WhatsApp for Windows Phone coming in the next 24hrs?

We saw earlier in this week (video review) the private beta version of WhatsApp, the super popular IM program that's on all other platforms. While minimalist and sparse, the app seems solid, fast and should a great addition for Mango users.

Seeing as it was v1.01 and in private beta, we could surmise that its release is imminent and indeed, that seems to be the case. In an email to the developers, it was asked if they were still accepting people into the private beta. The response speaks for itself:

"Thank you for your message and your interest. We should release a public version on the marketplace within the next 24 hours, so I do not think it makes sense to send a link to the closed group of beta."

Sounds like a done deal to us. So to our eagle-eyed readers, keep a look out for this a-bomb of an app to land in the Marketplace. We'll leave a little wiggle room and give them the weekend though, as sometimes the release process is a little slow.

Via: Plaffo.com

See our hands on experience after the break to get an idea of how it works...


Reader comments

WhatsApp for Windows Phone coming in the next 24hrs?


Microsoft should really add this in somewhere in marketing, I bet a few people walked by because there was no Whatsapp, but now they can come back! :D

My friends keep telling me that Whatsapp is better because it can send video and sound clips. Will the WP7 version have this ability?

Not yet. I think you can just send pictures to start with. I'm sure they'll have the updates soon though, once they get the hang of the system!

Kik needs to step up here. I've already migrated all my friends and family to kik and want to stick with it but the app is in dire need of the mango update.

I am trying to use Whatsapp, but can not set it up.  I have a Sansung Focus running Mango.  I do not have SMS because I don't want to spend the extra money. 
When I try to setup Whatsapp it appears to me it must need SMS or something to do the initial setup.  I can not find any instructions on setup.
Anyone have a suggestion?