When are you getting Windows 8.1? Possibly around mid-October

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is right around the corner. The update to Windows 8 has always been scheduled for “later this year”, now thanks to Mary Jo Foley we have a better idea of when you’ll be able to grab the Windows 8.1 bits for yourself. Mid-October.

A little over 12 hours ago we showed you guys the latest build of Windows 8.1 to leak online. In this latest build we see some new features and apps get updated. There’s a new Help & Tips app to help consumers find their way around Windows. Other changes include improvements to the Mail and People apps.

Over at ZDNET, Mary Jo Foley shared with us that Windows 8.1 will RTM by August. Here we are in the middle of August, so what’s the status on Windows? In a new blog post she shares the latest from her sources inside Microsoft. Here’s what’s happening.

As of right now, Windows 8.1 is still on track to go to OEMs at the end of August, but what about consumers like you getting it? Everyone who isn’t an OEM will need to wait for general availability, which Mary Jo learned should be around mid-October. During mid-October Windows 8.1 will be available to download and launch with new hardware running it. Typically in the past subscribers to MSDN and TechNet could download it shortly after it went out to OEMs, this time that won’t be the case and even those folks will need to wait for mid-October.

So there you have it. We can get Windows 8.1 around mid-October. How many of you are planning on getting a new machine (or building) to go with the latest version of Windows? Count me in both camps. Although we’re really hoping to have a new Surface in the 7 to 8 inch range to play with around then.

Source: ZDNET, Via: The Verge


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When are you getting Windows 8.1? Possibly around mid-October


Early 2014 for Windows Phone 8.1. Although going off their current releases it could be early "late" 2014 lol

Sad that nearly nothing of wp8.1 has been leaked (exept of the 920 that has an early notification center build) late 2014 but then they habe to deliver something big

More like impressive given how things seem to leak these days. But yeah it'd be good to have more idea or what and when. Cos we've all made "educated" guesses and really if EVERYTHING that people have been hoping for isn't part of WP8.1 then we're going to be disappointed. ie. we're going to be disppointed, cos it's just not possible to include everything.

When ATT and Verizon customers get GDR2 and Amber on time, we can speculate about wp8.1. But before that, let's speculate the timely arrival of GDR3. Not just arrival, but actual update. But then older devices won't even get GDR3 until after new ones show up. Just like right now. Its all a cat and mouse game for us WP users.

Actually it doesn't really matter GDR 3(maybe). With GDR 2 we've get only data sense. Why everything happens so slowly with windows phone?

Only DataSense? What about fm radio? or Glance? or Pro Cam in Lumias? and not less important, no more other storage bug.

I've had Ativ S. With GDR2 I received only Data sense( and it shows up after reset! ), no FM, no lenses, nothing else... Maybe it's not only because of Microsoft(I mean and Sam), but that's the reality . And In the end-data sense is something very good!

That's right. Hard reset. First back up your staff on SkyDrive, and you won't lose a lot of things'.

Hate to the bearer of bad news but the "other" is,still there.
After a clean install of Amber and GDR2 I have 8 GB of "other"....

Me, many others, and even Microsoft went over this: Other Storage is by design, and most (if not all) OSes have an other storage or equivalent there of. GDR2 fixes the Clearing Mechanism that was broken Pre-GDR2, which failed to remove a portion of other storage upon maxing out the memory. Furthermore, you will have more or less Other depending on what software (apps) you install & the max memory of your internal storage.

same waiting queue here in Barcelona Spain, with factory umbranded nokia lumia 920 purchased in UK
why da fuck is nokia sooooo slooooow to release something that is already done ??!?!???!??
RM-821_eu_euro1_276 firmware 1232.5957.1308.0004
did hard reset yesterday for low battery life (average 9hours )... to see what hapens now

It would be great if there was a public face at Nokia (like Joe Belfiore at Microsoft) who we could ping/tweet for updates on things like this. For all the love most people have here for Nokia and scorn for MS being slow, that's one of the areas where MS are doing better than Nokia. Apart from Stephen Elop, Nokia don't have much of a public face.
Still, hoping from the rumours to get GDR2 on my 920 by the end of the week.


End of this week. Lolzzz! I'm starting to lose hope already. If its that close, usually someone would have leaked something. They've leaked everything else already except GDR 2 and Amber. Its been 2-3 weeks since the 1020 been released and nothing, no word for older devices. Lame!

But there have been leaks and rumours for the GDR release, it's already on Nokia's servers, just requires someone to flip a switch. Some carriers have even stated the 14th (I think that was in Australia). So I'm hoping it'll come to unlocked handsets this week as well, thinking Nokia are waiting for some carriers to release it so they can at the same time. I know that's hopeful, but still go to live in hope!

You mean the same time frame they released Windows 8 in? *gasp* The tech press works themselves into a tizzy about the most obvious things.

Hmm definitely a little later than I actually expected. They released to OEM's so fast that I thought we would have the update ready by late September.

This could be Microsoft giving OEMs a lot of time with the update just to be 100% sure no hardware/software conflicts appear down the road perhaps...

They will announce the surface 2 and surface mini in September and launch it in mid October. That same day that the surface's launch we will get our 8.1 update for PC.

Yeah but it would be great if Microsoft handles the same release-method as Apple. I've waited like forever when the Surface RT came out. Time between announcement and release was wayyy too long.

I'm waiting for it. I've just bought Ativ book and I will update as soon as 8.1 is available in the store. I'm really interested in a productive tablets!

Unfortunately, you lower the video quality to 480p (at best) and it doesn't work for embedded Flash videos on web sites.
The only fix (for now) is to disable GPU rendering in Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab.

Paul Thurrott said that this won't happen for the general public. I don't think there'll be an exception for the Surface.

I have to say, updates are far cleaner and more often with Apple. I can't stand Apple really, but I do like how they deliver their OS and hardware. On time and generally with polish.

It would be nice if MS would just pick up the ball.

Yeah. But apple has to deal with at the maximum 4 devices (ishit 3gs, ishit 4, ishit 4s, ishit 5). Microsoft has to deal with making Wp compatible with all the devices out there. That is what gdr2/gdr3 are about. Making the OS compatible with anything the manufacters can come up with. I bet after 8.1 updates will roll out a lot faster.

Sorry, but no. There are a handful of actual SoC/memory/display configurations for Windows Phone. 1-2 Qualcomm Processors. 512/1GB/2GB RAM. 720P or WVGA resolution. I guess if you want to throw RT in the mix, they also have to hit tha Tegra 3/1366X768/2GB OF RAM config too,
Pretty much what Apple has to deal with, except they have multiple tablets that they have to get right as well. They seem to keep the updates coming fast and furious. Comparatively, Microsoft is moving at a snail's pace.

Apple updates fast and furious?  They are 2-3 years behind Android at this point.  iOS is by far the most outdated mobile OS on the market. And they only do updates once a year, if that, same as Microsoft.

What does parity with Android have to do with anything? Android is equally behind in persistent rendering smoothness, real time audio/video processing (hence why there are a kazillion guitar effect apps on iOS and none on Android), and several other areas. 

Also, Apple most certainly updates iOS more than once a year. They always do a number of updates after a major new OS iteration to get rid of bugs w/ battery life, camera, etc (e.g. iOS 6.1, 6.1.1, 6.1.2, 6.1.4, etc.). For Windows Phone, we have to wait for several months for those to get ironed out at the Microsoft/OS-level and then we have wait even longer for carriers to implement it. Fortunately for some (myself included), Nokia puts out updates far more frequently, but they're also restricted by carriers.

I seriously doubt there's even ONE Windows Phone user who wouldn't prefer to have direct updates from Microsoft with EIGHT official (and counting) updates before they move on to the next numerical iteration (iOS 7) instead of grumbling and waiting for the first Microsoft Windows Phone update to WP8 since 7 months ago (Portico). 

This story is about Windows/RT 8.1, not WP8.1.  RT has had dozens of updates since I bought my Surface in January. As in weekly.  So many it's actually quite annoying.  iOS is way behind in features compared to Android.  It is relevant because it's easy to "fast and furiously" come out with features that are 3 years old on other platforms.  One of the reasons I bought my RT was because of the terrible support on my HTC Android phone, which got the ICS update just after JB came out and which turned it into a buggy POS that has gotten no further support.  

LOL Oh look. Microsoft was unable to fulfill a schedule. WHAT a surprise.

So, here it goes: WP8.1 will be available SUMMER-2014. 'cause there's no way they'll do things on time once again.

Anyway, I'm not buying a new PC nor tablet. I'll keep my Surface with Windows 8 (since they couldn't even provide the effing preview worldwide) and my PC with W7. Wake me up when they release Windows 9. Which should be shortly after this 8.1 travesty.

The lady said it would be released to consumers with W8 the moment it RTM'ed. WPCentral ran an article on that.

So uninformed idiots blather on about things when they have no more information than you and that is Microsoft's fault?  Microsoft has given a general schedule before and is still on target.  Listening to the garbage spewed by people who know nothing but love to hear themselves speak is done at your own risk.

You mean like that idiotic rant you just did? Yeah, you're definitely one not to speak.

Try being a bit nicer and provide the info instead of being a loud mouthed ass

Btw, they've been early almost every time since last year, of course they always shoot for the absolute latest time to announce it so it seems early by comparison. Like I need to pad an hour on every time I say I'm gonna meet someone...who's with me on that one? lol =P

Early? They've messed up pretty much all the releases lately. Portico came later, 7.8 was a complete disaster, GDR2 is late, now this is late...

LOL I'm not with you on that one since I am very strict with punctuallity but I know many people who are with youon that "oh sh*t, I have to hurry!". Including my girlfriend.

I don't know bout you, but GDR2 was on time, if you have a Nokia you just have to simply wait untill they release it with their Amber Update. I don't know what the rush is, if you're current phone is still working great on GDR1, why the negative comments on things that are not true. I my myself have a Nokia Lumia 920, works perfect, not missng any update and not in a hurry to get one, I can wait a little longer. 7.8 came ontime when I have my Lumia 800, didn't need to wait much, maybe like 2 weeks. Windows 8 is basicly on time, cause like they said, they will have yearly updates. When did Windows 8 came out? Oh yeah, I remember: October 26th, 2012. So yeah than October 2013 we will have a yearly update, what a shocker!. So it will be on time than.

GDR2 must be late, because it was supposed to include CalDAV and CardDAV support so people could still access their Google stuff after the ActiveSync support was turned off at the end of July.  Welp, here we are in August and they had to get Google to extend the cutoff date which I think is kind of embarrassing for Microsoft, so I figure they must have intended for GDR2 to be out before they had to do something like that.

Yeah, I know, so they left the carriers what - a week? - to deploy it before the deadline?  That can't have been the plan.  That's why I say it must have been delayed.

Summer 2014? Sweeeet!! so I'll have it in January and you northern-hemisphere chumps have to wait until mid-year :P

You seem to post nothing but sour grapes about Microsoft... are you sure you're at the right site? Perhaps Android Central is more up your alley?

This completely contradicts this other article: http://www.wpcentral.com/microsoft-windows-81-rtm-august "Mary Jo Foley reports that her sources indicate that this time around when Windows 8.1 heads off to OEMs around the globe it will also be available to you and me to download and install. Either right when it RTMs or shortly after. So it looks like your new high-end gaming PC won’t need to wait till the end of October to install Windows 8.1." How is 2.5 Months "shortly after"?!?! Not to mention, the comment made at the end of the article says one WONT wait till october, and the fact that the source is the same person between both articles makes this very confusing.

so did i. i even searched the windows blog for 30 minutes trying to see if it was there, only to find the article here on WPCentral. i thought for a bit i had hallucinated an entire article.

•A: My tablet came with 8, i have not the key (system info only shows the last 5 digits)
•B: My laptop i lost the key for (again, info shows only last 5 digits)
•C: *I would need an OEM key to install it (theres a difference between upgrade, retail, and oem keys)
•D: It would wipe my stuff. I require an upgrade, which is via the store. (since the store version installs similar to a service pack, thus migrating your system key)

They used to be the best at coverage. Now they are simply unreliable and even technologically dishonest.

i have never seen them hold back very long after rtm, at least not for technet/msdn. i'm calling bullshit on this article.

I'm willing to bet it'll be around the exact same time-frame as the release last year...since it is like the remix of Windows 8 =/

Now, Windows Phone 8.1? I wouldn't expect it until Summer 2014.    By the time carriers get around to pushing it out, if they choose to, then who knows when?
Knowing AT&T and Verizon they'll likely want you upgrading to a new device to see WP 8.1 in 2014.  

I highly doubt that we'll see wp9 anytime in the next year. Considering the way things have been till now, wp7 came in 2010, wp7.5 in 2011, wp8 in 2012, 2013 wont be see a major feature upgrade, 2014 will have wp 8.1. I highly doubt MS will release 2 major feature updates in a single year.

The 2 guys working on windows phone just simply cant manage that much in an year. :P

It's been repeatedly stated that Windows Phone 8 is 100% expandable, up to 64 cores, according to what they said early on. The current Windows Phone hardware won't be made obsolete by an OS update, unless they were to actually rebuild the OS again--which woudl basically doom them in the smartphone market. The first rewrite occurred to help the progression of a true ecosystem among Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox.
8.x will be made obsolete, but they also said that Windows Phone 8 would get a minimum of 36 months of support. Seeing as contracts are only 2 years in the U.S. (3 in some other nations), EVERYONE with a Windows Phone 8 device should have an upgrade ready shortly after the next major (WP9) update. Even then, it's pretty likely most hardware, if not all, should run that iteration just fine.

I just built a new Haswell PC and waiting for 8.1. I'm a MSDN subscriber hoping be able to get hands on it earlier.

Im happy to wait. Having lost wifi connectivity on all but 1 machine, im hoping that final release version of 8.1 fixes this issue.

So basically you are "reporting" precisely what Microsoft has said from the start about the schedule.  What an amazing new story.  Are you going to report tomorrow that you have learned Microsoft is releasing a new version of Xbix this year?  Oh, BTW, your source (reputable though she may claim herself to be) knows little more than anyone else and knows absolutely nothing about Technet and MSDN availability.   

Annual releases? And they support each release for 10 years? That sounds like a support nightmare. Bring back the service packs.

i read it somewhere, but apparently wherever i read it (i seem to of forgotten), they were wrong.

However, btw, it says that microsoft made 8.1 deployable similar to a service pack, thus they applied the 24 months support rule. 8.1 is more than a service pack (since it contains more than system optimizations and enhancements; coming with major UI updates/changes and new WinRT features to be implemented in apps).

Also, Microsoft's moved to a yearly update schedule, if im correct, releasing windows versions yearly in a similar style to Apple's OSx (8.1, 8.2, 8.3, etc...; Each one featuring new major UI enhancements and features along side background tweaks and fixes), so essentially what i stated is the same (with exception to the time being 24 months), that each version of Windows will only have 24 Months support. Technically Windows 8 and its versions will have 10 years support, but 8.0 will not.

Lastly, count with me. 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4, 8.5, 8.6, 8.7, 8.8, 8.9. I count 10 versions, and if you divide them up to a year per version, thats 10 years, or Microsoft's support lifecycle.

Just bought a desktop when Haswell launched with HP new line of desktops, so looking forward to some Blue (didn't download the Consumer Preview, which, after hearing about the "upgrade" path, I'm happy I didn't fiddle with it).

I wish I could go into a 5 year coma, just to wake up and find lots of updates ready to download. There is certainly a unique connection between humans and updates, once the update is downloaded and installed, uhh, feels good, or because maybe everything we want updated sucks.

Well that sucks.  Typically we can install the released VS2013 and RTM 8.1 and test apps on them for issues before general release.
So now we have to either wait or install a bunch of beta software on PCs to test or implement new platform features.
Thank you Microsoft for reducing the value of MSDN membership and increasing our workload overhead.

i wouldnt trust the accuracy of this article, since just a few months ago, Mary Jo Foley & her sources stated that 8.1 would arrive to 8.0 users in the Windows Store almost right after RTM-ing. This article completely contradicts such info, and her sources are saying the opposite....

Purchased Windows 8 piece of junk reminds me too much of Vista another Microsoft failure. Staying with Windows 7 until something better comes along. Force metro on people who use desktops, you will FAIL!

blablabla... next ignorant person please? k thx
hope you hide in your cave where no technology has to evolve, and your ignorance doesnt show to the world over internet.

you dont even use Windows 8. so really.... you are the one you are not Smart enough to use a computer with Windows 8 apparently. there are millions of people using Windows 8, and guess what? only a few of them use a 3rd party start menu
start menu.. really, is that hard to use a fullscreeen start menu, that does the same thing that old crappy start menu, but shows more apps to launch and if you want you can use their apps with live tiles and such?
again you don't even use windows 8, go hide in your cave and come back when you actually know how to use a computer and can tell who is the one failing here :)

Problem with you and others is Microsoft has gone so far up your butt, you dream of a Metro Start screen while sleeping. We don't beat to the drum of Microsoft. Using Windows 8 in the corporate environment is horrible, just look at the sales so far, not good. Massive training is required for the end user. We want to focus on our business, not on constant training. Windows 7 handles all our hardware needs much better than any previous version's of Windows. Why would we benefit with by throwing away working displays in favor of touch screens? Based on what we've seen so far and tested, Microsoft has made it undesirable to partake of this product.

With 8.1 (what this story is about) you don't need to use Metro at all if you don't want to. And didn't 8 sell in the same numbers 7 did? Touch screens are not (and were not) required. I can understand not moving from 7 immediately, there's no business sense in upgrading just for the sake of upgrading. My company, like many, skipped Vista completely. But this is just ranting.

(due to internet problems this is the fourth time today i am writing this reply...)

"Using Windows 8 in the corporate environment is horrible, just look at the sales..."
First off, Windows 8 supposedly is on par with sales (whether thats due to larger OEM purchasing amount or the $40 price tag it had when it first came out, who knows). And judging usability based on sales is like saying "Look at that painting. Its not making a dime, so it must be awful." (When in fact, some masterpieces in museums, in their time, were worth nothing.)

"Massive training is required for the end user"
Been drinking the "Anti 8 Koolaid" have we? ;) /jk
On a more serious note, i have no idea why people are in such a tizzy over a redesigned start menu. Seriously, most functionality of the start menu remains the same in its successor, the start screen, even if it does look different. At most it would take an hour by an experienced 8 user to teach the use of the new screen to a new user to 8, and thats factoring in a higher than normal density* of the user. Now, if one wants to use 8 to its fullest potential, that will take more time, but for using Start, thats not too long.

I will give you one thing: Microsoft made learning harder. They did commit the crime of failing to incorporate a help option or tutorial with 8, something that is, however, remedied at least partially, if not completely in 8.1 with the "help+tips" app. They essentially did the equivalent of if someone got facial recomstruction the day after they were married without telling their spouse, and the spouse woke up to what appeared to be some random person. (The Faceliftee being Windows, the Spouse being the end user, in this analogic story.) Combined with poor marketing and many not having an early 8 adopter within a 50 mile radius, this made the changes, however simple at heart as far as functionality was concerned, quite hard to become used to.

"Why would we benefit with by throwing away working displays in favor of touch screens?"
Already drinking more koolaid, are we? /jk
This is another Windows misconception. I have used windows 8 on 3 laptops and a desktop (4 PCs in total) before i ever used it on a touch device (my month old Samsung Ativ Smart). Microsoft, feeling Windows 8 with its previous mouse comtrols, would become painful to use, incorporated a new set of mouse gestures and contols that substitute touch controls, and are quite innovative and easy to learn in my experience. It would take no more than probably 30 minutes max to learn gestures with someone, 1 hour for those who are a bit technologically challenged. Your displays would work just fine, and touch is only truly necessary for XBOX for Windows games that require multitouch (but if these are corporate PCs, why would you be playing XBOX4W games anyways?)

"Microsoft has made it undesirable to partake of this product."
Microsoft made a new version of windows that was:
• Lighter
• Faster
• More Efficient (once you warm up to Start, and efficiency hardware side)
• More Personalizable
• Compatible with older hardware
• & Most of all, comes with free upgrades to the next version of windows (for the time being)
and its "undesirable to partake" in? Wow...

In all, i think 8.1, with its start button (which i personally hate) which gives a more prominent notice to the start button (technically people used poor wording when asking for the button back, not the menu), and its added Help+Tips app, will cover a number of concerns businesses have.

(*Density as in the saying "are you dense?")

Bullshit. Samsung's Ativ Book 9 Plus arrives in Spain on September 11th and it will have 8.1 on it to power that 3200x1800 screen. No sane person expects the rest of the world to have to wait another month to get 8.1 if an OEM can have it ready less than a month after RTM. My guess is that once it RTMs, it'll be released to all W8/RT users

Hi friends. I have bought nokia lumia 520 last month and am from india/ . do i need to get any hardware to get 8.1? how much does it cost or it free? wil it supported by ma mobile? how to get it?

Running Windows 8.1 customer preview  on 6 year old Gateway laptop with 2 GB RAM and am very happy with it. Some nice new features which have been detailed elsewhere and no  bugs to speak of. Will gladly upgrade my main desktop machine as soon as it is available to customers.

I've been waiting to buy a good Windows based tablet/laptop hybrid for over 10 years. Windows 8.1 I think finally provides a feasible OS, just waiting for someone to release hardware to match. The Surface Pro and a couple of Asus machines were close, so I'm hopeful that I'll finally buy something soon.

I am sorry but I don't get this whole RTM thing anymore.  With Microsoft Digitally delivering the OS and with 8.1 being pushed through the store what is the delay for customers?  If its for testing you already tested it that is what all the previews were for.  There is no benefit to the manufacturers to get it before the general consumers who already have Windows 8 because they are not going to suddenly go out and get Window 8.1 machines.  It makes no sense.

Mary Jo Foley's sources are just as much right as they are wrong. Her same sources just a few months ago stated that almost shortly right after, if not immediately when 8.1 RTMs, 8.1 would also arrive to 8.1 users in the Windows Store. WPCentral even ran an article on it. Now these exact same sources are saying the extreme opposite, where not even MSDN and Students can get 8.1 till October. So take all Mary and her sources say with a grain of salt.

Waaaa I need notification center for w8 and wp8. I also wonder, even when notification center is released, how long will it take app developers to support it in their apps...

I have been using Windows 8.1 preview for a few months now on my laptop. It works well as did 8, but I had a little issue with Bluetooth, but that seems to be fixed. I am not such a wallpaper guy and I really didn't miss the start button, so to me it works just as good as 8, with a few added features.

I've been running the 8.1 preview on my Surface RT since it was released.  It still has a lot of issues, paticularly with IE11 and Photos which are essentially unusable as well as general instability.  Really inexcusable screw ups in a tablet ecosystem that doesn't give you alternatives.
Considering they haven't fixed any of the major bugs over the past 6 weeks, I'm not confident 8.1 will release in another 8.
One thing I learned for certain is that I will never again install a Windows preview.  I expected some bugs, but 8.1 was clearly not even ready for beta. 

I'm using it and love it.  Its not ready for prime time yet though.  IE11 is still very clunky- it is incompatible with over 50% of the websites I visit.  8.1 messed up wifi on the surface pro and I have not been able to roll back drivers so it loses connectivity randomly.  The integrated bing search is great but does not play well with my NAS where a lot of the files are stored.  Citrix doesn't work anymore.  One of two computers I use it with has a scrolling but that has plagued a lot of logitech users, both on my mouse and touchpad. 
Obviously a beta, so these problems are to be expected.  The MS team has their work cut out for them. 

I'll upgrade to Windows 8.1 on my 7 year old laptop that is currently running Windows 8 (just hope it doesn't run into any hardware snags) It's running better with W8 than it ever has. I think it's the best OS Microsoft has put out, can't wait to see it get even better.