Sign up for access to the Windows 8 beta for Mint.com and get access for Windows Phone

Mint.com Windows Phone

Mint.com has had a rollercoaster of a relationship with Windows Phone. Earlier this year they said they had no plans for Windows Phone. Fast forward a few months and we’re looking at them instead confirming a Mint.com app for Windows Phone before the end of the year. Not only are they working on Windows Phone support, but they also confirmed a Windows 8 version of Mint.com in time for the holidays.

Want in on the beta for Windows 8 and Windows Phone? Yes you do. Details below.

Mint, as you may know, is a very popular web-based personal finance management service for the United States and Canada. It’s only grown in popularity since its inception in 2006 and was eventually acquired by Intuit in 2009. Mint (www.mint.com) is a service that many folks on Windows Phone and Windows 8 have been wanting for a very, very long time. The holidays are coming up, so Mint has a beta coming soon.

Head to the Windows 8 signup page for the beta of the Mint app. You’ll need to be running Windows 8.1 on your machine and be familiar with installing software. Don’t forget to check the interest box for joining the Windows Phone beta in the form.

If you’re a fan of running beta software you’re typically satisfied by getting early access and feedback for an app you love. Mint is stepping up the beta tester game by offering a free Mint.com t-shirt to the best bug finders. Baller.

Signing up for the beta? Let us know below.

Source: Mint.com Beta Sign Up

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Sign up for access to the Windows 8 beta for Mint.com and get access for Windows Phone


Yeah, it really shows that WP is the third player now and finally getting support from the vast majority of developers. Not going to be much missing by the end of the year, so hopefully Nokia can finally make the 10 million sales figure this quarter as more people will be confident about the apps they want being available.

As for Mint, well a beta for a finance app kinda scares me!

Pulled support, never supported their own reader,killed the app, and in the email told you to switch platforms (ios/android)

While the app was active they had no mention of a WP version on their site, help or anything and sent emails to you regarding updates to the IOS version.

It's nice to see Intuit follow through and bring us Mint by the deadlines they had claimed. Still don't recommend anyone using Mint due to inherent security concerns using a thrid party to manage all your financial information.

What security risks are these? Mint doesn't let you perform any actions on your accounts. It only lets you view them in a new way.

How many security problems have they ran into over the last 5 years? Do they have a track record of screwing with people's credentials? Just curious because of what you say.

I don't know of any specific instances of issues with Quicken or Mint, but I'm in the same boat -- something about turning my financial information over to an external third party just feels wrong.  (Of course, for all I know, my local copy of Quicken may be quietly sending my info to Intuit even now.)


Maybe I need to adjust my tin foil hat, but I'll keep my financial info local.

I've used them for a couple years now and haven't had any security issues. Not like other big companies haven't been hacked and had to send me emails asking me to change my passwords.

Tbh, I stopped using Mint after Intuit tried to shut them down, then bought them. I'll try the app when it gets released though.

If only they supported UK, that would eliminate one of the last two app holes for me. Sky being the last.

Would still like to see an app from Intuit with the same functionality of Pocket Quicken for Palm that I had years ago.

Agreed. I ran Pocket Quicken on my old WM device and it integrated well with my desktop Quicken. I miss the ability to enter new transactions before they clear the bank.

Oh good, I've signed up. I closed my Mint account back when I switched to WP, but it will be nice to have this again.

Although I'm not a user of Mint.com, it's been really nice seeing so many big name sites and services announce Windows Phone apps are in the works. It feels like companies are finally beginning to take WP seriously. :)

I have been with GDR3 on my 928. ;) you should be fine. Just make sure you're cool with using beta software as it can be buggy.

Web-based? Hope they hired good security experts... USD only? Hm...

I prefer offline fully featured apps like Money Tracker Pro, Money Wallet, etc.

will this work on windows RT or pro versions only?  i ask because one if the questions is about installing software...

Works on both as a Metro app thru the Windows Store. It just requires Windows 8.1 or 8.1 RT for non-Intel (ARM) processors.

Switched from Quicken to You Need a Budget (YNAB). Suits my needs much better. A guy is developing a YNAB app for Windows Phone. Beta just closed and v 1.0 is coming out within a  few weeks.

Money-pal is like Quicken, Mint and YNAB combined.

It works with all smartphones.

I can now enter transactions at the till and also import my non US account and auto sort it to categories. 

They have a free sign up offer for the first 1000 users.