White Lumia EOS

White Nokia Lumia EOS shows up online in new leaked image

News flash. Nokia is making a Windows Phone that is going to be packing a camera with something like 41MP. That’s bonkers and we’re getting more and more proof of the existence of this upcoming, groundbreaking phone. We were recently invited to a press event in NYC on July 11th where we suspect and expect to officially learn all about the Lumia “EOS”. But until then we keep getting leaks here and there about the phone.

Today is no different.

Up above you’ll notice a white smartphone housing that looks just like the various ones we’ve seen floating on the web. So good news for everyone wanting a white polycarbonate based EOS in the coming months. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see some more of our favorite colors like yellow or cyan in the mix. What color do you want?

So what do we know about EOS? Quite a bit actually. At the end of May we learned that the device was testing on AT&T’s network under “Elvis” and it may have recently slipped through the FCC for its imminent arrival. Spec wise we still suspect the following:

  • 41 MP camera with Xenon flash
  • Nokia Pro Camera
  • 32GB of internal storage
  • OLED screen at 768 x 1280
  • WP8 v 8.0.10322.71
  • FM Radio
  • Flip to silence
  • Polycarbonate body
  • Takes 35 MP picture and a 5 MP at the same time. The 5 MP version is meant for quickly sharing on social networks.
  • Comes in yellow
  • No SD card
  • No visible OS changes

The device also recently had a “hands-on” with an internet leakster. There we received plenty of photos of the device and even the video you see below of the optical focus.

We’re so close.

Source: Sinaimg.cn

Thanks for the tip Hengxiang32401!


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White Nokia Lumia EOS shows up online in new leaked image


1) I agree here, although I don't know how they would have fit it in along with the 41MP camera and keeping it its current size.
2) 1080P support is coming later this year, and while fantastic, 330ppi is still a lot. 
3) Talking about no windows 8.1 or trolling?

One thing to worry about: with 38MP shots every snap, won't we run out of space pretty darn quickly?

Look at all the people having storage problems now. Imagine taking pics how quickly storage will fill. They need to fix the storage problem completely.

The 808 can downsample to 3, 5, 8 MP resolutions...I rarely take full resolution 38MP/34MP photos.I have to scale them down anyway for web viewing...so why not just take 3-8MP oversampled shot?  You're less likely to fill up your storage that way...

...and yes oversampling still works for the 3-8MP resolutions.  You will find that the most "magical-lol  -innovative"  feature of the camera sensor. 

The oversampled images come out at about 1mb in size, and they are cleaner and have more detail than any 8-13mpix image from any other smartphone out there.
Still, i hope the EOS is as flexible as the 808 when it comes to controls and camera software.. why waist the sensor by limiting it's capabilities.
This is an 8Mpix with 95% jpeg compression, which you can set from the phone:

(2) So EOS' hardware won't automatically update to 1080p lol. Nokia should release some mid range Lumias and EOS should be spared until GDR 3 with 1080p.

Bear in mind that the existing pureview 808 has a VGA like screen and a clunky OS. So this one will be a lot better. Although WP8 is like Symbian in that it is a good platform that isn't keeping up to date with the competition.

Not sure that comment is all that accurate. Android and iOS have not put out much in the way of truly useful innnovation in the last couple years; the entire market is pretty staganat at this point, with most new features being nothing more than gimmicks. What new feature in IOS 7 can WP8 not already do, for example? Android, on the other side, is set to release yet another point release for Jelly Bean this summer, which will likely not have any major new features.
To be completely honest, the only thing WP8 lacking to bring it up to the level of iOS7 and Android 4.2/4.3 is an easy access notification/settings panel, which MS has said is on the way. With the release of EOS-equipped phones and 1080p screens this year, Nokia is not just catching up, they are stepping ahead of the competition in hardware. It may not push sales to make them competitive right away, but you can bet that Samsung and Apple are paying attention. Just look at that camera/phone hybrid monstrosity that Samung just announced to illustrate the fact.

i seriously don't understand the need for 1080p on a phone... i've seen all the android phones with 1080p and i can't tell the difference between it and ones with 720p, that's just spec war now

1080p is just a marketing gimmick and most likely will drain the battery quicker. I guess 1080p matters to people  using their phone to view videoes but who watches full long movies on a phone?... given viewing videos are the 2nd best way to drain the battery, playing games is the first.

I am a Nokia 808 user. I only take full res pictures and videos. I use it very very often for photos. Not that often for videos. I have 16GB and a 16GB micro SD card. I have never run out of space nor was i near to run out of space. What I do is, every two, three or four weeks, I take the photos and videos out and determine which are worth keeping and which aren´t. Then they all go to my photos collection, in my external hard drives. I am not sure if i am the only one out there taking the pictures out of the phone on a regular basis but if it is not very abnormal then I would say there shouldn´t be a problem. I take like 200 high quality photos a per week (have a baby and a dog which I need to walk every day for about in total 3 to 4 hours a day), I record like 30 minutes high resolution videos a week. I don´t know if that is a normal use or if it is a reduced use i am not sure, but i guess you just have to take the media out of the phone more often...

Wow someone with common sense! Thank you!!! Looking forward to this phone but especially wanna see its video quality especially at concerts where it's a small venue and it's extra loud!!

Haha, agreed, sadly too few people with common sense these days. Sadly smartphones don't make people smart.

Don't forget that your high resolution videos are oversampled as well, which makes the video file much smaller because the software cleans up the junk (noise, etc).

Compare the same exact scene from another phone with the 808.. the file will be bigger for sure, and the quality won't be as good.

Blue for WP isnt due until late this year. This phone is probably close to release date so the OS version is just fine. But I agree about the resolution 720p with a 41mp camera? MS should have upscale it to 1080p. I don't care if the ppi is high. 1080p sells more than 720p.

"I don't care if the ppi is high. 1080p sells more than 720p."

It also uses a lot of battery. And with a 41MP camera on board, that could be an issue. Just saying--trade offs are trade offs.

I know 1080p is hard on the battery, but most people don't bother with ppi, they pick 1080p over 720p just like they do with their TV. I've come to think MS is too conservative. Android is full of overkill and it sells like hot cakes.

:) one can argue that those same people will decide that 41MP is ZOMG high and decide it's worth having that over 1080p. They can still look at their friends with 1080p and say "so... what's that? like 13MP? cute."

I can see the argument going both ways. TBH though, specs aren't Microsoft's problem with Windows Phone, it's perception and apps.

But if you look at the data and polling of users, screen resolution is not a complaint found with these devices (I'd also say 1080P, while becoming more popular, is still very much in the minority; there's also price of components, buying screens from Samsung and supply issues to contend with).

True. I guess storage will be the biggest complaint and not screen resolution. I still hope to see nokia compete with Samsung in terms of specs. Maybe by the end of the year when when Blue is ready.

Samsung and LG are the biggest (and most fiercely competitive) manufactures of LCD displays in the world. Notorious how vicious they are against each other.

Samsung makes better screens. My MacBook Pro retina had a big problem with the screen and the salesman told me that LG made a bunch of defective displays.

Unless it's made by Apple with its iCrap, which isn't even close to 1080p...well, it's retina display, as they would say! Marketing is more powerful than throwing some 1080p displays there on your phones imo

If a 41mp camera isn't enough to sell it then 1080p wont help.

41mp is not conservative specs, its ludicrous.

One of my friends switch from Lumia 920 to Samsung galaxy s4 for battery ran out quickly. His s4 drains battery more than Lumia 920 but he is not complaining about it anymore as he has got lots of features. This is what changed my mind that people run after specs. And I am kind of thinking same now as Microsoft just give people hope but can't execute what they have promised though they can and if they do , will be a year late and consequences angry consumers with outdated os. My personal opinion which may not hold any good as I am neither software engineer nor tech gigs.

I dont miss Android that much, but i miss the Apps. To me android is a drawback.. I had so many problems with my S2 that I just hated it. I can live with unofficial apps, but I wish WP could gain market share faster to finally get the big names the same day Android and iOS users get them.

Same here. I don't miss my 635 apps and games wait 636 (2 weeks ago I purchased FIFA 13 from my a/c to my friends iPhone as WP does not support Java game I guessed shitty!!) but I didn't complain for apps as I hardly enjoyed most of them. Beside I do have 2 android phones (LG n Samsung ) n I hate the o.s. I have love for Microsoft and Nokia as I am always ms guy. I had tons of expectation from ms with windows 8 and wp8 and their promised updates and blah blah. I m totally frustrated now. Holding my faith on 26th June and 11th July..

What about WP8 is outdated? I've suddenly started seeing this repeated lately and the only thing concrete I can find anyone mentions is a notification center - which I couldnt care two craps about.

You'll start hearing more of that crap as soon ios7 becomes more widely advertised.. bleh makes me sick how ignorant some people can be..

Believe it or not, the difference between 720p and 1080p on a cell phone isn't that great because people can't resolve sharpness above 229 PPI. The only real advantage to it is more breathing room for user interface elements, such as buttons and text. However, all at the cost of the battery.
Source : BGR

I'm not so sure about that, i have a lumia 920, and if i look carefully, i can see almost the pixels, it is above 300 ppi, i have very good eyes ...


You forgot 3D and holographic projections.

It's not even out yet and people are complaining. You should be excited for this, it's what people have been saying they've wanted for months. Now it's here (almost) and there's a new "must have". seriously some people are never happy.

No SD is the real killer for me, and one thing that might hold me back from getting the phone.
The resolution, I dont really care about, whats the point of 1080 on 4.5" screen anyway.
And the OS version that will be updated later so is a non-issue really.

No the negative comes from the lacking camera software on WP. Don't get me wrong, I loved my (stolen) L920 but the extra features I get now on my One blow the WPs options out of the water. Slow motion video is fun to play with, as is sequencing for action shots, or object removal, smile detection, BURST MODE.. there's a lot of things that WP needs to improve in regards to the camera. Here's hoping Microsoft recognizes that for their next release of WP.

You know that the same module ahs been out at 808 for the last one year?. So i dont expect that many problems with it.

I won't be interested in this coming version of EOS. No major improvements from my lumia 920 besides the camera. If there's an upgraded version of EOS at the end of the year, I will get one.

Further proof that Microsoft/Windows Phone is holding Nokia back. OS updates are not coming fast enough for Nokia to differentiate their phones enough.

Microsoft is not stopping Nokia from allowing Micro SD or 2GB of RAM, and the screen resolution is likely going to improve with WP 8.1. I hope Nokia will have better hardware by the end of the year.

"Nokia will have better hardware by the end of the year."

Nokia will always have better hardware at the end of the year, lol. The problem with this statement is at some point, you just gotta buy a phone and be happy with it. But there's always something better coming 6 months from now--that's the game of technology and it will only get more competitive going forward.

I'm just saying, even Samsung, with all of their money, technology and open-Anroid OS, could not make a substantial camera phone without compromise e.g. Galaxy Zoom (shudder).

Even Android fans are recoiling at that thing...

I don't think Nokia came with eos to compete with s.g.zoom. They came to win market share from sg s4. Sgzoom came to compete with Nokia e.o.s. Either way it will be hard and hurdles full marathon for Nokia as it will compete with io7 sgs4 (for spec n os wise competition) and with Sony honami and zoom for camera phone aspect.

Honestly, I think the EOS has been in the works ever since the 808 PureView came out, it was more of the Version 1 (41 MP camra), 920 being Version 2 (Optical image stabilization + Backside-illuminated image sensor), and then this is Version 3, bringing the best of both worlds together.
Basicly, no matter what, this was going to be the year that Nokia was coming out with it's beast - Samsung knows that, and they're making the Zoom to compete with it.

It's not meant for you. That's the way I've always figured when companies release iterative hardware. Apple doesn't expect iPhone 4 owners to buy the 4S.. it's for the 3GS owners.

The good thing is that they already got our business. They're looking for newcomers, and they know they will get us next time around..

This! and why would you need an SD when you can upload directly to skydrive? seriously... i have the 920, no SD of course, take a lot of pictures with it and all goes up in the cloud. Do you need offline files like music? 32 GB is quite a lot of songs (something in the range of 8000). You need a lot of apps? tell me that you use them all first (all constantly, noy once in a year).

He may not have enough room in SkyDrive for all of his pictures and videos. MS only offers 7gb for new signups.. most of us here are grandfathered into the old 25gb offering.

It's strange that polycarbonate cover that has been leaked has a different camera openning than aluminum one. This one is completely rounded, aluminum version is squared inside the circle.

While the phablet concept may be questionable, there is significant evidence that the aluminum device is not the same as the polycarbonate device. The holes in the round covering for the camera opening simply do not line up with the square cutouts in the metal body. 

Yes there is. Scaling the existing phones on the market to match the micro usb port shows that the phone is significantly wider than anything out there. Added to the fact that unless Nokia shrunk the size of the side buttons down tremendously to the point of unusability then the phone is also significantly taller. I didn't do the specific math to get 5.3 but the phone is bigger than anything out there.
Not to mention the camera hole in the aluminum one is significantly smaller than the polycarbonate EOS one in regards to proportion against body.

I can show scaling that shows they are the same too. I think a lot of the "analyses" has been amateur, at best, on this topic, sorry.

Not really, because if the phones were the same height the buttons would be too small to be usable. There's no way this is the same size, it makes no sense for it to be.

Nice, pretty convincing already. If you can show that the camera holes on the white ones and aluminum ones are actually the same absolute size, it would be even clearer.

Hoping the alloy model won't be too far behind this one, why are there so many ppl that don't believe 41mp? Have they not heard of the 808, Nokia has had this tech for 2years and the roman numerals thing is just ridiculous, ppl Nokia use xx on prototypes just like they did on the n8. Anyway exciting times ahead, better start saving

Speculation man...that's all it is.  Vizileaks thought the "new" leaked devices looked fake the other day -as probably chinese knockoffs.  I am stating this now....we don't know.  Anyone "shouldn't" expect a direct 41MP port if those aluminum/metal pictures are true.  The laws of physics are against it for a sensor of that size (1/1.2") -which is bigger than most P&S cameras.  Plus I didn't see holes for a xenon flash.  A mechanical shutter such as the one on the 808/polycarbonate EOS is usually needed for xenon.   --- Damien Dinning stated this in his response last week of why mechanical shutters are so important. 

So anyway, take everything with a grain of salt on the aluminum dubbed EOS.  Context just don't hold up for a true 41MP sensor in that rumored/leaked phone. 

I always read that people are excited for the camera portion of this but not the os portion because it is left unchanged from the 925, what is holding Microsoft back from rolling out the big updates needed to excite the masses?

I am a Lumia 900 owner looking forward to a WP8 upgrade, but I'm afraid I'll have to sit this one out again. I didn't buy the 920 because I had only bought the 900 like 5 months before its release, and didn't think it was worth spending another £400 so soon. Now I don't want to buy the EOS because it's huge and horrible (I especially hate the size of the camera), and doesn't seem to be much of an improvement over the 920 in terms of specs. I hope Nokia will come up with a better-looking design (hopefully similar to the 900, which remains my favourite) and better hardware soon.

Wait until fall.. We have to see something different by then.. I'm really wanting something with some upgraded specs..

Depends on your priorities. I can tell you for photo buffs, they won't be waiting--this is the phone they'll want. Occasional shooters? No big deal.

But for myself, George and Sam who are all amateur photographers, this is a no brainer. 1080P screen can wait.

Lol! We're just bitter because we won't be eligible for a upgrade by July/August.. It's easy for us to say we'll wait because we have no choice.. Nevertheless, whatever is revealed in a few weeks I will be extremely proud of, and will brag about it whether I can get it or not.. Once again Nokia will have the best in a specific category which is amazing.

I actually bought mine unlocked, and would never buy a locked phone because I travel a lot. Thus, if I want a new phone it has to be substantially better than the one I have to justify spending another £400. I had high expectations for the EOS, but I guess I'll have to wait for winter.

Yes! I've been wanting to hear this from you Dan as I wasn't sure on whether or not you guys were all in.  -or maybe I must've missed you stating this in other articles....-whatever, sorry for replying if you did. 

Anyway...I shall be in line first thing in the morning for this phone at the AT&T store.  I don't care if I have to camp out for it...I'M GETTING IT THE FIRST DAY IT RELEASES!

haha,you can never tell when these phones go on sale.  A one week sale here...a one week sale there...I waited for black friday to get my Titan for a penny on ATT.  I most likely will not do that again.. haha


haha...Well I don't mind my Titan since I have my own custom rom on it.  It makes the functionality so much better....along with 7.8. 

ok go and see what the 808 pureview does if your mind doesnt get it I will explain it to you the pictures are 5mp if you want  3X zoom they have oversampling so you take pictures at 5 or 8mp which look amazing kinda what the HTC one does
so stop the OMG TOO MUCH MP... they know what the fuck they are doing

I'm confused about the pixel rating. Why do you guys say it will take a 35mp shot, and a 5mp shot if it's just oversampling? So, there's technically no 35mp shot? Can you do a new post re-explaining the technology of the 808 in simple terms for slosh heads like me?

No problem man!  Like I said, if you need anything explained I will try to explain tomorrow.  I'm about to hit the ZZZZ's.

Which squashes all the worry about storage space. Since its really only a 5-8MP photo, you have plenty of room for photos on 32GB! ;-)

No... It is still essentially useless. 41 mp is enough is print a large poster. In this case the sampling doesn't matter enough, only the quality of the lens. But Jonnielasvegas is right, if there are enough sheep, they will buy.

Gawd I hate when people use hyperbole like "useless" because something isn't exactly like they want. It will have plenty of use. Lossless zoom. Oversampling (sharpness and reduced noise). You know, for a couple of examples.

Okay, tell me what percentage of owners will actually utilize all 41 million pixels? How much true "use" would you apply to it?

I'd say an overwhelming percentage. They'd utilize all 41mp everytime they "zoom" in on a shot and get a clear image as opposed to a grainy, washed out one like they do now on every other smartphone, because of the "useless" 41mp sensor...

With Nokia 808 PureView or the upcoming Nokia EOS.. Let's take an example.. If you shot a 5 MP picture with one of those phones it would use the 40 MP by OVERSAMPLING.. Which means it use 8 pixels combined into 1 pixel.. A oversampled pixel!

Oversampling doesn't mean shit. It may look nice, but it's entirely fabricated. And I didn't mean how many people will take 41 MP shots, I meant how many people will actually utilize all the pixels for an actual purpose!

No, because this is Nokia doing these leaks...

haha, I'm no conspiracy theorist but I truly think that Nokia is behind the Vizileaks account.  You notice how we saw a leak each day (a very very controlled leak) from Vizileaks two weeks ago and barely any leaks from them this week or last?  That was because Samsung was launching their S4 Zoom that week and Apple was having their WWDC conference...it was all to build up hype and distract attention away from those other products. 

It is marketing 2.0 these days...where you don't have to spend a dime on anything for creating hype. 

But anywho...just my opinion.  We will never know who truly is behind the Vizileak account.

I don't get the big deal about 1080p screens, I cant see individual pixels on my lumia 920 so why would I want the resolution any higher?

It's funny because on the 920, 925 and 928 no one complains about the display--quite the opposite in fact. Nokia makes up for 1080P with ClearBlack and PureMotion.

Completely agree. 1080p is completely overrated on a phone, particularly given the battery life issues it can cause. I'm getting tired of people constantly wanting the best specs based on comparisons to android. If you have a windows phone, you should realize that it doesn't need a quad core processor to run smooth as silk.

But the games might need one, or the GPU that comes with them. A better SoC is very rarely useless, a better pixel density might be (at least for some).

Also agreed. No need for 1080p on a 5inch screen.... The difference wouldnt be noticeable but the battery drain would be.

1080p screens is just for sales. It's a gimmick. Most sites/people praise the 920's screen. Even my 820's screen is beautiful with its 800×480 resolution.

You can see!
Make white image in size 1280*768, now make on this image only one black pixel and put it on your device, now see if you can spot the black pixel.

I wonder if Windows Phone 8.1 is capable of pulling off Cleartype on displays with RGBRGB or RBGB subpixel arrangements. . That would atleast make texts twice or thrice as sharp (imagine text display densities of around 1000ppi on the Lumia 920). It's supported on Windows 8 and RT, so I don't see why Windows Phone should be an exception.
Yeah, it wouldn't improve it much, but atleast it would make texts too sharp for the human eye at any distance :D 1080p n 450ppi? how cute.

As far as I know cleartype has an issue with the rotation from portrait to landscape in both, tablets and phones, which is why its not working on Windows 8

That actually makes sense, but that should be a non-issue on, say, a Pentile matrix (see below)

Normal Alignment





90 degrees right





And they should be able over come the change of aspect ratios on a traditional RGBRGB matrix with some smart coding (see below)

Normal Alignment







90 Degrees Right







Seeing how Cleartype works by using these individual subpixels, it can be coded to be different for these two alignments (and their flip-sides, which will look exactly the same, but with different colours)
It's very doable, and will be very effective in, say, 7 inch tablets which many use as e-readers. Giving them high text densities without necessarily having high display resolutions.
As for Samsung's new RGB matrix on Galaxy S4 and Note II, there is little room for Cleartype, because it has assymetric subpixels. .
Honestly I inserted 4 tables in it, but none seems to show up. .
Just imagine what Pentile and RGB would look like when rotated to the right. The same idea still applies, and they should be able to make text sharper by using it.

oh man...been looking at a gazillion pictures taken with the 808...I can't wait for this phone. Love to see a comparison

Speaking of an FM RADIO
does anyone know if the Lumia 920 has an FM Radio built into the chipset? I miss using the FM Radio my old phones had. If they added HD Radio and FM Radio to future phones would be awesome.

Yes it has and for what I heard next month GDR2 will enable the Radio, Clock, and Tap to wake up screen.

Not bad.. But my next phone will have 1080P and a snapdragon 800 chip... Keeping my fingers crossed that we get that soon!

Heres the deal, this phone is great but wtf is MS doing? They should have more peopl/resources devoted to mobile. My gripe list:
No CC reader app
No ability to change volumes/ringtones and alerts volumes
No 64gb storage
No 1080p screens
The only thing that keeps me with WP8 is the camera and the music and this coming from a guy who is on his 4th 920. MS/Nokia get til the end of the year and then Im jumping ship if those above issues arent fixed.

The OS is not aven a year old and they will be giving us two updates until the big one. Have patient and you will be rewarded.

I don't have issues whatsoever with any of the 4 issues you mentioned and I'm wondering if those issues are really on Microsoft's priority list. Trust me, they have a ton of resources devoted to mobile. The new 928 screen is amazing even in comparison to my 900 and I'd be completely happy with that (and I expect the EOS screen will be similar).

I remember reading on here the reasoning behind not having 64gb storage. It was an interview with a Nokia Designer (I think). Anyhow, if anything it's not Microsoft restricting 64gb internal storage.

1080p will be released in a future update, but... what's so good about it? More battery consumption, no visual representation, but a higher number?

1080p is only an improvement if it comes with 60fps refreshes like the current crop of lumia 92X displays. .
microSD cards lag the OS. It'd be nice if they can over come that. . next gen microSDs, maybe?
I have no issues with Volumes the way it is now. . Nice and simple. . However, I can see why some people might want more freedom. .
CC reader app? seriously? How many different cash cards does the average person use, anyway? I have 3, and but only use 1 for online transactions. . and I'd like to think I'm one of the guys with more than average cards. .

W8.1 looks great from the leaks, but nothing too exciting about WP8.1 yet. The notification center will be great, yet its 2 year late so.. Nothing to blow our minds away with wp8.1 to date.

Not to mention that evidently the notification center, at least as it was leaked on that eBay phone, was removed in the later iterations of the new OS. I truly hope they implement something though. I am sick and tired of reading toast notifications from ESPN or CNN stating "The Mariners lead the Angels 4 to" or "CNN has confirmed that a level 6.1 earthquake has struck the city of..."

It is interesting that none of the recent leaks have confirmed the processor being used in the EOS.  It it is indeed a 41MP camera sensor, then it would have to be Snapdragon 800 which is the only quad-core processor that can support 41MP.  There was an earlier rumour about the power consumption issue with S800.  Then we keep seeing the XXMP on the leaked images which leave a shadow of doubt about the whole thing.  If it is not Snapdragon 800, then the 41MP is not a sure thing.  Then again, Nokia has not come out to deny it either.  The "ZOOM Reinvented" ad should be pointing to a high MP camera sensor in order to achieve a meaningful zooming feather, otherwise it should not be made a big deal of it.  I guess we just won't know for sure until July 11th.

Nokia could be using a coprocessor just like they did on the 808. If they do that they don't need a higher performing main processor.

People are don't seem to understand the draw back of 1080p.
The extra power and cpu/gpu need for almost no visual benefit isn't worth the trade off.

Hmm I hope this is 41 MP but I don't see how Nokia will pull that off with WP8. Might end up with a 21 MP camera. We'll see. Either way I'm waiting for 1080p support so Nokia can bring us a phablet. And hopefully they improve their battery performance.

Take the 808 sensor plus Nokia oversampling app no different to other Nokia suite apps and wala... Not again with the 20mp but it says xx crap again, go and search oh f it whatever u say wp8 and Nokia could never do it you win, golf clap and medal for mdak

Given the processor on the 808 is nowhere near as good as the 920's processor. I imagine as long as Nokia can use a coprocessor like the 808 has they'll have no problem with WP8. The coprocessor does all the heavy lifting.

In the 808 its about 50/50 between the main GPU and the secondary one.. the main GPU is pretty potent as well, its a Broadcom BCM2763.. dunno how that compares to the one in the 920.

Is this confirmed to have OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)? I'm hoping this phone will keep everything that was good about the 920, whilst adding more.

Patricio why did u delete the what about the 808 comment? Did you google it after your little fit cause its you trolling this site from your iPhone??? Get a life bud

I know to many 920 owners like myself were disappointed at the London reveal of the 925 at least spec-wise and I hope not, but this elvis is gonna be another disappointment, I really hope not, but if there gonna host another event like the 925 they should just cancel it. Sorry guys at least I don't want to here, I present to you the Lumia 950 an improved 920 with higher pixel count 18.7 pureview phase 3

Maybe they are not trying to sell it to 920 owners, since it would be odd to change phones after 6 months. But, anyway, if it was a so much better phone ppl would complain saying it wasn't fair, launching a totally revamped unit so close to 920 launch. Moral of the story: every thing's amazing and no one is happy.

41 MP.. 4 - 1 = 3. Half Life 3 confirmed........
Jokes aside, I hope Nokia releases this device with WP8 GDR3 so that it gets to have better specs than the Lumia 9xx family. The recent devices were just anorexic Lumia 920s.

My Lumia 920 already takes sweet pics so just gonna wait till completely different Lumia not just camera but till then my 920 is one if my best friends!!!!

To me the spacing from the camera button to the bottom of the phone looks slightly longer then my 920, is it possable this might be a slightly larger screen.

Another dumb decision by Nokia. NO SD card slot on a phone with a 41MP camera. Even dumber than a 16GB 925.

If there is an option to only take 5mpix distilled images.. they are about 1mb in size, so.. you should be fine with 32gb.

Still, I agree.. it doesn't make any sense on a camera centric device.