WhatsApp pushed out another update for Windows Phone, improves Voice Messaging again

WhatsApp Voice Messaging

You would think it were Friday today because we just got word that WhatsApp has pushed out yet another update for their popular messaging app. The company has had updates to their app for the last four Fridays, including version 2.11.40 just four days ago. Yet here we are on a Monday Tuesday and they’re giving us a new one.

So what’s new? Well, there is a changelog for version 2.11.59, though it’s just “Voice Messaging improvements” and “miscellaneous bug fixes”. That’s nothing to get too excited about though we suppose if you use this app frequently enough, fewer bugs and improved Voice Messaging are always a good thing. Plus it demonstrates that the WhatsApp team (working with Nokia) are keeping this app in tiptop shape.

This will be the fifth update in thirty days for WhatsApp making it easily one of the most high profile and frequently updated apps on our platform.

Pick up version 2.11.59 of WhatsApp for Windows Phone here in the Store. Thanks, Quantano S., for the tip! 

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WhatsApp pushed out another update for Windows Phone, improves Voice Messaging again


It doesn't show that for me. If it was changed, then it may have replaced "Last seen seconds ago" with "Offline". Instead, you might see "Last seen 1 minute ago" as the lowest time. I can't test it with anyone I know because it's 8:30am and people are getting ready for work or school so I may be wrong.

I wish they redesign the app for WP8, It's functional, but let's be honest, it's ugly.. maybe if they allow a photo to the backgroud instead of that pitch black screen would make a lot of difference..

Well whatsapp is using the visual studio template DIRECTLY without changing any appearance such as background/fonts. Take a look at foursquare, its metro and good looking

a common misconception is that metro (or modern UI as it is now called) requires the background to be pitch black or bright white. This is not true, you can have a background as long as it doesn't steal the focus from the typography. See the picture hub for instance. It has images in the background, but the dark overlay makes the pictures not steal the focus while still being visible. Whatsapp could allow that, as well.

Pitch black saves energy on AMOLED displays, and by the way, looks pretty nice and clean. I don't like Whatsapp on iPhone, the pastel colors look like something 90ish .

Notifications were working perfect for me about 2 months ago, now I just have received a couple of messages from a week ago, so I guess it stopped working on some of the recent updates

lol, I like you throw in VOIP calls like that some trivial update that they can do. I'm sure they're doing what they can.

And there's no doubt about that! I'm not  unsatisfied at all, I'm just telling what I'd want to see into the app some time :P

I expect that soon enough as Nokia is working with them not MSFT else the app would've been as it was launched with annual updates.

Just started using whatsapp and I have to say it seems weird the way it works. Stuff is instantly sent with no way to confirm you actually want to send it. Take voice messages-- as soon as you take your finger off the record button it sends it automatically. Seems strange, and a bit dangerous.

KKRLessey: that doesn't seem to be true. Tapping on the mic icon causes it to tell you to press and hold to record a voice message. As soon as you release it sends, with no way to hear your message before sending. You can swipe it away before releasing your finger, but that's just to delete it which isn't what I would want.

Tapping it doesn't send an audio message. It says "PRESS AND HOLD TO RECORD". If you press and hold, then it'll obviously start recording. The whole point of it is to easily send a message. You're right, you can't really hear it yourself until you send it. However, it may be possible to prevent the other person from receiving the message. I haven't tested this in one-to-one chats but in group chats, I was able to delete a message I sent and it would disappear even if the person didn't receive it yet. It's possible that the same thing can be done in one-to-one chats.

if you do not like the new push to talk option (which was introduced on all OSes about a week ago) you can still use the "old" method of attaching an audio clip using the paperclip icon.

Also true. But I don't have to thank Nokia, I've already done that and pledged my soul to them more than a decade ago.

The store doesn't show the update for me when going to the app page, i guess i should wait so that all servers updated

Providing a changelog (two times in a row now) is also a welcome change. Guess they do read comments at WPC. :)

To most of the WP fans still see its Nokia pushing to get the best & quality apps or Lumia exclusive apps & games and many only Nokia apps and Imaging SDK.
NOKIA did too much and i don't know MSFT provides stupid FM & 1080p screen and Orientation lock that's all in two updates GDR2 + GDR3, apart from bug fixes. Are there so many bug fixes for them to work upon.. By the bug fixing is done by Testing team whereas adding features are not even thought by their development team, neither they try to get spl apps aboard WP8 like NOKIA asked Hipstamatic Oggl Pro, Flipboard, Path, Pinterst, Deeply working with WhatsApp too. Nokia does a lot more than LAZY MSFT. Bryan Binaki (Nokia VP) said: They shouldn't sit by and dependent upon others(MSFT) for progress..!! And most of the apps quality apps we enjoy today are Nokia's effort whereas lame XBox Music+Video, waste One Note, etc crap shit, bloody Office never got updated.

BTW No Video Messaging on WP8 Skype(owned by MSFT) but its there on iOS & Android. Shame on MSFT's laziness.

I don't think MS is being lazy. Their priority since the release of WP8 is to ensure that the OS works with all the hardware Nokia has been throwing at them over the last year. You don't think that Lumia 1020 camera just worked by itself magically? Nokia is releasing a wide range of Lumia's and they ALL need to work with WP8. Nokia throws hardware, MS has to make it work. I think the strategy for 2013 was to get as many WP8 phones in people's hand and hence ensure the stability of the ecosystem. Look at the recent success of Lumia 520 in the lower end of the market. A true smartphone for less than $100! That's a major achievement and it isn't only Nokia on it's own making that happen. The OS also needs to work with the phone. For every phone developed by Nokia., HTC, Samsung and others, MS has to work for each and every phone. Apple only has TWO mobile platforms to worry about, the iphone and iPad. It is all in house both the  hardware and software.
Right now, you need to stop moaning about 'features' from MS and WP8 and be more concerned about the ecosystem taking a firm foothold. The apps are/will follow from other developers to make the current shortfall of OS 'features'. MS can focus to improve the OS in the later part of this year and 2014. Nokia are doing an amazing job. The only critism I can levy against MS at this stage of the game is that they need speed up development, either underlying OS or otherwise, to match the Nokia pace which is currently every quarter.

I'm amazed at how often this app is getting updated. It might have some issues but at least their trying.

good see whatsapp being updated! v still need an update which enables saving pics n vids to gallery and share videos and also better background performance! sum times though i'm on my wifi network i need to open whatsapp to recieve msgs! shudn the notifications jus pop up?

In wifi select advanced and tick "keep wifi on when screen times out"... Hope this fixes ur notification problem...

I want auto update feature on windows phone apps now!!!!  Frequent updates start making me looks childish... I need to update my 920 and my mom HTC Trophy every time...

there is an auto update feature... it just works on a twelve hour cycle

you however cannot manually check for all updates at once which is its major downfall

all you have to do is wait a day or two and then check the store icon

its frustrating i know but at least its there

Really like the Whatsapp team has stepped up the development. With the help of Nokia of course. But still.

I'm glad WhatsApp is really cranking out updates now. I haven't experienced any bugs with notification, but I am happy that they are responsive and listening to their users.

Trust me, you don't. I remember how frustrated I was when I came across the "WhatsApp update to be released in 9 days!" thread.

I kind of actually wish the updates would come at a more measured pace. Hard to believe, but I'm starting to get WhatsApp update fatigue.

2.11.59 installed and whatsapp's notifications vanished! I'm recieving messages and the phone is doing absolutely nothing! (was the same with the previous version over which I installed this, was hoping it was fixed).

The only thing I don't like about WhatsApp is the last seen...anyone who has your number can see you online and it is not mandatory for them to be on your favorites. It is so annoying when you don't want everyone to see your status or if your are online but still they can!!

So many issues in last update.. Notification issue and last seen is not available. looking for next update. Hope they ll resolve soon.

Well I have updated to version on my nokia lumia 510 but after updating i am unable to see chat history. notification says i have received 65 messages in xyz group but only the last 10 messages are viewable i keep on swiping the screen but the previous messages are unavailable , before the update everything was working fine.Anyone else facing similar problem kindly help.
Vikram mehta

After updating my Lumia 820 with gdr2+Amber update, an unwanted visual line is appearing sometimes(not always, but too often).

I updated my Whatsapp to Version 2.11.59 on my Lumia 620 yesterday and it barely connects. The connection state is 'OFFLINE' most of the time and I cant send or receive messages. I've tried restarting my phone and also uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing seems to help !

Hi guys... Found a small issue with WhatsApp after amber update. While opening a chat, a horizontal line appears along the "loading symbol"... Anyone knows what dis is??? Is it coz d speed f my l720 reduced after update?? Or a display problem???

My phone (lumia 510) automatically pop up for update that is my whatapp application, so I click on update and after updating it any conversation that I make, when close the whatapp application and come back again, I can't find the conversation anymore, but can only see blank space. Any help please (0576084516).

It takes a lot of time to open up... Nd moreover if I try to read my previous chat it suddenly gets close... Nd plz provide the "hide your last seen option".. (Lumia 520) it is taking of time to send any video....
nd plz also give d option of saving d incoming audios to my music... Nd option of send d audios from d saved files....