White Lumia 800 available for pre-order in Portugal for €549

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The white version of the Lumia 800 is available for pre-order on Fnac.pt, unlocked for €549, and will be released on February 23rd. Nokia's latest colour features a glossy finish and packs a punch when it comes to resisting scratches/dents with a polycarbonate unibody that has been dyed all the way through.

While the pricing for the mid-level handset is pretty steep, it's a unique choice for anyone still waiting to upgrade from their current device.

Source: Fnac.ptthanks, Joao, for the tip!


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White Lumia 800 available for pre-order in Portugal for €549


You can pre-order out of UK for a little over $100.00 cheaper. Still expensive as hell however.
I may have to pull the trigger on the one out of the UK. This is the only phone I want. Just no interest in the 900 models.

I would disagree that this is a mid level phone because of the OS that is lightyears ahead and the quality of a Nokia phone compared to Apple and Samsung. This is a high end phone. The 710 is mid level ...but you know that. No, we don't want Samsung or your HTC.

Such a high end Nokia phone as all Nokia are. Love this phone and Nokia so much better than the other brands.

Very nice. I think i will upgrade from omnia 7 to nokia lumia 900. but the price ist to high imho.
my threshhold for the pricetag is: lumia 800: 299€ lumia 900: 399€.
its a very very nice design, but the hardware is "only" middle class. (i know that windows phone is running smooth on it)