Where did the Tilt2 go?

The AT&T Tilt2 has vanished from AT&T's inventory. At least online that is.

Checking both the main AT&T Wireless website and the Premiere Customer site (business accounts) the Tilt2 is no where in sight. We've seen the Tilt2 marked as "out of stock" and offered as refurbished but never completely taken off the inventory listing.

The only three remaining Windows Phones listed with AT&T are the Samsung Jack (currently out of stock), the Samsung Propel and HP Glisten.

Granted this could be a regional issue or just a simple oversight.  But could this be a sign that AT&T is making room for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 units? If so, doesn't it feel early to be clearing out room for a phone that isn't supposed to hit market until November?  If we get any updates, we'll pass them along.



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Where did the Tilt2 go?


I would think its a bit early for a clearout to have occured the tilt2 is the "flagship" of WM devices for the time being and WM7 is a couple of months off. However Amazon has ben running them at 1 cent or similar next to nothing prices for some time and certainly want to move them out b4 7 phones come into inventory. But it seems a little too close to the rom update for them to clear out after all if they were going to clear them out why spend the time and $ on the rom update and then clear them out. Thats counterintuitive at best!

It is a little old, though... it was first announced all the way back in February 2009, remember.

Why offer a phone with broken core functionality? I'm talking mostly about the HTC Peep application and its failure since OAuth became mandatory.

Robin, Peep was fixed by Twitter last week on the EVO. Does it still not work on WinMo?

I returned my 1 penny Tilt 2 cause I thought I paid too much for it, although at the moment am going back to school. So even though I do not have the money I have had in the past for mobile devices, I would rather have no phone than this one. This thought after being a long time fan of Windows Mobile, and I doubt that I will be standing in line for Windows Phone seeing that it will be about 3 years behind when it is released, I just do not see myself going backwards with current technology.

It sounds to me like "EVO fan" is ignorant as to the capability of the Tilt 2 (mine is awesome) and also has not been studying the technology coming w/ Win Phone 7...but to each his own and time will tell....but saying windows Phone 7 as an operating system is out-dated technology says how little they really know.

Didnt you know if it isnt an android phone it cant be good? I'm sure if it was up to these rabid fanboys no other OS would be released and everything available today would have android installed on it.

Isn't it strange how iphone fans were considered the ultimate fanboys but android fans take the cake, they are so vehemently against other platforms you wonder if they are injected with something when they buy their phones....

I was wondering the same thing when I was at the AT&T store yesterday. I need to switch to them because TMO doesn't work in my office and I was thinking about getting the Tilt 2 as I have the HD2 and TP2 with TMO. All they had in stock was the Jack and they didn't have any Tilts in stock.
I figured I would find it online through Wirefly or Letstalk but they didn't have them either.
All I can think is they will have WM7 soon which is good but now I don't want to buy a phone that is at the end of life.

Ok, lets see the things missing from Windows Phone;
No copy/paste
No multitasking
No native social networking on the Tilt 2, I mean no Twitter at all and Facebook that just doesn't work
By the way, still isn't listed for Windows Phone either
Do you folks bother reading any technology news at all.
Here is the list gathered by PocketNow in a article called "What's Still Missing from Windows Phone 7";

- No Twitter integration
- No copy and paste
- No third-party multitasking
- No Flash, Silverlight, or HTML5 support in the browser
- No dedicated YouTube application
- No robust document editing capabilities in Office - my old Palm's from years ago could do this
- No way to stop Facebook contacts from mixing with global contacts
- No global email inbox
- No threaded email
- No organization of the full program list (it's alphabetical)
- No way of knowing if a long press is available
- No universal search

Oh my goodness, I just can't wait to line up for this. I just hope that Microsoft can bring me back as I am a long time fan of their mobile platform. But this is not progress compared to what is out right now, nowhere close. So I ask again, why should I want a Window's Phone at this point?
By the way, right now I have chosen to use a Blackberry Bold 9000 and I have a lot the latest phones, go figure.

Oh,a side note, I use a HP Ipaq 211 with most of the latest greatest apps, and I mean most along side my Bold. Between the two I am very happy, but if Windows Phone was even close to what is out right now I would probably make the plunge; but not like this, not me.

The Touch Pro2 only lasted like a month on Verizon, so.
I am enjoying mine, at any rate.