Widgets confirmed for Windows Mobile 6.5

There had been rumblings the past couple of weeks of widgets being built into Windows Mobile 6.5, and now Microsoft has come clean — they're here.

From the Windows Mobile blog:

A good way to think of a Windows Mobile Widget is as a “Portable chunk of the web” or just basically a rich internet application.  Widgets are written using all the web technologies we know and love (HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript) and, since they are powered under the covers by our new internet browser, they have full access to flash and other ActiveX controls available on the device (Like MediaPlayer).

The interesting thing about our Widget Platform is that it allows them to look and feel, to the end user, as a normal standalone application does; they have their own start menu icon, they show up as an individual apps in task manager and, most importantly, they have full control of the SK menu bar as any other application would

Right now this is all kind of developer-oriented. Microsoft is making use of a new standard for widgets that you code monkeys can read more about here. The rest of us will have to make do with these screen caps for now, though we hope to learn more out of TechDays and TechEd the coming months.


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Widgets confirmed for Windows Mobile 6.5


"Widgets are written using all the web technologies we know and love (HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript)..." Sounds somewhat Palm-esque, hm? Of course, I'm not saying that Microsoft borrowed any ideas from webOS, this was probably in development before the webOS announcement.

that is silly. widgets have been on Windows for two years or more.
What you mean to say is Palms use of it is "windows-esque." hmm?

Widgets are a pretty popular standard for lower overhead apps at this point. Yahoo, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Palm all have Widget functionality in some product or another.
The really cool thing about this is that you shouldn't need a full up version of Visual Studio to develop for Windows Mobile, and you won't have to posses a working knowledge of higher end programming languages either. This makes development a lot more accessible for enthusiasts.

...this could be one of the most important updates coming with wm6.5 yet...why is it so under the radar until now?