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Wikipedia updated with new languages and features for Windows Phone 7 users


It’s been awhile since we’ve covered an update for the Wikipedia app from Rudy Huyn. The app is notable for not only being the best Wikipedia app on Windows Phone, but for winning Microsoft’s Next App Star contest. It just received an update today, so let’s check out what’s new in this update.

If you go to the Windows Phone Store you’ll see the app sitting at version What’s new? You won’t find anything in the app description, but head to the changelog in the app and you’ll see all the new features in version 2.1 of Wikipedia:

  • New languages – Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, German
  • Performance improvements
  • Windows Phone 8 features added to the Windows Phone 7.x version
  • Added “mangopollo” to the Windows Phone 7.x version

New languages are always appreciated for an app that’s as popular as this one is. So all our friends who are native speakers of the above language should be pretty happy. Windows Phone 8 users should see some performance gains in this release, but the happiest of users will be those on Windows Phone 7.x devices.

Wikipedia adds some features that previously were only available in the Windows Phone 8 version. For example, the tiles will now take advantage of some of the new  features (cyclic, flip, iconic) found in Windows Phone 8. You can thank “Mangopollo” for that. Notice any other changes on the Windows Phone 7.x version of Wikipedia? Share them with us below!

Get Wikipedia from the Windows Phone Store. You can also use the QR code below or swipe to the right in our app. 

QR: Wikipedia


Reader comments

Wikipedia updated with new languages and features for Windows Phone 7 users


Yeah, it's still around and so is my LG C900. How can you think WP can grow from the small market share it has if you laugh at those who are not on the most recent version of it? That's more like an elitist iPhone owner POV, IMO. Also love the guy who +1's the comment. +1 is from Google, not MSFT.

Way to show solidarity, guys!

Hey Sam, just a heads up: our language would be "Brazilian Portuguese". ;)

Glad for the update! Rudy is on a rush!

Pero yo pienso por veces que 'Mexicano' es un idioma completamente diferente de español... 'güey', 'fresa', 'pendejo'... :P

No mames Guey! They actually separate those on the Keyboard Language. They have Spanish(Spain) and then Mexican Spanish.

If I recall correctly there was an app contest earlier this year where this app beat out WPCentral's app and other's for the best Windows Phone app.  I thought there was suppose to be some commercials highlighting this app.  But I haven't seen any.  Is there one somewhere?  And if not, it's a shame.

Though I appreciate the video this is definitely not what I was referring to. How did Microsoft promote the Wikipedia app on Windows Phone? It was suppose to have its own spotlighted commercials.