Wild speculation post: Sony Ericsson with a Windows Phone next week at CES

Are those tiles there for a reason?

Look, we're not going to beat around the bush here, this post is total wild rumor-mongering, but SE asked us to guess so we are. Sony Ericsson (Netherlands) has put up a Tweet teasing a big announcement next week, presumably at CES:

"We're getting ready for some very interesting news next week...what do you think it could be?"

Normally we'd pass this off as "just another Android announcement" and it could very well be. However and perhaps it is just coincidence but we seem to have caught a theme of tiles throughout the above picture which was posted in conjunction with the aforementioned statement.

SE Prototype from 2010

Could this mean that SE is finally on board with Windows Phone? If you recall, SE was announced as a key-launch partner for Windows Phone back in early 2010 and even had a working prototype (see above) but it was canceled at the last minute with the company turning towards Android. Back in May of this year, SE went on record as saying that they were "leaving the door open" for Windows Phone if it should start to take off. Finally, Sony has the option to port over the Sony PlayStation Suite, something they mentioned back in January, 2011.

So has that moment arrived or are we just looking too much into this?

Source: @SonyEricssonNL; Thanks, Jan Z., for the tip!


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Wild speculation post: Sony Ericsson with a Windows Phone next week at CES


Geez, Mr Rubino, fish much?  ;-)
Hey, I would be happy to welcome another manufacturer to the party.  If anything should spur a rumor, let's go with the fact that Sony will be divorced from Ericsson at the same time as Apollo kicks off, Summertime.  Coincidence??  I THINK NOT!!!
Would love to see some next gen hardware with keyboards on WP8....

Nah, probably announcing their first playstation handset with physical buttons, quad-cores and 10GB of RAM! No chance its anything WP7 related since Sony has bought out Ericsson's stake.

 Having a real hard time believing that Sony would be jumping onto the Windows Phone platform. My guess is that all the checkers and squares are nothing but a coincidence. Even if they did, my guess is they won't last long.

I hear what you are saying and believe what you are saying but I don't think your argument is a strong one to discount it...Revenue is revenue and if they could work a deal with Microsoft to implement their own ecosystem integration into the device then I can see it happening.
Windows PC could be considered a threat to console gaming (PS3), but Sony still makes PC's?  Sony Ericcson was one of the original partners for WP7, and you don't think they will fulfill any obligation...they must have seen benefit in the original obligation, what makes it different now?
Xbox live integration is a selling point for Windows Phone, but it is not the lead selling point.  If Microsoft decided tomorrow to implement Live into the Android ecosystem and have App devs be able to add the option for achievements, will Sony stop using Android too for their Playstation Suite?
I think if the Playstation Suite can come to Windows Phone then its possible, however I wouldn't quite rule it out on what your argument is even though what I am saying is very unlikely to happen; but it could happen.  I think the argument is what is the point for Sony to try to use WP7 on a device.  At this point they should be working on trying to make their own OS for their own phones to make a true Playstation Phone.

The only way they would consider the platform would be if they could pull the Xbox Hub... and I don't see that happening.

I'm really having a hard time believing this story.... the company that gave us the Playstation to jump on board a Mobile OS that has Xbox/Xbox Live built in?  Nah, I'm not having it, dudes.

Probably coincidence but also the far right girl is wearing plaid which looks like, well, windows.  The tiled cup is also sitting on an orange (mango??) colored cup holder.  Probably way too much into the photo but then again what's the point of the photo anyway?  On the surface it's four people presumably talking about a phone.  Is that all it is? We'll find out I suppose. :)

Or... They bring XPeria Play to Windows Phone as an App to download :D like they do on Android.
Unlikely, but hey one can still dream :)

With regards to Sony not wanting Xbox LIVE on their phones, the only thing I'd say in regards to that

  1. Sony didn't mind that idea in 2010, even if they were a joint-venture with Ericsson. They went so far as to be named a WP7 partner and produced a prototype. They've also made Windows Mobile phones in the past
  2. They said in May they were still open to the idea
  3. Sony has a lot of divisions that operate independently of each other--their mobile/phone division has different priorities and interests than the gaming division. If they're losing money on Android they need to have a solution somewhere.
  4. They've mentioned porting over the Playstation Suite to Windows Phone in the past

But yeah, this is definitely up there in unicorn territory. Will be interesting to see what happens.

I think the subtle clues are pointing to a new Playstation game called "Checkers".  Mind you, it's just a theory...

I was noticing the same. That, combined with the "tile" theme everywhere, makes me think there is some truth to this speculation...

Yup, that is certainly a strong contender. Man, how weak is that though? Blatently ripping of Metro and basically adopting it as their own...

As much as I love seeing more WP devices on the market, I personally am having a tough time thinking that Sony (-Ericsson) will be manufacturing one soon.
I'd say the third(?) generation of mobile gaming is about to really expand, and with the Xperia line (although sluggish so far) Sony has a great opportunity.
On the other hand, who would guess that my insight is more clear than the senior editor of our favorite fansite? What so I know?! A Sony-made Windows Phone may be much closer to reality than any of us had imagined! [Fingers crossed]

Well, there is Sony Music, there is X-Plode Car Audio, there are all the Home Audio, TVs, Home Theaters, there should be Walkmans, and of course there are Mobiles. Still Sony makes a lot of iPod, iPhone docks...
Why didn't Sony see it comming? Their car stereos should have just been the base for their mobile phones (with your music with suscription from Sony Music of course, recieving calls through speakers, GPS spoken directions, charging device, etc.).  Plus a couple of Home Theater docks... Lack of vision!

well it would be nice if that happens!
and for people saying "no because xbox live bla bla" then Sony wont make any Win8 laptops because it will have xbox live?
if WP works for them then they will make a WP based phone. its business. but wp7 marketshare still isn't strong to be so sure about it.
Nokia is selling good, but none knows if thats a good reason for a Sony Ericsson Windows Phone.

Hmmmm, PSN and Xbox on same device....I think this would be a game changer if it happens. I can see Zune on thier too....I hope this happens.

could be possible. if they dont give into microsoft the playstation suite will never make it to windows 8

They are also seated in reverse order to the Windows flag colors:  Yellow (lower right), Blue (lower left), Green (upper right), Red (upper left).
And the lamp shade, with light streaming from it, is mango-colored.

Realistically, I don't see it happening. Sony has stated very clearly they have no intention of going with anything other than Android. And considering they would be adding games to a Marketplace that counts its best sellers as Xbox Live Titles...it would be like supporting their competitor.
And yes, although Sony does make computers that run Windows, those don't compete with any of Sony's other products.

In regards to the tiles, that will actually be a part of Sony's new branding system slated to release next year. Steering away from the traditional a little they will have a combo of monochromatic backgrounds with colored tiles. Also the new photography style in the branding matches the articles photo as well. On a side note Sony computers run Windows and it has windows live gaming and Windows 8 will actually have Xbox live. So what will Sony do then? These are collaborative business deals that egually benefit both parties.

To the folks that say "no way", here are a few questions: What is exactly the point of that picture? Out of the various number of people they could have chosen, why four? And why are they wearing the Windows colors? Why all the multi-colored checkered stuff?

Personally, I think Sony can really differentiate themselves from the rest of the WP7 OEM's by having the only phone with BOTH XBL and the Playstation suite. I say it could definitely happen.

I don't know if any one noticed the color scheme of the shirts. Yellow, Blue, Green, and Red. They also happen to be the colors in the Windows logo. :D

X-Box Live AND Playstation Suite Games on a single device is an outstanding idea. I doubt it's reality but the idea is still one that bears some thought.

These will be probably be the HD superphones that poped up recently (LT26i and LT28at). Nothing to do with WP.
Sony bought Ericsson's 50% in SE, the company will become part of Sony in 2012. If SE left the door open for WP, that door is now closed

Xbox live and PSN on one phone ? With games from each...and a Keyboard ??? (I miss my old TP2 keyboard, I'm on Verizon/Tropyhy)
I'm sold, when do we see it ?