What's your experience with going from phone to phablet?

What's it like going from phone to phablet?

With the release of Nokia’s Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1320, many fans of Windows Phone have made the leap to a bigger phone than they’ve ever really had the opportunity to have. And while the adoption of these phablets has without a doubt brought many benefits to their new proud owners, it is also likely that the process is not without its challenges and adjustments.

The most glaring difference is the dramatic increased screen size. Sure, everything from email to movies to games look clearer, but the increased tile sizes and extra column of tiles can take some getting used.

Then there’s the overall change in physical size, which may present its own challenges. Does it feel strange to make a phone call on such a large device? And what about carrying it around in your pocket? Depending on how you dress, and whether or not you’ve opted for a case, your whole routine can be altered. We've talked about this in our follow up review of the Lumia 1520, dubbed "Living with it", which sheds some light on this too.

So for those of you who have gone from phone to phablet, what has your experience been? Have you stumbled upon any challenges or was it a pleasant transition?

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What's your experience with going from phone to phablet?



I got a Lumia Icon. I feel it is almost too big. 1520 would be too much for me. I like to have 1 hand control on my phone. My hand just big enough to manuever my Icon.

I agree, i like my Icon, but i couldn't go much (if any bigger). I have slightly larger than average sized hands but the Icon (although comfortable to hold) is harder to hold onto than my previous phones. Also, the Icon pushes my pants pockets to the limit. I'm thinking 4.7 would be the perfect size.

i had to change the way i hold phones. i tried to do one-handed use, but my pinky would get sore from holding it up. coming from an Xperia U, it was a huge jump; but I really like it.

BUT, i bought it in the winter. so i've been wearing big coats with big pockets for the last 3 months. We'll see how i feel when i have to carry the 1520 in a pair of shorts. i used to keep the U in the chest pocket of my polo shirt; it was the perfect size. but i can't do that with the 1520.

I read several years ago about a French guy who did that and for some reason the battery exploded and sent shards of glass into his heart. Killed him. Don't keep it there.

'i read it on the internet so it must be true'

what about the the three musketeers movie with charlie sheen and he gets shot by tim curry, but since he had a book tucked in to his vest, he survived? that is basically my Xperia U

You have somewhat of a point. Except that batteries have been known to explode, and its perfectly viable that a situation like that could happen. Its your life though, what do I care?

Just because if it size it shouldn't be considered a phablet. I feel a phablet should have more productivity functions and support some type of stylus. That's my opinion as for the large Nokia phones they are just that large phones.

I don't get this arguement, take the most popular tablets Nexus 7 and iPad, do they support a stylus, is a Nexus 7 more productive than any other android phone?

So why should a Phablet have more productivity functions than a Tablet?

The fact that a tablet does NOT have more productivity functions than a smartphone or phablet is the real issue here; your logic is backwards. You should agree with him! There is a difference between going from a V6 to a V8 (one is larger than the other and therefore has more power packed inside), but there isn't a difference going from a smartphone to a phablet or tablet. Tablets/Phablets are larger, but don't have more power/functionality packed inside? Why are you satisfied with that?

My point exactly, I always said the nexus and the iPad were larger cell phones that didn't have cellular antennas. Which is why I love the surface yes both of them. To me a phablet should be a cross between them like (I hate to admit it) the Note. It has all the functions of a phone but does lots of productivity like a true tablet. Now imagine a Nokia with all the productivity from MS with a stylus and finger gestures.

Nah, I think it's just a combination of phone and tablet... And phones and tablets both rarely have stylus support these days.


I just got 1520, upgraded from 920>1020>1520. 920 was heavy, 1020 heavier , 1520 is big but light.. feels like will slip and fall anytime.. other than that its ok.


Nokia had stylus in 5800 XM but then people said its outdated as HP had it ..now Sammy has it so people want it back...

u can never make everyone happy...


I also went from a 920 to a 1520 and although the 1520 is bigger it doesn't feel bigger because the 920 was solid and a bit heavy for its size.  I love the 1520, but I wish there were more apps that actually leveraged the bigger screen size better.  

No, the 1520 is not too big!... After using it for a few days you totally forget about the size of the device.. The device actually starts to get smaller, and smaller.... Any average sized adult male, or female, could deal with this device. It fits in pants pockets comfortably.... The 1520 actually has me wanting a slightly larger screen now that I know how livable a larger device can be...
Nevertheless, this can be a two had device at times,, especially when typing fast, but that's about the only disadvantage.. The good heavily outweighs the bad.

4 months in, I don't see how I could ever go back to a smaller device (not much smaller, anyway).  My old 900 feels absurdly small now (it's still getting use as my bedside alarm clock) and the wife's 4S feels like one of those phones from Zoolander when I try to use it.  Hilariously tiny to my spoiled hands and eyes. 

Funny thing is, I was one of those guys making fun of the giant Android phones and how dumb they seemed to be.  I got the 1520 because it was cheap and had world-class specs (a first for WP); the fact that it was so huge was intially something I thought would be a problem. 

I was amazed at how quickly I got used to it-- it fits into every one of my pockets fine (the only trouble I have is if I am driving and forget to take it out of my pocket beforehand, it can be hard to get out in that situation) and I never, ever think "Damn this phone is just too big".  Instead, I pretty quickly started thinking "how do other folks deal with such small screens?" Another case of "don't knock it till you try it", I guess.  Anyway I am eating crow on the big phones and you know what?  It tastes AMAZING!!!!

I've had a two handed device in my pants since birth. The 1520 actually feels small, unlike Rodney's moms butt.

THIS. I agree with you. Well I would say this. I really really love my 1520. However I think its just a tad too big. It's actually bigger than the Galaxy Note 3 w/ a case on the GN3. lol

I believe that a 5.5 or even 5.7 would be the sweet spot. I couldn't go back to anything smaller than 5.5, but I think at 6, it's a tad too much. Something like the ICON is just too small now. I want 1520 specs in a 5.5 or GN3 form factor. 

With all due respect, I have to disagree... The 1520 has never felt cumbersome in my hands, or pockets.. It never gets in the way..

Maybe you just have big hands, you know what they say about people with big hands......they have big gloves

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Fits fine into my jeans, chinos, suit pants, and cargo shorts (not the cargo pockets, the slash ones at the hips).  Also fits nicely into my suit's breast pocket as well.  I have yet to find a pocket in my clothes it won't fit into pretty easily (even with a big honking case on it). 

It fits fine in my hands, clothes, jeans etc. Still doesn't mean that it isn't HUGE. 5.5 would be just right. 

I assume you haven't used to many phones in you're life. Many of you might disagree but the Lumia 920 is still the best in that range of devices. And anyone saying that the 1520 is too big, its not I have medium sized hands and have no problems with pockets and one hand typing you completely forget the size of the device, I've had my 1520 or big mama since launch and with its few flaws its still perfect.

Same here. My 1520 slides right into any pants pockets, either jeans or my business attire. I often forget its there and freak out. Besides the article is intended for people with the 1520(not directed at OP) not those who think it is too big.

Like many others here, I had the opposite issue.


At first the 1520 was too large.  I thought it was some sick joke that Nokia was playing.  Who the hell would want something that big?

Now, every other phone is a toy.  The 1520 feels perfect.

Most people who see it...especially when displaying pictures...are impressed.  Well, first they say it is huge, then they are impressed.

I have a 1520 but the thing is there isnt much ui changes like using an android phablet exept number of tiles there is no one handed dialer no low profile keyboard no phablet overlay in the apps so its just a larger screen nothing more for now

While all is true I can't go back to my 920. I tried, was just not happy with the smaller phone. This 1520 is awesome I enjoy it everytime I pull it out of my pocket.

Totally agree, everytime I touch a smaller phone it just feels too small and impractical now. The camera on the 1520 is worth every penny too I would never go back to a smaller phone now.

Google it, alot of people the 4G is not working, and plus there is an issue with the touch screen, for example, when you want to scroll, instead of scrolling it acts as a single touch i.e. Opening where ever you touched first. I'm taking my 1520 back today to see what's up.

Same here. Was skeptical with size at first but after using it, difficult to go back to the 920. I still use the 920 but only use it for the Sportstracker app. 1520 is rather big when using it during sports. Well, you can't have it all.

I might've gotten it if it actually took advantage of its souped up specs and larger screen size. Let me run two apps on top of each other like the Galaxy Note line at least.

Same here my 920 feels like an oversized battery and the sceen is just gorgeous phone size only matters when making calls which I use headseats I love my extra space especially gaming

Don't you think the Surface 2 will be a tad too big to hold up to your ear for calls? ;) Love my 1520. My 1020 just looks so small now.

im using s advance before and now Lumia 1520. i'm not regret used it! I think before we want to buy something we should think and see many review about the particular thing :) <3 L1520

Due to the speed difference I started using the surface rt much less after getting a 1520. I finally sold the surface and picked up a venue 8 pro for the tasks my 1520 can't handle.

My experience....
1. Had to buy a bluetooth headset and wear all the time while driving car.
2. A pocket full of phone..my low waist jeans has small pockets...looks stupid when my phone is peeking out of them.
3. Good part, battery seems never exhausting...its beast.
4. Everyone can see who i chat/text wid, becoz huge size of fonts on the screen.

I move from a 920 to the 1520 and I think is amassing. Use it for business purposes make it almost a necessity. Fits fine in my dress shirt pocket or my dress pants pocket. I’m using the Incipio feather case and almost no difference. No complaints.

The 1520 was my first Windows Phone experience and I would not have wanted any other way, the beautiful display and fast processing truly made my first windows phone experience very enjoyable, at the same time it was also my first phablet which is great at first glance but is not for every one in the long run. So to make this shorter I will definitely keep up with Windows Phone as it goes into 8.1 and hopefully even further but will not pick up another windows phone until something like the Lumia Icon comes to GSM carriers namely att.

Just curious, what do you like about the Icon over the 1520? Do you like the 5" size more than the 6" size? Because, other than the 1520 having the SD slot, the size is the only major difference

The giant look of the phone makes no difference to me. I like the specs and the added slot for SD support. Great device to use in public and carry around in my beltclip-pouch

Love my 1520. Can't ever go back to a smaller phone. The only time I wish I had a smaller phone is when I'm sitting on my bike.. Lol.

I absolutely love the size and the clarity of the screen. Have been using since Nov' 2013. The only thing that i sometimes dont like is that the phone just increases the size of the fonts to match the display. I would have preferred the same font size and take advantage of the screen size to display more content on the page. Also have special apps to run 2 apps side-by-side like win rt e.g a skype call and One Note with Stylus support.

probably i am asking for WIN RT to be installed on Windows phone :-)

Totally agree, on my 4.3" HTC 8X, I can see 5 e-mails in the inbox.  On my 6" 1520, can only see 5 emails.  Would have been nice to get more text on the screen rather that just everything being bigger in most of the apps.

This is my problem with my Lumia 1520. Windows Phone 8 has many disadvantages inherited from Windows Phone 7, such as Windows Phone 7 being designed for a strict set of phone specs. This has held Windows Phones from being able to be high-spec phones. Windows Phones were strictly limited phones before 7.5 Mango.

Now that we have Windows Phone 8, devices with much better specs are possible. But the problem is now that the core of Windows Phone 8 is a lot more flexible and capable than Windows Phone 7's core, the whole UI can't adjust as flexibly as the shared Windows core can.

The Lumia 1520 has a tweaked version of Windows Phone 8 on it, allowing 3 columns of tiles, some more text to show in the Settings app, People app, Mail app, and some more columns of pictures in the Pictures app. That's it!

Windows RT 8.1 and Windows 8.1, like Android, can scale Modern-UI apps to any screen resolution. It also has faster animations, and accomplishes multitasking much better, it takes you right back to where you were when you open the app from the start screen instead of relaunching with a splash screen like Windows Phone 8 does.

I would love if Microsoft gave us some kind of Windows RT variant with support for the new universal apps that Windows Phone 8.1's SDK will allow. I would be very happy with using Windows RT on my Lumia 1520 until they introduce a universal UI experience across both Windows and Windows Phone with Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9 and hopefully at that point in time introduce full phablet support.

Love my 1520. Although it does have the problematic touch screen issues (when you want to scroll, but it registers as a tap) very annoying at times. And the occasional dimming problem. Hopefully this will be addressed at some point? I'm on At&t, so who knows. Not a big enough problem for me to go back to my 920, though. Yet.

Hmm ... haven't seem that on mine. Some bios update supposedly was released recently... not sure if ATT pushed it out yet.

Coming from a 925, now owning the 1520 and LOVE it, recently also bought the 1020 on eBay for a decent price (sim unlocked) and carry both of them with me all day. Difference in pic quality is there obviously but I use the 1520 way more then the 1020. It is big I agree but the 1020 feels small :-).....

Bought two 1520's in January. Broke the glass on both within a 24hr period a few days ago, so had the option of changing back to a 1020, but love this so much I decided to get the exact same black 32gb 1520. It arrived, last night, and I'm super happy I made that decision. I do a lot of Word Docs and photo editing, so the big screen actually kept me from getting a tablet. When I actually hold to my ear for a phone call, its just a phone. Can't tell how big it is. When I'm on the phone in the car, its handy to pull over and take notes on. The only learning curve or challenge I've run in to, but getting used to, is one handed texting which I am simply avoiding and opting for two like right now. Really not a downside and fot used to the size in about 1-2 weeks. The speed is incredible, the extra storage is nice, the camera is awesome, and I wouldn't go back for anything. I use my wife's and daughter's 920's on occasion (to support, of course) and it feels and looks like I'm using a baby toy phone. Lol. Seriously, you get so accustomed to the size, the others then seem just tiny like using a 520 (which I also have) after using a 920. I am officially a phablet Phan or phablet phatriot, I guess. Love the extra columns and screen geography

I found the repair company Palco (Nokia authorized repair contractor) the least expensive place to get the 1520 screen replaced. I shipped mine to them and they turned it around in just a few days. Apparently it is difficult to separate the digitizer glass from the LCD, so they replace both with a single OEM unit for $199.00. (plus shipping). Local repair shops wanted close to $400.00 to do the repair.

I don't get the Phablet designation for these large phones. They feature no tablet like specialty features worthy of the name like the Notes rarely used stylus. Shouldn't we expect some tablet like features before we start calling jumbo phones tablet hybrids. I mean my HTC Titan a couple of years ago felt like a tablet coming from the iPhone and Lumia 800.

Using a 1320 and loving it. Still not selling away my 925 & 820 although both looks like toys as compared to the gorgeous screen of the 1320. IPS looks much better than amoled.

Can't go back to anything under 5.5 again.  After using the 1520 and the small 4.5 on the 920, just don't feel the same.  Easier on my eyes and typing is improved.  The absolute small I would go back down to would be 5.  Navigation, reading, surfing.  I thought I would hate it but I can't get over it. Back pocket, no issue.  Coat pocket, not a problem.  Love it.

The best with 1520 is how quick it is! It's also nice with big screen but as said before, without optimized OS it's only bigger - not better... Tough it's by far the best build phablet today. I'm impressed that Nokia managed to put Qi-charging in a device not thicker than Lumia 925. That's the way to go! But, in matter of size I think I will go for the first 5" WP device that comes too Sweden. (I also miss the Oled screen from my 925...)

Hey, if you decide to sell your 1520 before I can get my hands on one, let me know :D The stores here in Eskilstuna doesn't even have it yet xD

I took my 1520 out of my pocket to use it at work, and for the first time in my life, women were like, "Oh my god, his is so big!" Who cares if I can't use it one-handed?

Very pleasant transition. Feels like the size is how phones always should have been. I do have big hands, fyi.

I have the Nokia Icon and its virtually the same size as the Nokia 928. I said back then I could see going bigger. The more efficiant use of available space in the Icon mean I could still go bigger. Fat fingering isn't as bad, but it still happens. The sad thing is that this was never a problem on my HTC Arrive (with the slide out keyboard). I still think that killing hardware keyboards was a mistake.

I went from the 925 to the 1520. At first the 1520 was way too large, but now if I grab my old 925 it seems comically small. I don't think I could go back to a sub-5 inch device after the 1520.

My sister enjoys Her 1320, but I used it and I am happier with 920, because it is smaller to use in car, easier on pockets.

Using my Lumia 1520, it is awesome. The size is a bit too muich, but it works. Specs are all there, and the thickness is what drove me to the 1520 in the first place, or I would have gone 929.

I think 1520 and 1320 are WAY TOO BIG for anybody. An ideal phone is supposed to be one handed operation(even if its a smartphone) and that is one of the primary reason Apple iPhone is very appealing. I personally use a Lumia 1020 and I am not a big fan of its width. Its uncomfortable. Just my opinion.

Funny that you start out by saying "... way to big for ANYBODY" which implies you are speaking in behalf of all people. But then you end up by saying "Just my opinion" which means that you are actually just speaking for yourself. The real truth my friend is your opinion is your own because you don't speak for anybody except yourself, maybe your family, and maybe even including your friends - but that is all. So strike out that word "anybody" from your sentence and replace it with "...for me" - I doubt you even speak for your family or your friends.

It was awesome at first having such a huge beautiful looking screen but now I find it annoyingly awkward to hold such a huge phone. I still use it but I'm finding myself using my Lumia 1020 more often now. I also wished there were more areas in WP8 that utilized such bigger screen estate other than the extra column or row here or there....

My only qualm is with the screen reading my touch for swipe as a tap or double tap. Very frustrating it is.

Hmm... someone else mentioned that. I can't figure out how to replicate on mine. I just press'n'swipe and it works.

Upgraded from Lumia 810 to Lumia Icon, love the larger screen, although 5" is not necessarily phablet territory....or is it?

I love my Lumia 1520, but currently it has been sent to Nokia for repairs as I got frustrated with the 50%+ false clicks while scrolling/swiping ... it also has two bright spots on top right :(

I went from a 920 to the 1520 and love it. I was apprehensive about getting such a large phone and on the fence but now I will never go back and can't use the smaller phones.

I truly don't have a single complaint. I love the screen size, it is super fast, and the battery lasts all day with heavy use. I can't tell you how many people stop and ask me about the phone and when they see it they all want it.

I am also curious if the people who say they don't like this phone actually have this phone because my reservations sounded much like the naysayers before I actually owned it.

Well I went from a Nokia 800 to a hd7 then to a 920 to a 1520. I hold my wife's 920 and its like holding the 920 then holding a iPhone so damn small. 1520 by far the best phone I have owned.

Have the 1520. Too big. Icon is perfect size. Anyone interested in purchasing my 1520 32g International version ? (wireless charging on board)

White. Mint condition. Had the the screen protector and the flip cover case from day 1. $450 with shipping.

I'm just wondering why are such devices so expensive here in poor country like Poland. To get used 1520 in mint condition You've to pay over 600 bucks.

It's been absolute joy to use for me. I have large hands and the 1520 works well for me. In addition to the extreme battery life and 64GB Micro SD card, 128gb works apparently.

Nothing sturdy as 920. Broke a 925 and 1520 with simple drop of a phone, while 920 sustains every single drop or smashing...WHY CANT 1520 HAVE same sturdiness as 920????

I dropped my 925 countless times and after the 100th time, the screen cracked. I'm still using, but I'll upgrade to the 1520 as soon as it hits the stores here in Brazil. I actually found the 925 very resilient.

I don't find my 1520 big at all. I feel like all phones should be 5-6 inches. I'm on the internet constantly, and I have unlimited data, so the browsing experience can't be beat. It's wonderful, though they could add a lot of tablet features to the phone. For example, it should have swipe back and forward between websites, as it is on tablets and PC's. I find the difference between "phone OS" and real OS to be arbitrary and unnecessary. The closer we can get to having real OS's on phones, the better we are. As such, the UI on the 1520 needs to be optimized. The font size, the DPI, etc. are all way too big for the size of the screen. I often feel like an elderly person who had to put super huge font on the phone to see. Office, for example, on Windows Phone is absolutely unusable.

Nokia makes fantastic products, and the size is wonderful. Microsoft, on the other hand, does not know how to make a proper phone OS. After getting the 1520, I started to look into the Xperia Z Ultra, which has a 6.4 inch screen. I may actually make that jump too, as Android UI's are often optimized for the size of the screen. And if they aren't by default, they can be rooted in such a way. Until Microsoft learns to just put RT on the phones, they are just going to be second-class Apple when it comes to phones.

Before I purchased my Lumia 1520, I saw several videos and thought it was just too massive a phone. I then descided to just go check out it at an AT&T store. Once I saw how thin and light it was (even lighter than my 920), I thought, well, it's not so bad afterall. That was about three weeks ago, I'm very pleased with the purchase I made. It's also true what they say...."Once you've owned a phablet, it's hard to go back to any regular sized phone.....They all seem puny." :) 

After i dumped my Blackberry Torch over my Lumia 920, i tot i have enough big screen. Now, i'm among those with small screens... Haha.

The Lumia 800 was/is my favorite "physical" device I have ever owned. If I could get a device that exact design but with the specs of my Lumia Icon, and Glance, I would probably be satisfied lol.

That said, I have played with a 1520 and it is pretty massive. I think if you don't have a tablet its a great sort of all in one device.

My prefered set up is small phone, capable tablet (currently have a Surface Pro 2 with Type Cover) and a desktop for gaming etc.

I still miss the camera in my 1020, I still got it but not having it around is sometimes not optimal. But everything else is better so I shouldn't complain too much.

I simply love the 1520. Metro looks good in big screen. Moreover, I can read my Zinio subscriptions on it. Hopefully developer will start to utilize the screen size soon.

I switched from a 1020 to the 1520 back in December when they where giving them out for free for the first 20 people at the Microsoft store in Troy. I was there for something else and I wouldnt have gotten one unless it was for free... What did I have to loose? For the first 2 weeks I was on the fence about it, but now Im sold. Also, One of the deciding factors was that it could fit in the side leg pocket of my carpenter jeans. Even though I am a big guy with large hands I found it diffucult to navigate on the phone and hit the back butten using one hand. However after I got a brown Nillkin phone case with a textured grip on the back I found it much more pleasant to use. A couple things I really like about it is the large, high rez screen with the exstra room for live tiles... The screen really is amazing! Then there is the battery, It seems like it can go forever, much longer than the 1020/920. (I do miss the camera from the 1020, but I knew that going into it.) Another thing about the screen size is that its great for GPS, I can just set it on my lap or dash and glance at it, instead having to hold it with my hand, so it makes for a safer drive.

Its the best decision I made, so far the only compromises I offered involved doing something differently.
Lets face it we're spending way too much time on mobile, and it only make sense to use bigger screens as to not stress our eyes.

If I had a 1520, I would never hold it up to the side of my head. Bluetooth ear piece all the way for that and it starts to make more sense but only if you can take advantage of the increased screen real estate and 1080P.

All the pics show people holding the phone out, but you really hold it down parallel with your head... like the old-school handsets. Now if you had a big bumper case (vs the ATT low profile Belkin case) then it would get weird.

I am switching between my 1020 and the 1520. I use the 1020 mostly as my daily driver as it fits into my pocket nicely. I also mtn bike quite a bit and use Sport Tracker to track my rides and the 1020 fits into my Came;back perfectly (no way the 1520 will fit at all).

The 1520 is perfect for traveling as the 1020 is too small and I don't want to be openning my Surface Pro 2 for every email that comes in or to read a book. It's also very handy when using the HERE products for traveling to a desitionation.

Between the two deives Nokia pretty keeps me connected in a manner that makes sense. However, my perfect device will be a mixture of the camera power of the 1020 and the usability of the 1520's large screen. I'll seriously consider getting an "Icon" type of device if Nokia and AT&T release one.

The first thing changed when going from my L920 to my L1520 was my lock screen code. Since I'm left handed, I changed my 4 numbers to numbers along the left side of the screen so I can unlock it with only one hand (thumb). I knew it would take some time for cases to come out with belt clips or pouch type holstered cases. I have stashed the phone in my coat pocket for now, but someday, I hope the weather will get warmer.. Lol

The size is way better for watching anything on or playing games or reading. I try use my girlfriends iphone and its TINY, i don't get how people can use it. Only thing i miss could be fixed with a one handed keyboard. And sometimes when i change into scrubs for surgery its a little heavy in the back pocket. But these negatives are all outweighed by the advantages i feel with the bigger screen.

It was definitely a change from 920 to my 1520, the size was scary but now I can't go back, it actually fits well in the hand because of how thin it is, as well as my pocket. I don't even have big hands (I can't even palm a basketball at all) I love the 1520 though. Best phone they came out with. Summer time will be interesting as I won't have jacket pockets and jeans to wear. We'll see though.

I use to have Lumia 920, but after using Lumia 1520 I feel its the best phone, the size notwithstanding. I don't really mind the big screen cos I can do with it.

I sold my note 2 because I thought it was too big, but for reasons unknown, the 1520 just seems natural. Would be hard to go back

I love my 928, but the Icon with Verizon is perfect! Not too large, not too small as my 928. And I can use it one-handed as I have long fingers. And with a 1080p resolution screen, awesome!!

It's been nice. Nokia Nigeria gave us a white 1520. We came from 920's and 820's. The camera is better, same with screen and battery and audio. The big size takes getting used to but it's worth it. The phone draws attention everywhere. Even if it doesn't sell millions, the positive vibe is okay. You might become the official family or church photographer though.

I love mine from a work standpoint.

1. Its a great conversation piece.
2. I use Bluetooth (plantronic legend) mostly.
3. I can actually show PowerPoint presentations at a lunch meeting.
4. I am starting to use it for note taking.
5. The screen size and clarity for email, movies, games is phenomenal!
6. Fits well in my suit jacket pocket.
7. Do not have to strain to read anything.

Wish list
1. It could have more tablet functionality.
2. Better note taking capabilities. Apps, OneNote.
3. Does not work well with casual clothes. Sometimes too big.
4. Wish the start screen would rotate at times.
5. One hand operation can be difficult. I put most used tiles on the right.

Other than that, I love it. Cannot even stand to look at my wife's 925 (though I love the design) too small.

Great compliment to my surface 2.

You just stole my words. I moved from HTC-HD7 to Lumia 620 to Lumia 820 to 1520. Although I really appreciate the size, HD screen more tiles, this is certainly not a single handed phone. I use Weave reader a lot and I appreciate that app has taken care of thumb navigation. For all other apps sometimes hitting back key with my thumb ends up clicking first icon on the app bar. Typing, emailing and battery life is just awesome. Hope 8.1 will solve a lot of issues and Cortana will read most of the things.

More phablet like apps are neded. Stylus support is not necessary but a nice to have. My 820 seemed very small after couple of days. It ended up on eBay as we speak.

Initially 1520 felt a bit big. But soon I got used to its size and I will happily say now that there is no going back. I don't want to look at my 920's tiny screen again. That's really terrible size, texts, pictures are so small

I went from a 1020 to the 1520 about two months ago and am still loving it.  I do still have the 1020 but it looks so small now when I pick it up.  I haven't had any problems handling the 1520 or getting it in a pocket.  My 47 year old eyes love the screen.

Yeah, my 36 year old eyes aren't having a bad time looking at the screen either.. Lol!!!❕..... I would have a harder time getting used to using a smaller device than I had adjusting to this 6" screen.. It's just more natural....
And, you're getting more device for your money,,,,,, literally❕

That is something I'll never do. I hate phablets. It's a stupid concept that should just go away. I already think the 920/1020 are bigger than they should be. Which is why I love the idea of the Xperia Z1 Compact and I hope it catches on. High end hardware in small form factors.

Markets has and will still prove you wrong;) Phablets exist because people like them and demand them

Prove me wrong? I just said I hate phablets and want them to go away.
Also...if people didn't want small devices, the iPhone wouldn't be that popular and Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony wouldn't produce "Mini" versions of their flagships ;)

But, I love the size of my 1520!.. It fits perfectly in my hands, and in my pocket, has a larger screen to view everything easier, GPS is much safer to use when driving, it's easier to make phone calls with because of length of the device, and the separation of the mic, and speaker is in a more natural distance from one another, and it's just awesome all around❕❕
I know the 1520 isn't for you, but if I love my device, and feel that it is the best smartphone, form factor wise, that I have ever had, then why would you hope that they would stop making "phablets"❔
Why would you want them to take that option away from me?❔

Well...using the phone while driving is forbidden here in Europe.

Oh I just want to take away your toys...XD
I hope it goes away in the sense that I want the trend of bigger and bigger phones to end. The phablet is a niche device (just like 41mp phones). I just wanted OEMs to understand that the majority wants manageable high end phones. But they seem to just put out bigger and bigger phones. And if you want a high spec phone, you're forced to get a mammoth. And that sucks :/

I'm not saying people don't like small phones BECAUSE they like Phablets. These are two separate things. I'm just saying phablets do have a market. And it's not a niche market. In Asia, phones with 5 inch or larger screens are already the trend. It's not because people have no choice, as you said, there are always mini versions and iPhone. But still, phablets sales continue to rocket and galaxy note series are insanely popular. In my honest guess, in less than one year time, at least 50% of smart phones shipped will have a screen no less than 5 inches

I understand... But, here in the US the Note3 is not niche. At least larger screen devices are breaking the barrier of being common and normal... But, I like how Sony makes a mini version of their flagships so that everyone can enjoy the same technology...

Went from a Lumia 900 to Lumia 1520 - the difference is staggering, both in experience and usability.

I can safely say that the L1520 can easily replace a tablet or even a laptop in some cases. The huge screen is probably what makes the most difference, but the speed and agility of the device is also an important factor.

As for size - yeah, sometimes its a tad cumbersome - especially when you can't use both hands for a moment, but other than that it's PERFECT for me. Fits great in my pockets and my hands, and being huge yellow it's an eyes magnet, everybody asks "WOW what's this?" when I pull it out, and I usually call it "My mobile TV" :)

I have a 1520, too big by far. it's a great media consumption device; a better experience in some respects than what I get from Surface (nokia lumia 2520) or Android (Sam 10.1 2014) but as a phone... it only suffices. smaller is far more useful for phone bznz.

I like the bigger size. Easier to read, extra tiles on the home screen really make flip options more viable. Just miss my qi

It felt perfectly natural for me. Owned a note before moving to Windows phone with the Lumia 920, and then the 1520. Its the perfect phone for people with big hands. Now I can type without pressing the wrong keys. Lol

Honestly, if I lived on a more secure country, I would not have had any impact going from the 920 to the 1520, for the moment the only impact is the paranoia of thinking because the phone is too big some robber is gonna jack me up.

I believe, from media reports, that the phone most often stolen is the iPhone. So this should be safer perhaps...

I adapted pretty quickly. Looking now at other people's GS4's or HTC One's they look small now. Especially iPhones. My girlfriend still has her L920 (my previous phone) and using the keyboard and bring up webpages feels slightly annoying now lol. But I still have challenges one hand texting. This phone never feels too big or even just big to me anymore. It feels as if it's the normal size for a phone. Only until someone else points out how ridulously sized it is.

I went from 920 to 1020 to now 1520. Previously used an iPhone. In my opinion, the 1520 is the best phone I've had. Don't get me wrong, it is HUGE! However after about 3 days, I couldn't tell. I'm even using my Surface Pro 2 less since I got the 1520. I do miss the camera on the 1020. So now my routine is 1520 as main phone, 1020 is my camera and music player.

I love my 1520, I had a 928 previously and I will use this thing till it dies or the next great 6" phone comes out. You cannot beat it for typing or reading. Absolutely love it!

I thought the 1520 would be too big when I first saw pics, went to an MS store and when I saw it I was convinced it was a beast. I picked it up, and realized it's NOT too big at all. I'd love to get a 1520, but two things;

1). I'm on T-fuggin'-Mobile.
2). I'm pretty sure if I got a phone that big I'd have a hard time going back to a smaller screen if I had to.

I used my Dad's Note II extensively when it came out, but I didn't feel comfortable using it like my old Atrix.
I prefer 4.3" phones .... But I don't mind going up to 16:9 4.7" phones.

Plus, I see Phablets as a comprise, Too big for a phone, Too small for a Tablet.

That's just me.

I'm a really big guy and would love to get the 1520 because my hands are 3XL.  Too bad Verizon doesn't carry it.  (I'd actually like a 1520 with a slideout keyboard.)

I have shifted from Samsung galaxy grand to Lumia 1520 almost 2 months back..it feels great when you are holding a moat powerful windows phone in your hand with lot of features & the biggest advantage over an android is that it never hangs & unlike android it doesn't require memory boost apps to be downloaded. I can't switch back to a phone with small screen..you can watch high definition movies, play HD games & lot more..officially a good phone for presentations & a nice, big & clear display which soothes eyes as well. In terms of safety also this phone is good as it has Gorilla glass which is scratch resistant, however, it doesn't give scratch guarantee..a nice phablet over a phone with lot of features & a nice optimal 20 megapixels camera almost equivalent to a DSLR & with lot of options for taking cool pics...overall a nice phablet with all possible combinations of a phone..a kind of mini laptop fr ur daily use..only thing which is negative is the cost of this phone which is highly expensive but cant blame Nokia for that as the pho e has that many great features making it an expensive but a cool & sexy gadget...

Love the real estate and design, slightly too big for everyday portability, while I invite larger phones , the Goldie locks zone for me is 5.2 or 5.5.. Lets cross fingers for the 1820 /1525..