WhatsApp pushing out a minor update for Windows Phone, hopefully fixes ongoing issues

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Getting a tiny bump

WhatsApp is one of those services that people love to hate on Windows Phone. It seems people use it because everyone else does, thereby making them accomplice to any ongoing issues the app may be having.

Such is the case with the last few updates from the WhatsApp team. Going by the frequent user feedback from you folks, it is evidently slow and crashes (we use Kik so our recent experience is more limited with WhatsApp).

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WhatsApp teased for Windows Phone 8

We just got word that version 2.8.2 is starting to make its way through Marketplace system. Evidently users in the Netherlands can once again get it now whereas those in the US may have to wait until tomorrow (this seems to be the trend lately e.g. Adobe Reader took 14 hours to make it to the US).

Reader Shiawian L. sent us in his report on the update:

“Cannot find an update list. There seems be a new icon for the group and status. Cannot determine if the crash/hanging bug has been fixed yet.”

Indeed we could not find a changelog either. Seeing as version 2.8.0 was the last update, a 0.0.2 update implies bug fixes and little fundamental changes to the app itself like new services. However, that extra 0.0.2 can make a world of difference if it fixes hangups and slow notifications for users.

Since we can’t see the update here in the US and don’t expect it until morning, we’ll just have to rely on your folks for feedback.

Try your luck in the Marketplace here for WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp pushing out a minor update for Windows Phone, hopefully fixes ongoing issues


What the fuck happened to standards like IRC?!
I wish all these chat apps could use the same standard so we could use whatever app we wanted. I guess it was better in the 90s/00s.
Fuck it I'm drunk and im going to bed, gnight.

Worked fine in Australia. v2.8.2.0. A couple of new buttons below (groups and my status) but still seems to bring up that weird blank audio notification if you press the volume keys.

That weird blank audio notification when you press the volume keys and when you go to Zune it shows as paused (when I click on it it launchs WhatsApp), is the only thing thats annoying me with WhatsApp at the moment! =(

Here in Argentina i can confirm that I have the update... The only change I can see is new logos in the down buttons...

Great. I will reset my phone tomorrow. This is good news in case they fixed the hangs and slow notifications.

Version updated from Malaysia.
Word box issue fixed. Others seem remain unchanged.
Lumia 900 user.

I'm going to reset my Optimus 7 after migrating all my stuff to a new Outlook account. This is good news as the current version hangs very often an the notifications are sloooow.

Tbh, and coming from a pretty heavy WhatsApp user, I don't have much to complaint, major annoyance being that when one message is a bit longer I stop seeing the last one or two lines, incurring in several typos, but while not as often that also happens to me here, at WPC.

Have now no problems with WhatsApp. Use it often and it works fine. It crashed frequently when it first updated though so I uninstalled & reinstalled it. Now, works fine!

Not getting this update in india.. And the previous version is very annoying.. It hangs, takes looong yime to load the contents, hangs while typing, and that weird sound bar when you press the volume button.. It's freakishly annoying developers.. Please please please do something..

In Switzerland I also got the update. It is now really much faster in loading a chat (not the app) on my Nokia Lumia 800. The new icons were already mentioned. The width of a message (in chat view) is now fixed and the keyboard-text-disappearing-bug is fixed. If you chose a picture from the library you now have to accept or rechose it. The background-agent-music bug is still here unfortunately...
But overall it's a great update since Whatsapp didn't work for the last 24h and the keyboard-bug really annoyed me :) Still, for a free service, we can be more than happy and thankfull to have it!!

It indeed works better than the previous update. I also noticed that when clicking en holding on a chat contact you now can delete chat history instead of only deleting the contact from the chat list

Microsoft should get involved in the whole WhatsApp deal because if you look at the reviews for it in Spain, many people are having such a shitty experience with it they don't know who is to blame. In this particular market, this is the app you need, and you're probably using it all day long.

I've done my share of feedback submission to the WhatsApp team but they keep on delivering a horrible experience and I'm starting to believe they just don't give a damn about their WP customers. I'd so love to shove their app out of my life but unfortunately for me, IOS and Android users are happy with their WhatsApps.

Microsoft, get in there and set 'em straight, I'm begging you.

Microsoft, in association with Skype, is involved with GroupMe. I don't think they'll also be getting involved with Whatsapp. We just need to keep making the developer fix the problems. In all honesty though, they're not doing such a terrible job and have shown far greater attention to Windows Phone than some other developers out there. Just saying.

Not available in the UK. Man WA sucks at the moment. But from what I've read so far in this thread the new update seems to fix most of the problems.
Any new problems occuring?

New stuff:
- A bit faster and more stable (loading contacts, loading chat)
- New icons in start menu (New chat, search, change status, new group)
- Chats have a fixed chat bubble a la Messages hub (NICE!)
- Last seen status now contains ":" I.E. 'Last seen: 6 minutes ago'
- You have to chose or re chose accept when you choose a picture
- Word box issue solved.
I think its a good update, that makes the 2.8 update stable. But I do think WhatsApp has to be improved on two very important parts: performance and UX.
The app is just too slow, I understand it can't be that speedy as the Messages hub but it should be better than this.. come on!
I think the UX is a mess.. why are there so many buttons in the chat view? Why not just a paper clip where I can add all my stuff.. and ffs please use the appropriate screen when press the paperclip. (Just check the Messages Hub, it looks much much better).
I also don't dig the custom animations. WP has a lot of nice and good animations, why build custom ones :S (Performance!!!!).
And maybe build a panorama app. I think you can improve WhatsApp a lot by making it look like a beautiful app while maintaining the WP design guidelines. Its just too messy and slow right now.
Unfortunatly I don't have a choice: in The Netherlands EVERYONE uses WhatsApp.

I could never figure out why messages took so long for me to receive, even with the chat open it's not reliable enough on WP. Other platforms don't seem to have the same issues.

Push notifications on WP suck big time.

Everything else is perfect, except push and live tiles being slow and unreliable

One big problem is that this update is still missing the ability to disable notifications which, for some unknown reason, was removed in the previous major update.

also: no ability to send video clips? they dont appear in the gallery when you try and clip them... WA are clearly a company who dont care about negative feedback. just look at the 'glowing' reviews in the marketplace listing... poor show.

Topic: Still not available in Germany


 A few hours ago I wanted to check if the update was available.  Don't know how, but I ended up reading all the comments. One thing for sure: there is a lot of folks here in Germany hating the WP version (compared to the ios and android ones). The thing is: there is just one app being used for messages here: WhatsApp! So if you want to change to WP because of all the smooth stuff going on on the tiles, you will end up using the bugged version of whatsapp (if you are used to the android version). In my opinion MS has to give the WhatsApp-guys a bump to get all the "must-have"-things right!

Got the new version on a Lumia 800. The black audio notification is still there (very annoying) and while this "notification" is active the app drains the battery (also very annoying). I'll probably switch to Viber for the time being.

Is really annoying how important this app is and how neglected is by microsoft and nokia. I have try everything: groupme, viber, kik, im+, skype...everything to try to have a decent im experience with my girlfriend who has an iPhone, since they broke whatsapp with the last update. The best solution you may ask? Use the internet share feature from my WP to connect my iPod and use iMessage. To be honest, it's humiliating.

Well, the hanging and crashing has been resolved. It's very stable right.
I can communicate normal now.
And why can this app not be integrated in WP7.5 - 8 Message hub?

For me, I don't us IM on WinPho because the "push" notification system is the worst I've experienced.

I love WP, but the so called "live" tiles and "push" notifications don't seemed to be true.

Tiles are slow to update and push nots either take 10-20mins to arrive or just don't happen at all.

Hey guys, does the "WLAN always on" feature work for you? I think that is why you see the symbol when pressing the volume key, whatsapp is trying ping the WLAN to keep it on.
People on a German forum keep complaining about it lol.
Sadly it doesn't work for me

Updated here in the US on an HTC Radar...initial load was quick and no more letterbox issues. Also a little bit faster and less freezing issues

Battery Drain...
Since last two whatsapp updates, I am having a very bad battery (even knowing nokia 710 doesnt have a very good one). As you all know this update does one thing... when pressing the volume bar it seems like the music player is on, and even activating battery saver mode on, the app keeps giving me notifications. Maybe this is the problem, i dont know. Is somebody having the same issue? would you recommend me use kik or viber???