What would be your 'perfect' Windows Phone?

What's your perfect Windows Phone?

While the current Windows Phone device lineup has plenty of quality choices, if you could design your own Windows Phone, what would it be?

WPCentral reader elliot436 has started a discussion over in the WPCentral Forums asking what your perfect devices would be. So far, the responses range from combining existing devices to more specific requirements.

My perfect device would have 2GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core CPU, 16GB of on-board storage, Qi-wireless charging and micro-SD expansion. For the camera, a nice 20MP PureView camera with RAW file support then add all the typical bells and whistles such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a-GPS, gyroscope, compass and a 2420 mAh battery. Oh, don't forget Gorilla Glass to protect the 5" 1080p display.

Heck, while I think the world of my Lumia 1020, I'd be content if AT&T picked up a variant of the Lumia Icon without butchering the Qi-wireless charger.

So what say you? If you could spec out your perfect Windows Phone, what would it feature? Or would you play Dr. Frankenstein and simply stitch together various parts from different Windows Phones to create your perfect device.

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What would be your 'perfect' Windows Phone?



41MP camera / 20MP rear camera, 5.1" screen, microsd card, quad core, 4GB ram, 128GB storage, removable battery, and more color selections including CYAN

Contract free, factory SIM unlocked...

Way you US people alweys speak about contract price? Don't answer, i alredy know that.

LOL. Sounds about right. I'd go for a 1520 with 41MP camera and a stylus. A stylus on a Windows phablet would rock the world of OneNote! :D

Why would you want 41mp in the front and 20mp in the rear? It makes more sense the other way.

930 style and specs, but with the following changes. Snapdragon 805 running at 2.5GHz, and SD card + better battery. 20+ megapixel camera with it's own imaging chip. Notification LED, Stereo Speakers.

Basically Lumia Icon/930 in an unlocked version with LTE bands for most carriers (like Apple does with unlocked 5s devices sold at Apple stores) and sold directly at Microsoft Stores without need for contracts as long as full retail price is paid!

Exactly. .930 like hardware except maybe a snapdragon 805/801 + 41mp(or lesser megapixel but better quality than the 808) + dedicated imaging chip + bigger battery + sd card slot. vidoe of 120fps 1080p ( i think witht the 805 that should be a posibility ) and finally waterproof. This would be a flagship no one could compete with.. 



Yes.  Dedicated imaging chip for speed.  While optics may be better on Lumia, speed of shots and camera loading, HDR etc is better on iPhone.

I was thinking the same thing, but if I have to go all out, I'd love an Icon with the an upgraded PureView 41MP (or better) camera with 32GB built in storage and a MicroSD card slot and yes, glance support.  We are so close to the best devices of all, I can taste it.

Exactly. It doesn't feel good in your hand and it is just plain blah looking. The 925 has the best design....and make it in great colors again!

Exactly what I was just saying to a mate, I would like the 925 with a higher res screen, a 20 MP camera, MicroSD and a better battery, this would be the best case in my opinion, the 925 is in my opinion the best weight and feel of any of the Nokia phones and by far the most professional looking phone.

Icon and 930 is thick as a brick only Nokia fan boys like! 925(1520) in a 5inch package top seller hope Microsoft stops all these thick phones

That's what I said the 925 or the 1520 in a 5inch package would be perfect! I don't like the icon\930 it looks like a brick my opinion!

Agree. I like the body shape of the 1520... but just want it on a 4.5" - 5" screen... with expandable storage. That's about it.

I have the icon and it is thicker than my old s3 but the battery is twice as good for me... The feel is very solid and beautiful... I love the style.... Wish for stylus and inking for OneNote... Perhaps they could shoehorn a atom quad core like my dvp8!

A slightly smaller 1520 that is somewhere between 5 & 6 inches. The Galaxy Note is about perfect for sizing and a 1520 around that size would be amazing. 

It has to have polycarbonate unibody with some great colors. I'm still a fan of the cyan, yellow, red, and love the new green. I'm not a fan of the 930's design. It's like a phone version of the mullet. (business in the front; party in the back)

Since this is the perfect phone, I'll take Nokia's next gen 41MP camera (match existing image quality but make it thinner).

Also, must be submergable in water for brief periods. I want to take pictures of my kids at the beach. Don't want to have to worry about water. All phones should have this.

To be a little more specific, as to combine everyone's comments
5" 1080p screen
41mp pureview rear camera
8mp ffc
Qi wireless
Bigger battery
64gb internal storage with expandable SD card slot
Glance support
Gorilla glass 3
Edge to edge screen with minimal bezel

I agree with this, but I would add the rugged and waterproof of the Smartphones for the military.

luckily I don't use much space on my phone so the 32gb on my icon is perfect (tons of 1080p concert videos taken and still 8gb left) but not having glance is killing my perfect phone! double tap to awake was amazing on my 822 and I miss it more now that 8.1 has made my power button take 5 tries to work.

This is where I am at.  Contract up in 9 days, going for Icon to replace 822.  I would love Glance and MicroSD but what I will also miss is the ruggedness of my 822, never needed a cover for it as it was plenty strong.  Been dropped on concrete, in water and everywhere else and it just keeps working.

Exactly! My 822 went through a lot without a case. I do have a case on my Icon though to be safe. But a few months ago I dropped my Icon in the driveway and my mom ran it over (I actually had to pry it out of the ice) and nothing happened to it.

Wow!!!  I wouldn't have expected the Icon to survive that.

What case?  I have already come to the conlusion that a case on the Icon is a necessity, I seem to have the dropsies whether it be a phone or water bottle.  Many of the cases seem to be rather average at best based on the reviews I read.

I bought the cheapest case I could find because there's no good lightweight cases out yet for the Icon. I just needed something because the Icon is super slippery.

5.5" 1080p quad-core 41mp preview rear with a 5mp wide angle front camera. 64GB with microSD support. Wicom pen support. 4 HAAD microphones recording in 4 channel stereo. MiniHDMI with DSP and SRS decoding. Plus all the usual sensors, Bluetooth, Gorilla glass in the body of the ICON. Edge to edge screen also!!

I figured someone would beat me to it. I love my Icon but having glance and a micro SD slot would have made it perfect.

8X or 925 body, Replace the ARM with an Cherrytrail Atom. Load Windows 8.1 metro on it. Add phone functionality. Desktop and legacy apps only show up when the phone is docked and connected to a monitor. 4 GB RAM minimum, SD slot, 1080p screen minimum.

Icon with SD Card + Glance

Perhaps slightly thinner and lighter if possible, Nokia phones have a tendency to be 'chunky and heavy'... not saying loads here but a little bit wouldnt go a miss!

I would go with the earlier rumoured L1820 specs:

Snapdrageon 805

5.2" qHD display (2560x1440)

3gb memory

30MP camera  (41MP preferred with no hump)

2MP front camera

3400mAh battery

32gb storage and 128gb microSD

In-built wireless charging

I'll upgrade my L1020 to this phone at anytime.


A few more.  ICON with that + AT&T LTE Bands, wireless charging (AT&T), also non ugly color options (Red, Blue, Yellow > Green, Orange).

The icon is too boring, the Lumia 1520 is perfect but they need to have a 4.5" screen version anything bigger is to large. And a 3000 mah battery. Glance screen is a must! Wireless charging is nice but can live without. The 1520 has a fun design! And on Verizon!

How is the icon boring? There is no other phone like it out there. The 1520, on the other hand, borrows heavily from earlier Nokias.

Nice, personally I would go for a 5" 925 with SD slot, 32gb on board, 3gb ram, Qualcomm quad, 20 mp xenon/led flash, 4x optical would be nice, 5 mp front facing wide lens led flash (pureview). I still think the 925 has the best Nokia design to date.

Yea, the ICON with MicroSD....maybe a better battery(2-3 days on a charge with use) and maybe HDMI out...otherise, it would be the perfect phone...

Maybe some color options on Verizon......maybe ?

the specs of 1520 (minus the large battery) with 5" assertive display in 925 chassis. would be better if the back cover can be replacabe (like 820)

925 (1520) with 5inch 1080p or 2k, 20mp camera, 3,700mah battery, slow mo video recording 4k recording etc! Best phone ever

1520 is way to big, people with those attached to their ear look like dorks.  Might as well buy a 2520 and hold that to your ear.  ICON FTW!!!

Can you read! 1520 with a 5inch screen or a 925 with a 5inch screen! Both would be smaller than the thick boxy icon/930

Blah blah blah!!!  Get an Ativ SE, smaller and lighter than the Icon, but the screen isn't as good IMO.

Big phones need to die!!!

LOL just because you have midget hands doesn't mean some don't want a large phone. It's good to have options that's like saying everyone must own a smart car and all SUVs need to die!!!

Pretty much what I have now.
Nokia made, 1520 body and size.
Even better screen
41 megapixel camera
32 GB storage
Preferably cyan or yellow color with matte or glass body
5-8 megapixel ffc

And I'm happy.

Yeah pretty ridiculous that the 925 didn't have one with 16gb of storage. It really seems that the 1520 is the clear cut best Windows Phone if size is not an issue for you.

It's amazing how comfortable the 1520 I'd, other phones just feel small by comparison now (thing back to my shattered 920 for the physical game is a chore). The only thing that needs to be fixed is the screen, it's way to sensitive and is really frustrating at times.

I think micro SD is way overrated, especially on a flagship. Ship it with 32GB min and up to a 128GB option.

I want the size and weight of the 925 but with a 1080p screen that is edge to edge with no bezel. The new Windows Phones are way too big.

4K?! Why?! It just nails the battery life for no discernible benefits...

Personally, I would like a 1020 device with the innards and SD slot of the 1520. Oh, and 60fps video support along with USB OTG and Bluetooth HID support.

Hopefully Nokia's Cyan update will give us a nice bump in video framerates. If that happens, I really don't want for too much else (my 1020 has 64GB of storage...)

Speaking of 60fps... Does anyone know if the camera hardware in the 1520 or 930 can handle that frame rate? I know the SnapDragon 800 is good for it but is this something that Nokia or Microsoft could enable in the future?? Also 4K video recording for when it becomes more mainstream.

Absolutely right. I can live without the SD card, but the most important reason that my next phone will not be a nokia/wp phone is that nokia uses to small batterys. The Icons/930's battery is simply to small compared to the competition.

I love the design of the 920/1020, but I hate the small battery every day ...

All I want is a 1020 with the newer specs (like 1080p 5inch, quad core, etc), microSD card slot and/or 64GB built in, faster shutter and capture speed, better FFC, etc. Is that so hard? :-/

I would like optical zoom coupled with the 41mp  pureview camera, 5mp or 8mp ffc,Snapdragon 805, 32gb inbuilt  with a micro sd card slot......

Yep, this is what I'm holding out for. 1080 screen, top processor, less 'bump' for the camera if possible and I'm sold.

1020 with microSD would've been an instant-buy for me. As it stands I'm still waiting for a similar phone with microSD. Nokia keep skipping microSD for the top-end phones... no idea why. The mid-ranges have microSD and the gigantic phablets have them... but not of the flagship models do :(

That would be a lumia 925 but with a 5inch display or 4.7 and at least a 5mp ffc ana wireless charging i d'ont care about sd card if it came in 32GB ^^

A perfect phone would be the Lumia icon/930 with all its specs but with the next generation USB you mentioned before in one of your articles. but with full aluminum/magnesium body. Throw a kickstand to that amazing metal body and there you have a perfect phone. In my head it would look more like a Surface Phone.

I never understood why anyone would bother with a stand on a phone. eventually, the line between phone and tablet is just gonna disappear entirely

That's the point ... We want that gap to disappear a 5 inch phone is big I can watch long videos on it , I don't want to hold my phone for 15 minutes , I want a kickstand to help me browse the internet and do whatever I want . Who knows maybe future wireless keyboards can be connected to phones and you can sit and enjoy controlling your phone wirelessly

Nokia 1030
Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core.
3GB of RAM
5" 1080p display
4 mics (like the Icon)
41 mp camera (i little better than 1020.)
32/64 GB with Micro-Sd expansion.
Yellow, like The 920.
And under 10mm of espessure.
Qi built-in.

This is almost exactly what I had in mind. The only changes I would make are: 6" display plus the battery on the 1520. 5" won't be able to hold that much battery, I think. Plus I love the 6" on my 1520.

Same for me, but I expect the 1030 to have the 805 chip which supports on board processing for up to 55mp images and 4K video. Otherwise it will need a dedicated chip for imaging which may have advantages, but I'd suspect waiting for the 805 to reach public release is why we haven't seen a follow up announced yet.

I'd also like dual-SIM for when I'm travelling, but given no manufacturer makes a flagship with this feature I'd assume that I'm not going to get that.

I know it said join in the fourms.  But..........

Icon with glance, SD card, 20% more battery capacity, and F2.0 lens like the one the 920.  2.4 is good but 2.0 is better for me.  

I am very happy with it as is. But those additions would be all I need.  

Whatever may be the specs you put in.Windows phones will never compete with Android, let the hammering on my comment begin

Guys this comment came from me out of pure frustration that why the hell did I buy a Windows phone. All the world treats us like second class citizens.

Call Samsung and have them put WP on the S5. Oh, and tell them to get a different back cover cause that cellulite looking back cover is fugly:-)

+2 for the Z2 with WP. Perhaps Microsoft managed to convince Sony to reuse the Z2 hardware on a WP soon.

Would love stylus input on my 1520. Biggest thing its missing in my opinion. Really don't use my Venue8Pro as much since I picked up the 1520. When I do use the tablet I'm always wishing it had the word flow keyboard like my 1520.

A high end 925-like flagship with an SD slot. And please don't make it a fucking phablet.

Honestly, all I want is a remake of the Lumia 800 with WP8. Just stick the 925 guts inside, put in a higher res screen, but leave the form factor and design exactly as-is. Perfection in design.

Exactly! All the newer WPs are way to big and the Lumia 800 design is still one of the best besides Lumia 925. So alternativly a slightly smaller Version of the Lumia 925 (for me ideal size would be in between 800 and 925)

Spec-Wise the Icon/930 is fine (but Glance is a must - I'd never buy a phone without Glance anymore). Of course a smaller screen can come with a lower res (keep the res of the 925).

Additional improvements: SD Slot and a bigger battery


The form factor of the 920 with 3gb ram, 1080p display, and a better battery. Maybe the snapdragon 805 too. If they can get a higher mp camera in there it would be the icing on the cake. Also having a decent 'dust proof' ffc would be nice. The 920 to me is the perfect phone, but shave some weight off it and I would be in love.

A 5" FHD amoled screen with a 41 MPx shooter; QC SD805; 3000+ mah battery with SD card. I'd like the device to be a tank of 14 mm thickness, because the Galaxy K Zoom doesn't deserve its thickness at all! Is it that hard?

Lumia 930, 64GB internal w/ micro SD slot, 41mp cam, and decent or obnoxious ffc. If you're going to be as obnoxiously awesome as that 41mp you may as well go all out! And glance screen!!!

A metalic body with snapdragon quad core processor 2gb ram 5" 1080p display pedometer 20mp camera and then you just gotta take my money!!

A phablet with a stylus running a combination of WRT and WP8.1(RT gestures, picture password, split screen, glance, transparent tiles, Cortana, action center, WP apps).
I would buy this in a heartbeat

Who cares about specs? I want a phone/tablet hybrid because phones suck for web and video content! I want something like a Nexus 7, with a good variation of bezel and screen, to fit the biggest possible screen into a smaller body, without covering the screen with one's hand. I'd also love to run full Windows 8.1 with SMS/Call and 4G LTE, so I can do everything I need, with a device that fits in my pocket.

My killer device?
5" 1080p screen (not too unweildy),
Looks like the Lumia 925
41MP pureview camera w/ HAAC mics
SD card slot (or min 32gb inbuilt storage)
QI charging preferable but not a deal breaker.
Snapdragon 800 processor (or better)
Stereo speakers of the quality of HTC's boom sound.
Enough battery life to get me through a day of medium-heavy use.
Matte polycarbonate on the back
5MP front facing camera or better
Curved (gorilla) glass on the front.

HTC M8 DESIGN! 4K screen snapdragon 805, 50mp camera. 5.1 inch screen. Stylus, retina scanning and finger print scanner. 8 core processor. 4G or 5G LTE. FRONT facing speakers. Micro SD card support with removable battery and water resistant, to 1 kilometer. 8 gigs of ram.

An new 1520 with a 6.3 screen, GHD display,
Photovoltaic screen technology,
Next Generation SD8xx processor, 4000Mah battery,
HDMI out,
52MP camera,
SD card support up to 256GB,
128GB native storage,
3GB of ram,
USB OTG support, ⬅ WP8.1?
Full peripheral support,
Red carbon fiber body with yellow carbon fiber inserts around the camera bezel.... Wait...

The design of the 720, the screen size and specs of the Icon, SD card support, 20MP camera with slow motion and glance support.

Lumia 820 with 768 x 1280 display and Gorilla Glass 3, quadcore CPU, 2GB of ram, 16 GB of internal memory and a ~2000mAh battery. That's the dream!

Same here. I favored a 920 over a 720 because of screen definition and pureview, but a 730 with the same design, 1gb of RAM, 4g, 720/768p screen and an 8/12 mpix pureview camera would be a great refresh and might be sold at a reasonable price.

Battery life should remain great of course and wireless charging would be nice also.

HTC m8 with much better camera and wp8.1 smaller bezels and physical buttons. + fingerprint scanner well implemented like iPhone, not crappy Samsung implementation.

5.2" 1080p IPS LCD Display
Snapdragon 805
20 Mpx Pureview Camera with OIS
5 Mpx FFC with OIS
32 GB onboard Storage
3300 mAh
Mirco SD
IR Blatter
Wireless charging
Aluminium+Polycarbonate 920/925 Design Body
Thats all I need. Perfect Device.

I am pretty much the same, just a few tweaks:
5 inch screen is fine
805 Snapdragon
20MP camera or an improved 1020 one
5MP (never use them, but might as well have it)
64 GB onboard (well why not)
3300 mAh battery
Qi charging
IR blaster
Matte yellow or aluminum
Micro SD (128GB)
Those improved mics for recording
Same screen tech as 920

Give me the HTC One M8 (or a new HTC Titan with bleeding edge specs) with Nokia's OIS & pureview tech and I'd be happy for YEARS.