WhatsApp teasing for Mango release [Updated x2]

Lets face it: there's no real reason why WhatsApp, the super popular proprietary, multii-platform IM system can't come to Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. None. They get their database/contact access, runs in the background, push notifications, fast-app resume--everything they need. And with Microsoft going out of their way to woo developers and services, it's not exactly a stretch to think a WhatsApp client is coming this fall.

So when the official WhatsApp Twitter account tweeted "Did you know that mangoes account for approximately half of all tropical fruits produced worldwide?", it's not hard to read between the lines.

Sure, it could be a coincidence. Perhaps they were feeling irreverent today or their Tweet manager has a thing for mangoes, but c'mon, this was a wink and a nod, especially that BUILD is happening right now.

Update: We should note that Bill Cox (Sr. Director of Communications at Microsoft for the Windows Phone Division) and Joe Belfiore have re-Tweeted the @WhatsApp tweet. So there you go.

Update 2: And look at that. In the media section of WhatsApp's website, they have a new "teaser" image up. What's new there of course is the Windows Phone logo. So lets just consider this open/shut. WhatsApp is nearly here. (Thanks, Plaffo.com, for the tip!)

Thanks, michelloyen and Rob, for the heads up


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WhatsApp teasing for Mango release [Updated x2]


Everyone I know uses Windows Live Messenger, Facebook Chat, Google Talk or WhatsApp. This is the last chat app I need to be able to stay in touch with ALL my friends.Hope this IS a hint at what is coming....

Bill Cox has retweeted the WhatsApp tweet, so the tweet is definitely about Windows Phone 7 :) And I suppose, because of the mango hint, WhatsApp will be released before or at the same time Mango get's pushed out :D Yeee, finally... all reasons to not buy a Windows Phone 7 have vanished in thin air!

Thank God! All I need now are medical apps like Epocrates, Medscape and such and then I'll be truly set for life with my WP7 :)

Last time I asked them by email (three weeks ago), they fired me back an auto-generated email saying that they won't comment on any availability on the Windows Phone platform. Not nice at all.