What's your dream Windows Phone? Let us know

Unicorn phones

If there’s one thing people love sharing, it’s their ideas on what the ideal Windows Phone or even app design would be for themselves. Often we get tips on such things, and we know you love discussing them, so we created a dedicated forum just for you.

Yes, our sub-forum ‘Windows Phone Concepts & Dream Devices’ is now open for business, and we want to hear your ideas. If you think you can create a better Facebook app, or have thoughts on the perfect unicorn phone, that’s where you can share them. And who knows who may be listening! We hear Microsoft and Nokia folks sometimes peruse what is being said in our forums, so it may be worth your effort!

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What's your dream Windows Phone? Let us know



Usb3, wireless power, ability to turn off backlight on bottom buttons.
Edit... How could I forget. Glance! This is the biggest turnoff with the 930.
+ aluminum
+ extra supported frequencies making the phones more carrier agnostic and to work better in other countries.

Exactly. I've been watching Netflix briefly each night while in bed. During the dark scenes of Farscape, the button backlight really is distracting!

5.5" screen, quad core, 4gb ram, 128GB+ storage, microsd, 41MP camera or better, 20MP secondary camera or better, comes in fucking cyan!

I got one word, OneNote! More specifically, 6" HD screen, and stylus! Also, give it all the rest of the very best, fast processor, 41 MP camera, wireless charging, lots of storage, storage expansion capability, great front facing speakers, etc. But most importantly, big screen and stylus!

I couldn't agree more! The new stylus tech used on the Surface Pro 3 would be awesome! I've used the Galaxy Note devices running Android but I think that having an updated version of Windows Phone with Stylus support on a premium device with similar functionality would be dream come true. Also while we are dreaming, I would love to see a lot more ui customization on the Windows Phone OS itself. Much more control over transition effects, tile colors, user controllable "parallax" like or similar physics or motion based effects and OS wide landscape support would be a step in the right direction. Well, at least in my opinion anyway.

You just listed a lot of useless things.
4 GB on Windows Phone to do what? Micro SD and 128 GB of internal team?
A secondary camera with 20 megapixel???

I combat this by turning on Battery Saver... The button backlight will go off... And you save power. I do this while I read Kindle at night... Hope this helps some :)

How about this guys?:
The option to buy an unlocked 1520, Icon/930, 1020 directly from Nokia's website in any Lumia color you want for the network of your choosing. I'd pay a couple hundred extra bucks just to have a Nokia Icon in the red used on the 920 and Nokia X. Something like color may be fickle to some but others (like me) wouldn't mind paying for that fickleness.

I love my Red 920, but yea a 930 like phone with SD Card Slot and glance and colors (plus a metal chassis option too). 

Not really - I'm in Canada and you cannot buy whichever phone you want, in any colour you want, unlocked (unless you go to some website online - I'd prefer to buy directly from MSFT). In fact it is difficult to find many things - accessories, chargers - I hope that MSFT purchase of Nokia means I can just go to the MSFT store for everything and bypass the carrier ... it is nice to dream

Amen from a US guy. I would love if Microsoft start making phones that support more frequencies than needed so it is more carrier agnostic and would work better in other countries for 4g.

5'inch display with aluminum 8-9mm thin body. 41mpx pureview sensor with 60fps recording and f/1.8 lens. LED Flashlight built in shortcut via Action center. Led & Xenon flash. 1080/4k screen. Built-in wireless charging. Glance screen. Hardware camera button. Front facing speakers. HD audio recording ala Nokia. Micro-USB slot. OS update to support Chat heads ala Android. Default email client update to support downloading and saving files, as well as emailing multiple attachments (new, reply, reply all). 

Agreed, it needs to be something realistic, i would not mind at all a 20mp, with the most powerful processor on the market, one that is faster than ALL of it's competitors by SOME margin and maybe a waterproof WP, that seems unlikely to happen sadly. 

Something realistic? The article asks for our dream phone. If the MS engineers can make the SP3 thinner, lighter and better I'm sure they can figure this out.

Just turn on battery saver, the buttons stop glowing, and as a bonus, the screen goes slightly dimmer as well!

(Lumia 920)

How dare you forget SD card lol, and removable battery, and low power always listening capability to activate cortana hands free *o*

I heard Wi-Fi direct was coming with Windows phone 8.1 but it doesn't seem to be anywhere on the OS.

Well windows phone 8.1 hasn't been officially delivered. We're running the developer preview so maybe it will come in the official release

Miracast support is a an optional hardware requirement for WP8.1 era phones. This is how the project my screen feature will work on next gen hardware. Current hardware has to connect via USB.

This with 32 gigs or more with HTC boom sound. Must have a dedicated camera button but capacitive buttons can be left off.

Does HTC use beats? If so,I wonder how much Apple is going to raise the premium for them using it when the deal closes in October?

Exactly! I'm starting to worry that Microsoft/Nokia completely forgot the 4.3" screen alternative on high end phones.

I have a Lumia 820 precisely because it was the smallest option available. And it's a mid tier phone.

Not everyone wants a huge phone!

Yes, please...
4" - 4.5" would be great.
I have an 8" tablet, I don't need an 8" phone.
Although, that 4.3" - 4.5" better be 720p or 1080p.
Nokia's 768p just makes it a bit wide, in the hand.

Haha yeah, same here.

Hardware-wise, my Lumia Icon is pretty much exactly what I'd want if I designed my own cellphone. I love the hardware and Windows Phone 8.1 on it. Can't ask for anything more... except apps and OS updates. :)

I'm ok with the app updates on WP8.1, but I do wish we didn't have to wait months for the local carrier (Rogers/Canada) to push through an OS update. Come to think of it, a good reason to always be running a developer preview, stupid Rogers.

A skiny lumia 930 with SD card thats waterproof and dust proof.  801 processor, USB OTG, File manager, add attachments to emails support pptn for vpn connections and why not support plug and play for keyboards/ mice etc which would be useful when using wifi direct for presentations from my phone and stick another gig of RAM on there for badness. 


Oh nearly forgot in my excitement, it needs a good front camera for skype!! 

WPC said the file manager is coming in June a couple of weeks ago. Do you follow this site often or occasionally?

I know it is thats why i want it.. this is about what would make the perfect phone its not there yet when it is, it goes towards my perfect phone check list. As an aside, do you need to be wetard with comments like do you follow this site often or occasionally? If i misread your intent with that statement I apologise, its just came across as sarcastic

This is a really bad move by Microsoft. I completely switched my mum over from an iPhone/Outlook Express setup to Windows 8 / Windows Phone / Outlook.com. Outlook.com has been administering my mum's custom email address for her charity for more than a year now...

Yet thanks to Microsoft, there will potentially come a day where my mum has to contemplate using a different web email service or fork out money unnecessarily on Office 365.

If that day comes, I will happily switch my mum back to an iPhone setup using a custom domain on a gmail.com account. Microsoft's services aren't THAT good to justify them reducing their service levels.

Stupid, backwards move. One which will only serve to annoy those of us who have come to rely on such services.



Yes!! Agreed!! More apps and a more stable ones. Too many crashes in my lumia 720. I'm afraid it's because of the 512mb. I wish to get a 1gb soon.

Common dude, if you get more battery it wont be this slim, and 6" is perfect for me. Idk what kind of phone they have to come up with to convince me replace my 1520

Yeah, I feel the same for my 1520. Wish I could find a bt keyboard that worked with it thou, if there even is any support for that?

930, I held the icon in my hand the other day and damn is it sexy. I like my 1520 but man is that phone is a looker.

Charge my Phone in less than 10 minutes, wireless charging, turn on and off my tv but without a app must be built on it, built in flashlight cause I hate open an app just to use flashlight

A Lumia 1520 with 32GB and Qi for T-Mobile US that isn't some mystical unicorn device that's always on backorder.

Pretty much like the 930 in a different body with the camera of the 1020. Probably a better front camera too. 32 gb and SD slot.

A red Lumia with 32gb+ AND MicroSD expansion. 10mp+ camera with two flashes like 1020. No thicker than 820 (thick). Wireless charging built in. 3mp+ front camera. Capacitive buttons. 4.3-5.0 inch 1080p+ display.

The capacitive button issue is something I am going to be very interested in watching.   I agree with your phone with that one caveat.

All I know is my 920 is up for replacement in a few months on AT&T and I'm going to need a NEW hero phone. Time is running out!

The timing surely won't have escaped Nokia. I work on the assumption that a replacement device is due between 18-24months after a high end phone. Looking forward to a 1030 with wireless charging, Snapdragon 805, 32GB storage, 2GB RAM, IR blaster, 60fps recording and those fancy mics, 1080 screen, bigger battery (big enough to notice the extra), ability to do more with emails and attachments, 8 quick toggles in the action centre, 5inch screen. Oh and a micro SD and HDMI out.

And 64 bit (I think I need a bigger snapdragon). Would (don't shoot me) make it a bit more future resistant (no such thing as future proof).

4.7 in. GG3 screen, a PPI somewhere between Retina Display and LGs G3

White plastic unibody, hold and feel made like the Moto X

Three GBs of memory, because why not?

Air gestures and eye tracking // health oriented features like Galaxy S5,

22 MP camera, Nokia tech of course.

3140 MaH battery

Windows Phone 8.1

Send it mt way, please.

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Just preordered the 930 today which will replace my 920. We'll see what can be improved afterwards.

Also get updates and stop waiting for carriers to deploys updated cause look what happen to att wtf they took forever to approve updated

5.5" 2560x1440 screen, no bezel, aluminium square shape such as iphone 5s, 3600mah battery, 7-8mm thickness, 50mp camera, waterproof and dustproof, when docked, turns into a windows rt os so can use desktop for general browsing on a monitor.

930 with an SD card slot and dual SIM (I have a work and a personal SIM and while you can divert calls, it doesn't work for SMS).

Edit: Waterproof would be nice too

5" 1080p screen that supports glance, 2GB ram, 16GB+ storage with microsd support, enhanced 41mp camera from 1020. All in a sleek slim chassis like the 925 or 1520, with Qi charging. Camera hump is fine with me.

One where the headphone jack doesn't mess up and send sound to one one side of the ear/head phones forcing you to soft reset!!!!!!!

A surface phone with a stylus, 41 mpx shooter, QHD 5" screen; 5000 mAh battery, micro SD card, all in an inch thick body.

A 5" version of the Moto X (physical dimensions and materials) with an 801 SOC, 2 GB of RAM, 64GB of built-in storage with a uSD card slot, the camera of the Xperia Z2, and WP8.1.  I'd really like a phone built this way.

5" screen (HD), think like the 925, 20MP like Icon, Xenon flash, wide angle FFC (the one on the 8X is awesome), MicroSD, Qi Charging, USB3, Dolby, 2GB RAM, next gen processor, 32GB on board memory, Glance support, NFC, options of colors (red, blue, yellow, green, cyan, etc),  Notification light, and a huge battery 

nice phone, I'd buy it.   I'd also like the possibility of a vapormag chassis.


Must NOT have wireless charging. Its not worth the extra weight.

Quad core. 2GB memory. 32 GB storage + SD card.

HD pure black screen.

I can't decide on screen size (5, 5.5. 6) but smallest possible wasted space around the screen.

Camera as good or better than 925.

I totally agree with Ticomfreak.   Wireless charging is not my highest criteria, but it's significant enough for a fair amount of people.   Other than that you are talking about a great phone, but not having wireless charging capability would be to create hesitation in the minds of a fair amount of people, and we do not want that. 

We want a really good selling WP highend device.

I wont buy a phone unless it has wireless charging....once you have the feature, you can't live without it...

I've been using wireless charging with my red 920 for about four months now and I really like it.   I had an Incipio Feather case for the 920 which worked real well with wireless charging.   So I like wireless charging enough to go buy another Nokia DT-900 for $5.00 from AT&T yesterday.   While I was there the salesman pointed out that a speck case for the 920 was on sale as well for $5.00.    So I bought it (the soft touch coating on my Incipio is coming off only after six months of use).   When I got home I was under the impression that the speck case was too thick for wireless charging and I was real disappointed.   Now I realize it works fine with wireless charing (it may be slower?).    So I do like wireless charging, however if you compared it to an SD Card slot and told me I could only choose one, I would choose the SD Card Slot.

Surface Phone - battery that lasts a week. 42+ mp camera. Pro quality mics like the icon. 10+mb and flash front facing cam. 4k video.

Any dream phone of mine would have to be a Nokia and that's not happening until 2016.


So for a WP device, it would have to be a Sony Xperia Z2 Compact (or a Z1 Compact WITHOUT the damn plastic anti-shatter films) with WP in it. That's the only way I'd accept a 16GB phone anyway.

But ideally, Sony, if you're reading this by some miracle: Z2 in the Compact format, with Nokia's PureView technology licensed, OIS and built-in wireless charging. Only those 3 additions would turn the Z2 Compact into a perfect phone, running WP (to be a perfect phone running Android you'd need 32GB minimum of on board storage).

Snapdragon 810 or at least 801, 20+MP sensor, 5 or 5.5 inch amoled screen.
Cyan option, very little bezel, gorilla glass 3+, 2400+ mah battery.
32GB at least with a microSD slot and qi wireless charging.

Lumia 1530; similar build with the 930 and a 5MP front facing camera, IR blaster, HDMI to TV like the Nokia E7 and removable battery.
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Essentially the Lumia 930 with memory card slot, WIND AWS frequencies and available in Canada, unlocked, and direct from Nokia.

A Galaxy s5 with 8.1, 41 megapixel camera, camera button, dual-sim, plus 4 microphones like the Icon.

Galaxy s5 has: fingerprint reader, heartbeat detector, micro SD, removable back, IR blaster (controls TV's), tons more internal sensors (hal/temperature/humidity), LED indicator, and waterproof.

One that have a version of WP with great audio quality, the ultimate player with support for flac files, with a large album art, support for the earpods or any headphone with volume control.

And of course, with a full HD display.

The 1520 Nokia Lumia before AT&T emasculated it was my "perfect" phone. I have been in the doldrums since they f'ed it up and now wonder if and when something similar will come out to convince me to move on from my yellow L 920. My vision was so looking forward to the larger screen!!

Am still ok with my HTC TITAN 2 it has every thing that I need ,fb,if,TW, whatup app, GPS. People what super core phone just to Facebook, ig, and text.

What would you think of facial rec unlocking, using pre-existing kinect-like technology? (this is assuming it could practically implemented by only unlocking when you wanted it to) I feel like it could be a nice differentiator the the current iPhone/GS5 paradigm.


Fingerprint and facial recognition unlock, i put those on the same boat as just frilly much-to-do-about-nothing "features". Just my opinion.

Me too.... Leave out NFC and heartbeat sensors and fingerprint recognition. Oh, and be aware that the only thing Samsung left out was a pregnancy test kit, could add that and beat them to market! Just kidding, Nokia should avoid that area of the Samsung demographic.

I don't disagree with you or SEKKDS, but I wonder if they don't have to do some of the gimmicks just to stand out and differentiate themselves. I guess I'm just more concerned with how the average consumer will perceive things or what will grab their attention; most of whom, I feel, would at least be made curious by that. After all, this group would include iPhone users, and we all know they love a gimmick (re: the iPhone itself and fingerprint scanner). Advantage to Kinect face rec, to my mind, is that it would be truly different, even if a gimmick. This compared to Cortana, which isn't a new concept, just an improvement on an old one; and thus, less likely to garner a ton of attention.

Something 1030-esque; no hump, Snapdragon 810 and 4G RAM, 4k and 5.5-inch screen, microSD, FF-camera operates like a Kinect sensor (i.e. facial rec unlocking), Cortana, Canadian banking apps, Yahoo! Fantasy app(s), and a 3500mah battery or better to run all of that fun stuff.
... Too much?

The 1520 is already out. Now I just want it to come to Canada and with wireless charging, and my dreams will come true.

I love my Lumia 1520 and hope for flipboard app arrives with facebook app full of features like ios one

Here's what I'd like:

1. Lumia with a 5" 1080p screen
2. Camera sensor optimized for 4K video, but with a simple lens for basic photography usage
3. Pro camera dock with a mount for lenses and a 2x battery, with a Compact Flash slot (High Speed)
4. USB 3.0 to support the above
5. Magnesium chassis
6. Intel quad core Atom processor.

I would just be happy with one where the difference in volume between 0 and 1 is more subtle than the difference between 1 and max volume. I thought they were going to fix this with 8.1! 

Yeah, that's a real annoyance. Overall I think the 1 is way to high if you want to watch anything midnight with someone sleeping beside you. Almost wakes both my son and fiancee xD

5 inch hi-end spec Surface line device with magnesium body, facial recognition to unlock the phone and full voice Interface managed by Cortana.

I haven't seen an article for a long time on when the US can expect new Windows Phone, phones. Can I make a request?

good question.   MM, I would say November.

HTC, Samsung, LG, all a good question.   I would like to see the same article you would.

I have a dream........ that one day..... Nokia and Sprint will co-exist and make a high-end Nokia Lumia available for us all!!.... I have a dream!!!!!!!!!

4.3" lumia with 20mp pure view cam, 4k video record, snapdragon801, 3000Mah battery, 2k resolution, 3GB quad core RAM, can this dream come to reality?