Verizon Lumia 1520

White Nokia Lumia 1520 variant for Verizon leaked

The leaks, they keep coming. It seems that ever since Microsoft announced their plans to buy Nokia’s devices and services division the world has only sped up. Since then, we’ve seen steady information flowing out for Windows Phone 8.1, the Xbox One, and the Nokia Lumia 1520.  All products coming out in the relative near future that we can’t wait to play with.

So why would today be any different? Yesterday we learned that the Lumia 1520 is most likely coming to AT&T in early November. A lot of non-AT&T customers are feeling left out with the high-end Lumia love. Don’t be too jealous if you’re on Verizon, you might be getting your own special variant of the Lumia 1520.

History might repeat itself. Just like the Lumia 920 on AT&T became the Lumia 928 on Verizon, so another device might come to Verizon that’s heavily inspired by the Lumia 1520. Up above is a leaked image that shows a Lumia device with Verizon branding. According to the image, you’re looking at a device with a 20MP sensor, ZEISS glass, and PureView branding. The leaker also states this is a "big, big" Windows Phone. 

Notice the camera and flash placement, it differs from the promotional renders we’ve seen so far of the Lumia 1520. Plus the glass for the sensor doesn’t appear to be slightly raised like on the leaked Lumia 1520 images.


We’ll try and dig up more information about this device.

Source: Weibo, Via: NewCellPhonesBlog

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White Nokia Lumia 1520 variant for Verizon leaked


This will really make a bunch of folks happy, including a coworker of mine. :)

It looks like it might taper off from top to bottom... Might explain lack of camera bulge.

Your about as spoiled on the lumia 920 as I am I see =D that was a sticking point for me as well. I love the NFC and Wireless charging in my 920. as much as I'd like to have the 41MP camera with xenon flash & a larger screen. the wireless charging & NFC get more action from me on a daily basis. I can live with the 20 MP camera & led flash so long as wireless charging & NFC are built in.

The lack of a camera bulge might be enough to make me switch to Verizon. Nokia's got some curvaceous hardwrare... and then they'll be that little camera bump... and it really drives me nuts. lol

It seems that Verizon likes to push for a smoother handset.   The Nokia 928 doesn't have the camera bump, yet it has the same imaging as the 925 that does have the camera bump.

Disregarding the camera bump, the 925 is a fait bit thinner than the 928. Plus the 925 has another lens element.

Like someone else said... It doesn't have the camera bulge because it is thicker than the 925 and doesn't have the extra lens.

Neither does the camera layout, shape, and lens to surface area ratio. This does not look like a phone w/ a 6" screen.

Don't worry, this isn't the 1520. Just compare it to the other leaked photos. They look nothing alike.

Oooh, this is good, so i'm guessing that the 1520 will get a AT&T release then Verizon get's their's a few months later?

agreed. If they do this for this holiday, by releasing the phones at te same time but different variants. it's progress. then after MS buys them I think it'll end all exclusives

Once again, it's not something Nokia needs to "learn". They would love to launch on all carriers simultaneously. It's something that they have to get popular enough to be able to do. Drives me nuts when people blame companies for things they are in no position to be able to make happen, and then imply it's somehow their own poor choice.

They should by now. It's almost 2 years since the first Nokia windows phone, and I hope the 1520 is the one where it releases on AT&T and Verizon.

Exactly. Samsung had go go up the hill too. Does no one on here remember the 20 million different variants Samsung had to make for every carrier. The first two galaxy s phones had 20 + sub variants that was unique to every carrier. What ended up happening was they got so popular, that they merged to one design. Its called leverage people.... . And Nokia doesn't really have much against carriers atm. That will change soon.

Correct poddie,
Not many companies have the marketing and manufacturing of Samsung to just release worldwide on many companies in a short time.

I agree, the pixels around it aren't very smooth, like the copied and enlarged the sensor/flash from the 928.

Dude I 100% agree! I am with AT&T and it still irritates me to death! I care more about getting great devices out to everyone, its the best way to grow the platform.

Couldn't agree more. I had to get the 822 instead of the phone I really wanted (920) because of exclusivity crap

I think att helps them with advertising and promoting the phone. I would definitely be angry if I wasn't on att.

But we paid so much to put them there in the first place. You can't give somebody cell towers and the take them back.

You paid for the towers from all that oil you stole from there, you're just giving back a little of what you stole from them. It would make sense if you steal it back again, cause that's what you do.

Not far from the truth, actually lol. Here, in the UAE practically all phones sold by vendors are unlocked and the only way you can get your hands on a locked device is if you buy a plan directly from the carrier. I for one, am finally thinking of going for the 925 after three years with the iPhone. Played around with it for a few mintes yesterday at the Nokia store and really liked the feel of it and WP felt surprisingly nippy, contrary to what the proponents of iOS/Android say. As an aside, my four-year old caught on to the system rather quickly at the store and found her way to Angry Birds in a flash. She is a little veteran of iOS :)

It definitely is a nice OS. Also there is a feature called "kids corner" where you can preapprove the apps they can access and then by swiping left on the lock screen they can access that. You don't have to be worried they will get to apps you don't want them to get to.
If you are already buying unlockeed device maybe you should look into the 1020. The camera on that thing is incredible and you'd still get all the features that are on the 925.

I have tmo & a 920. I wasn't going to wait for what tended out to be a lesser device. I'm much happier getting it unlocked & going prepaid over post paid. Just a suggestion

Also, like the 928 compared to the 925, (which the 1520 most closely resembles, in my opinion,) it looks like it will have wireless charging. So it will be slightly thicker than the 1520. (If real.)

Would be nice if it and the 1520 launch at the same time.

Well looks like exclusives work its got all of you wanting the ones you don't have or can't have so when it does come to another carrier you buy it up fast

Did he call that?
I think we need to hear some things that he has called correctly before I believe either one of them.

He doesn't own VZW or direct campaigns. But he knows enough to be informative and he's kind enough to share. I don't know if you were around when the 928 first came out, but he ran a thread for a few days helping anyone who asked find a store that had the 928 in stock and on what days. Great guy in my book.

I really hope this Verizon version of Lumia 1520 will be confirmed and T-Mobile having it's version too or an international one :-). We want Windows Phone to become available across all carriers around the world. This is actually the best way for growth.
Wait And See...

Let's hope so, but I wouldn't count on T-Mobile to get these things right.
Hey, T-Mo, can you read this? Get off your butt and make a move, will you!

Nice! Posted about a variant yesterday & lookie here. What else should I wish for. Maybe for YouTube to come back to WP8?

Please don't be some kinda Friday 13th prank.....cause I really want this to be true!!!!!!!!!!!! ( on knees praying to the windows gods)

I hope that Nokia brings back the glossy white finish. I love it. Just like an automotive finish, I prefer a beautiful glossy shine over dull matte. I really want a 1520 none the less.

  I really hope this means that these exclusive deals are coming to an end. Nokia would be doing so much better sales wise in the states, if all of their best phones weren't locked into one carrier for six months. I say release it to all carriers at the same time so it will have a fair chance to compete against the HTC Ones, iPhones and Galaxy phones and let the best device win.

Make sure its coming to Verizon because you don't want that baby on att ! You'll be last to get updates if ever ! Believe me I'm on att we know what phone I have

And mine is freaking durable.  I have dropped it countless times, including into the toilet and it still is running fine.  No damage to the case, I do however have a broken back camera lense but when it took its trip into the toilet, that didn't seem to make a difference.  The L822 is one rugged good looking phone!!!

It really is.
I had mine on the Qi charger at a friends house, his wall clock that is about 3' wide fell off the wall onto my phone. It cracked the charger's casing, put a dent in the metal frame of the clock, popped my screen protector half way off and all it did to my phone was rub some of the clocks paint onto it.
Not a scratch or dent in it, and the paint from the clock came off too.

True it does look rugged but from reports it has a very fragile screen, I like the look of 820-822 but have always bought flagships off Nokia that's why I got 9xx series then 1020 but I believe the hardware is identical to the 920 except the camera and SD support.

This is AWESOME!!!  
I still love it, I just want a quad-core, 2GB RAM phone so I can compete with all the specs-bros at work.
This is AWESOME!!!  8.1 devices can't get here soon enough.  Then we'll have our CHOICE of select devices, no matter which carrier!
Windows Phone is making its way!

I want a 1020 variant on Verizon.  But with color choices instead of Verizons usual boring black or white choice.

Unbelievable that people still think its Nokia calling the shots on which phone goes where, and not the carriers. And for all you Tmo users whining, this is what your CEO thinks of WP: So if you want the latest Windows Phone's, my advice is to switch to either att or verizon 'cos you'll be waiting a long time before Letwat stops sucking up to apple and google.

This will be my next phone no matter how it costs. By the time my contract will be up Windows Phone will be complete. There will be a notification center, a virtual personal assistent, a vast app library, and the ability to close apps. :)

Its good to see things speeding up but if MS+Nokia do their thing early 2014 will it be safer to see what MS comes up with. Just not sure how quick MS is going to release a new phone after that what do you guys think?

Well... Its a wait and see. I don't mind, as long as microkia keep making kick ass devices, and don't forget about the software experience that Nokia has been doing such a great job of maintaining.

Looks like the 1020 will stay a 1020 on all carriers, there are no variants. Rumor has it that it will become available mid of October on Verizon and T-mobile.

T-Mobile should be getting a "1525" by the time 3 more new high end phones come out... Like the 2020 and the 2520! :( its not like it almost took a year for us to get a 920 variant. :'(

I can't wait for the Sprint variant of the 1520 -or any lumia device for that matter- to leak in 2017...but until then, I guess I'll just sit here and wait for other year old hardware that other OEM's deem suitable for my WP needs.
...and yes 2017 is just wishful thinking on my part :'(

Glad to see more WPs coming to Verizon. How about some color?
Would it be stupid for me to switch to at&t for a yellow Lumia?

... no contact for wireless charging cover?
Then again it looks like the camera bump seems to be gone, so maybe it is the return of wireless charging being built in?

I hope this phone is being offered thru ATT as well! The Samsung Note is on both ATT and Verizon! I know some people think Samsung is the only good phone company, other then Apple! But, not very long ago Nokia had more then 50 % of the market! That changed when Apple came out with there phone! 
At the time they did not have the money to change their system and most of the world did not have the ability to use Apple phones! So, they did not invest in it! 
But, now they have unlimited funds at their disposal and can and will take a chunk out of the phone market from both Apple and Google! By the time Samsung gets in to the Windows Phone Operating system. Nokia will be FAR ahead! 
Samsung should have played ball along time ago and offered there best phones with any operating system the customer wanted! I for one have a Samsung Focus for the last 3 years! I have been waiting for a 4.8 to 6 inch phone to come out and now it looks like Nokia is going to do it with a 6 inch screen! I have had Nokia phone in the past and they were great and the service was great! I am not afraid of Nokia. As far as I am concerned. Nokia is just as good, maybe better then Samsung in the Phone business! 

Looks like Verizon's version has qi wireless charging in-built judging by the lack of connection contacts and the thicker size thus no need for camera hump ala 920...... Food for thought

This is what's pissing me off about Nokia.  It takes absolutely FOREVER for a decent phone to come to Verizon and by the time that it does (928) I buy it knowing that it will be another forever before a better Nokia phone shows up.  But now, it seems like they're speeding up.
The 1528 is my dream phone.  I always wanted a big Windows Phone like this.  But I'll have to wait another two years before I can afford something like it.

Ugly as hell with Verizon's excessive logo's. Why do they always manage to ruin a beautiful design with their bloody "bumper stickers"? We know we bought it from you Verizon; we were there. Ugh . . .
(End Rant, lol)