White Xbox One listed, and then delisted, on French retail website [Update]

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Update Polygon is reporting that Microsoft has confirmed a white Xbox One console with Sunset Overdrive will indeed be sold, but there's no word on pricing or availability yet.

Original story A white version of Microsoft's Xbox One console, which was previous available just for members of the company's Xbox development team, may be heading to retail stores, according to a pre-order listing on a French site that was quickly pulled.

The listing was found on Sunday on the site of the French retailer Micromania, which was part of a bundle with the upcoming Xbox One exclusive game Sunset Overdrive for 399 euros. It's possible that the pre-order page went up prematurely ahead of an official announcement from Microsoft next week as part of its Gamescom press event August 12.

The white Xbox One released for members of the development team at Microsoft included all of the launch games for the console, along with one year of Xbox Live, a special Xbox Live achievement and more. If a white Xbox One is released to retail stores, it will most likely not have any of those features.

If a white Xbox One is released to the public, would you be interested in buying one?

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White Xbox One listed, and then delisted, on French retail website [Update]


Nice, looks more "modern" than the black version. Those who said the Xbox One looked like an old VCR can't say the same for the white model. But the Kinect's still black.

Agreed: Kinect needs to be white too. The sexiest Xbox One yet is the yellow Forza Horizon 2 one, though.

The white definitely stands out. No more blending in, in a home entertainment center anymore. Also no more loud fingerprints either. Love it.

Although I can see it graying out with dust accumulation though.

The casing could be white, but I'm pretty sure the front has to be black. It hides the IR and isn't really black as it is a smoked glass. I'm not sure a white face will work with the IR.

Unless you have a white TV, then no, it shouldn't be white. It's black because it blends in with the top (or bottom) of the TV.

I kind of like the white remote. I'll stick with the black console as it hides in the shadows under my TV. But that white controller is something I may consider.

Too bad I've already got my Xbox One Day One edition. I've been drooling about the White edition since Microsoft announced that they have been giving away a few of those to Microsoft employees.

Interestingly tho, it's the same image that was used for the announcement of the employee-only one: see http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2306480/microsofts-major-nelson-gives-a-white-xbox-one-to-charity and here http://majornelson.com/2013/11/11/how-you-can-get-your-hands-on-one-of-the-rare-white-xbox-ones/

YEAH. NOW I WILL GOT A WHITE XBOX ONE . this will complete my white collection. White 1320, white PC, white 2520. and now A FUKIN WHITE XBOX. YAYAYAYAY

I would buy one if they made the Kiect Sensor White as well. If they don't, I hope they release the white console only and then I'd buy the white sensor when it was released.

Black is sexier. White one will eventually look dull and grayish. Of course at the current pace Xbox....Two?...will be out before the white starts to look old and dusty.

It's a start - and it does look much nicer. Fits much better into my living room. I agree with those who say the Kinect should be white too, obviously. I mean, just look at the picture... I  am also looking forward to the slim version. I may decide to wait for that ... Or for when or if they ever decide to release an "Xbox TV" in a smaller (white!) package with no games. I mostly want it for the entertainment bit. I am less interested in gaming.

No, it's fancy a clean but eventually you regret it and want the one that matches your electronics, however I definitely want a white controller.