Wheel of Fortune official game comes to Windows Phone. Can you guess the price? $4._ _

It’s always nice to see when official apps or even games arrive for Windows Phone and such is the case for Sony’s full Wheel of Fortune game. The game just landed on the Store today and we take it for a…spin. (Yes, bad puns are free folks, stay for the drinks).

The game is actually well done—snazzy graphics, smooth gameplay, some wicked guitar riffs but it’s the price that has us reeling: $4.99. Yup and mind you, this is not an Xbox for Windows Phone game, so no achievements. But hey, we took the bullet for you guys so you can watch our video review above.

Wheel of Fortune

Is it worth that money? Probably not, unless you’re a die-hard fan of the show and just can’t wait to try it on your phone. If that’s the case, as we said above it’s quite well done.

For the rest of you though, you would be much better served by grabbing ‘Wheel of Wealth’, which has excellent online gameplay and is completely free.

You can pick up Wheel of Fortune here if you’re so inclined from the Store. Oh and did we mention there is no trial?

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Reader comments

Wheel of Fortune official game comes to Windows Phone. Can you guess the price? $4._ _


Instant buy if it's xbl enabled. Too bad. Puzzle are made by a foreigner though. They spelled fruit loops "froot loops". Its not a bad game on android though.

Yes it is however it was a before and after where fruit should have been spelled correctly for the first part. This only one example of the poor puzzles

No achievements and $4.99 ? No question, I will be passing on this one...even if I liked the show, that I dont.

Count me in for Wheel of Wealth been down with it since it was a beta. Love online play and the developers really work hard at keeping it updated

It might work on wp8, but that doesn't mean it was developed for it. PS2 games work on PS3 but why buy a ps2 game when u can buy a game that was made for ps3?

Its a port of a crappy game made for an old version of android and ios. If they would wait to release it for wp8, it'd be the same game unless they make a new one.

Your logic is flawed because WP8 hasn't been released yet.
Also, consider this: one of the top rated sports games for the PS3, MLB The Show, had a PS2 version as recently as last year. I don't believe they made a PS2 version for this year's game, but the point still stands that previous generation hardware does not automatically become obsolete once new hardware is released.

I don't do playstation, but if a game is available for ps2 and not ps3, and if I want to have I will get it, I'm don't associate, automatically that a game, movie, book, tv show or whatever if it's newer it's better.

It would be stupid to stop releasing WP7 games. The install base already exists and there are a lot of us who won't be able to afford an upgrade anytime soon.

Im with HOONIGANDAD Ill wait for it to go down to 1.99 or add XboxLive this is a big game to be released and its now a JOKE

Why does everyone think $4.99 is sooo expensive when a many of you are willing to spend $6 everyday at starbucks for a grande frapo thingy?  It probably cost thousands of dollars to make that app and with the low number of WP users it's unlikely they'll even recoup their cost.

A frappo is serious shit, it takes a rocket scientist to make.
Now seriously, the app prices debate became a hobby in itself, like when you go to the flea market, you bargain and moan, just because. I think, that's the reason, not sure...

MS usually explains away the high cost of their marketplace by saying it takes more money to make games Live enabled, to put achievements on them, etc. This game has none of that. It's just expensive for no reason.
We can all love Windows Phone but no one should be so fanboy enough to defend the extremely expensive marketplace we have. We should all fight for lower costs. Some of the prices are truly ridiculous and as a consumer you should fight for lower costs, not higher!
I love Windows Phone but I can freely admit we are being gouged left and right.

If they would have been thorough when designing this game people would pay for it. Online game cross-platform game play would make the game worth the $4.99 asking price, but without it, it's not work it. Even friends I know with iphones are refusing to pay $4.99 for it, they also complain about how it works. As others have mentioned, Wheel of Wealth is good. I wife who has an iphone loves to play it on my Lumia....note after apple subpar iphone 5 offering, she's considering switching to wp now. 

Maybe because you can play these games for free on the internet and they just aren't worth that much money. Once they sell enough copies to recoup their development costs they are then making pure profit without a whole lot more time having to be put into it if they did it right the first time around. I think they would make more money if they sold it at $.99-1.99 along with having a trial. $4.99 for something like this is just bad business sense.
And a frappucino is something physical, which costs $3-4, not $6.

Because I dont spend $6 everyday at starbucks for a grande frapo. I think $6 for a beverage besidse a "drink" is crazy. A $2.50 coffee is where I am at but, I would not spend more than $3 for an app unless it's totaly unbelieveable or a GPS based app.

It's not expensive for no reason.  It looks like a well done app, even Rubino says that.  I'm guessing it cost $50,000 to make that app. You gotta sell a hell of a lot of copies even at $4.99 to make that up considering MS takes 30%.  Granted, a better strategy would be to come in lower and sell aditional puzzels @ 99c each but I don't think in app purchases are even possible on WP7.

I think I'm with the majority here. I don't mind spending the 5 bucks on a time waster game if its good. And this looks pretty dang too and I happen to be a fan of the game. Having said that, I would much rather them change 5.99 for this one and include the network peice.  Dropping the ball like this was just sloppy and no, I won't be picking this one up. I'll still with my all time fav time waster, This Or That.  Its not multiplayer but it is the best money for a time waster I'm spent yet.

Big fan of Wheel of Wealth here.  It's great fun and very addictive (well, if you're good at it). 
I'd recommend it over this for reasons already mentioned by others.  It's just a far better value.