to have it on WP

Same here too, one question though, how to pass a mini mission saying " shoot a man full of bullets" or sth like that? I dont understand what I have to do , please help! :)

Easy man ! Just take your pistol or uzi and shoot to enemy but when the enemy died continue shooting on it again up to 5-6 bullets then you pass that mission ;)

Shoot a guy to kill him, then just keep on shooting the dead body till the achievement banner shows up.

Its better to do this with the guys that jump a lot, coz when they get hit, they just rise up in the air - perfect to continue showering that **** with bullets :P

I would recommend the slow motion thingy, if you find it hard to do this. :)

Dileep kadavarath , I've got an achievement , I deflected a bullet and it hit another enemy , I got a 50 points , even a mega kill gets me a 25 coins , and they gave me 500 coins , I really did something , deflecting one enemy attack to another enemy !

I love playing 7 Little Words with my girlfriend. It's a game that's easy to digest and doesn't require hours of dedication. It's good.

I also love playing Microsoft Solitaire. Any classic card game. Really hoping Microsoft Sudoku comes to Windows Phone soon. I love it on Windows 8.

No, that's an ancient one. The new Microsoft Sudoku is only on Windows 8 at the moment. Not on Windows Phone. It came out in June. I don't think there's a web version of the Windows Store, so I can't link to it. But search the store. You'll find it.

Cut and Hack is a lot of fun, but I wish there was some actual benefit of leveling up. Maybe small increases in accuracy or higher likelihood of credits appearing.

One race is a couple minutes. Besides I've seen people play endless runners for an hour. Asphalt gets points for being simple and a serious game that's the best on the phone tires down.

The Wars To Evolution, really simple, nothing fancy but for some reason I keep playing it all the time, it becomes really challenging



Although getting to 2048 has become trivial for me. At this point I wish I could start with the 2048 tile.

Bow Man- easy to play,just adjust the angle of arrow done!!! ,just around 8MB in size. You can play online tooo... Online playing doesn't use much data also(for me its about 4-5mb after playing about 15 days)

Subway surfers and piano tiles are the two games that are always present in my phone and Major Mayhem is my new favourite. Bang Bang!

Windows phone central , please and please . Can u make something to bring supercell games like clash of clans. And miniclip games like soccer stars. Could u at least contact wp team to discuss with the supercell and miniclip teams to bring their games on wp??! I hope it will be because not only me i want it but there are other millions of people waiting for it. I hope my message can be taken into consideration :) ur ordinary wp user Mohieddine

If these games (supercell and miniclip games) arrive to wp store, wp will actually and absolutely will gain good reputations about its apps and also gain users....

It means they agree with the person they reply to. +1 like saying "me too" other times they respond with their Lumia phone model. i.e. +920, +720, etc.

If one like car games i have one. Hot Rod Racers is my favorite burst game. It's nothing special but all the small details make a nice whole. Nice grapics and decent audio. Easy to play. And its only a few run's before car need to be fixed (wait some hours and bam, back on the road.

TextTextRevolution! It's an amazingly addictive and fast past typing game! Always the first game I install on each new phone I buy!

Agree with most of yours... Robotek... Hope the multiplayer still last... Been waiting for 5minutes in the "waiting for other player"... And my free time is over T_T

Sorry dude! But i uninstalled it! It just ruined my exams xD if that game lands on my cell again I'll be mad! Insanely addictive!!