Windows 8 pre-orders dominate on Amazon and impresses Apple fans

Windows 8

"You're the best...around...Nothing's gonna ever keep you down"

When it comes to Windows 8, people fall into two camps: they love it or hate it. Personally, we love it and maybe we’ll share our thoughts more on it later as we’ve been running RTM for the last two weeks.  We’ll also say those who don’t like Windows 8 have been more vocal—they always are.

So it’s perhaps a good sign to see Windows 8 pre-orders on Amazon.com rocking the #1 spot. Sure, we can’t imagine the software section on Amazon is highly volatile as compared to other products likes games or even phones, but it’s a good sign that people are interested in the next generation OS from Redmond. Or to put it another way, we’d rather see Windows 8 sitting at #1 than not as some detractors could spin that towards the negative.


How will the masses respond to Windows 8? We think it comes down to the new hardware. Windows 8 is geared towards touchscreens and on tablets, hybrids and new PCs with touch displays it will really shine.

In fact, in a real-world experiment GeekWire lurked around an Apple store and let some Cupertino fans try out a Windows 8 tablet. Their response? They were a lot more positive than you may have expected, especially since this demographic may be considered hostile to Microsoft by some accounts.

So we’ll take the #1 spot on Amazon and that GeekWire video as a good sign of things to come.

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Windows 8 pre-orders dominate on Amazon and impresses Apple fans


You know it's good when the haters completely ignore the performance benefits to simply complain about how the start menu is now fullscreen instead of just in the bottom left.

Right, and I would like to know how many people still actually use the start button, I keep all my frequently used apps pinned to the taskbar anyway, I never use the start button. It's not like you can't pin desktop apps to the start screen and make it behave like the start button.

All I know is, I have been using Windows 8 for months. And at times on my laptop, I have gone a week or more without ever seeing the start window.

Just wait until you use it for a bit.  I don't use the start button much but it just felt like it was missing at first and it takes some time to get used to.  Some people just don't like change and don't understand the need to modernize. Really if you never plan to use W8 apps or a touch screen, the modern UI does seem useless. The point is to move forward and use W8 apps and enjoy the same experience on a tablet. W7 sucked on a tablet, W8 rocks on a tablet and works very well on a desktop with a varienty of input devices.

You can't, biggest problem is the right click behavior on the start screen. Can't launch into private browsing in IE, shuffle all music in Zune. Have to do an extra click, go to desktop, then go back to start screen. Also the start screen can't be snapped. My two complaints. I'm still on the preview, so there is hope.

The Start Screen cannot be snapped, only applications that support snapping.  And yes, you can open a tab in IE10 for InPrivate viewing.  Start Metro IE10, then select the ... button, then select New InPrivate Tab.

ok...? This helps or changes anything how. In W7 right click works better on items on taskbar, and snapping is only supported by supported apps...thanks but my issues still stand.

I for one use the start button all the time.  I hate having my taskbar cluttered with applications.  I instead create shortcuts on the start menu so that I don't have to go to "All Programs" and hunt for them.  The WIndows 7 start menu also works better in a VM environment because I don't have to search for just the right spot in the corner without clicking outside the guest OS and onto my host desktop (my vm's run on a second monitor).
You have to take into consideration that not everyone uses a PC the way you do.  Microsoft has decided to force people to do things their way.  They could have left the start button as an option.  They also could have given users the choice of whether or not to use the desktop.
Either way, most of the applications I use other than office are just now able to function on Windows 7 without issues.  There is no way they will be ready for Windows 8 for at least a year.  This release came out way too early if you ask me.
Now for home use it looks great!  I may even buy it for home.  For the business I'm in? No way.

As we criticize Microsoft having multiple ways, and disjointed implementations, you're going to suggest they stick with this approach?  Sorry, but "that does not compute."  Also, to suggest businesses won't be looking to move forward with Windows 8 is quite wrong.  I know a LOT of companies already in their internal Beta process with Windows 8.  I work for a Global 100 company, and can tell you that there is a HUGE push for Windows 8 internally.  And no, I don't work for Microsoft.

He is right to suggest as businesses won't be moving to Windows 8 because every blog on the internet is writing that.
I really hope that what you are saying is correct rather than the constant stream of nay-sayers.  That would be huge for MSFT and hopefully would extend to WP8.

Force to do it that way? I guess you might forgot we were all force to think that's the best way looong ago until it's more fo a habit issue. There many ways u can do it, there's no way u can hav a perfect OS that runs differently to everyone, that will b a chaos when we wanna pickup things from others, it;s like wat if noone in the world speaks the same language?

I'm both a PC n Mac user, Mac never uses a start button, but it doesnt affect how i work around with things. W8 is nt just abt looking great, it's making less hassle in order to allow ppl to do more instead of spending too much time on hassling around it.
It's a dangerous step for MS, but it makes sense with the change of ecosystem in tehcnology experience. We need to grow with it, not to be outgrown by technology.
Yeap, PC users used to be frustrated when they were thrown a Mac back in those days, not to mention with single button mouse. But eventually things worked out. N this is definitely the time for MS to make that step.

I'm using photoshop, Arc View, GIS, etc & and they all work fine. What programs are you using?

I'm in IT and run a lot of stuff in RDP and VM sessions as well... I just mash the Windows key rather than look for just the right spot. Just pointing out the obvious. I have no idea what you're on about with Microsoft forcing you into anything... there's not a single spot of Modern UI forced on me with the sole exception being connecting to a Wi-Fi network and the lock screen. Both of which I'm OK with. Lastly, it took 3 years, same as most releases before it so why too quickly? That's a really vague statement. BUT, playing devil's advocate a moment, I haven't found a Windows 7 app yet that doesn't work on Windows 8 (well, nothing Run as Admin can't solve), so are you just assuming you'll have problems or did you have something specific that you know doesn't work?

Some people just hate change and W8 is a big change.  It is very different to use but once you get used to it its really nice.  I wish they had more apps so I could stay in the modern interface more but I understand that should happen with time. My kids ages 4 - 8 use it and have no complaints.  We use a combination of touch screen and mouse/keyboard for the best experience.

Maybe you aren't using the RTM release? If you are using the Release or Consumer preview new apps stopped showing up in the store a while ago.

I use RTM and I agree there are many apps.  My comment was not a complaint but more of an observation.  My 8 year old love Minecraft and that only runs on the desktop so he spends tons of time in compatibility mode.  The addition of netflix last week was welcomed. I use BlackBoard for school and it does not work in Modern IE10 but does work in compatibility mode on the desktop. If they had an app like they do on IOS and Android I could spend more time in the Modern UI instead of compatibility mode.

I agree, I was shocked that office 2013 kicks me into desktop mode. Also, more of control panel needs to be. I assume over time we'll see more and more metro apps.

Agreed, the control panel was a huge surprise to me. To make a user an admin requires the compatibility mode control panel.

Well, the Metro Control Panel is really aimed for those with tablets.  I do hope they add more functionality to it, as it should be updateable via the Windows Store.

Even on a tablet I expect to use different accounts for the 7 people in my family and my wife and I will be admins so I'll have to use the classic control panel to make that happen.  This is a big selling point for Windows 8/RT over iOS and Android to me.  I have been using 8 RTM since the day it was released to technet subscribers and I really like it and am really looking forward to Surface.

Yes it's a big change.  The problem is that the change isn't all good.  It now takes more time to find what you need.  Flexibility and customization were thrown out the window when the start menu and disabling of the "Metro" (oh that's right, we're not supposed to use that term anymore) screen were taken away.  You can't force people to buy the OS though.  Only time will tell.

Just curious.... how exactly does it "takes more time to find what you need"?

On the contrary, from my experience it is quite the opposite. I absolutely love how when searching for stuff (apps, files etc...) all you have to do is start typing. No fiddling around, no looking for that search button to click, just type and your results are instant.

If anything they made it too easy imo.

Agreed... I mash Windows key and start typing or Win+Q if I'm really ambitious, lol. Mouse guy? No problem... mouse over to the right edge and click the Search button.

+1 been doing that since Vista. My only complaint about Win8 is lack of an edit box, so I can see what I'm typing for the search.

I was a bit lost initially but am now more comfortable with it. Watching a video or two helped. Someone who is not a geek and has been using Windows for a while may be a bit lost as well. A walkthrough video should be included at least on the OEM PCs, that is, if the OEM wants to avoid a myriad of tech support calls. This is a BIG change to the way Windows is used.

It's been fairly well documented that new Windows 8 installs from OEM, and I would expect with retail copies as well, that there will be an informational/instructional document / booklet that will detail the new functionality (similar to Windows 7 and Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc....).

I have a MacBook Pro running Windows 8 Consumer Preview. I pre-ordered Win 8 Pro on Amazon. Will I be able to upgrade or do I need to get the "system builder" edition?

You can't upgrade from the CP so you'll have to do a clean install of Win8 Pro but you won't need system builder.

waiting for Windows 8 pro upgrade! switched from a mac 3 months ago. I'm currently using windows 8 enterprise and completely amazed by the rich productive experience that windows 8 offers. windows 8 deserves domination

Can't wait to install windows 8 on my retina MacBook pro. Im a fan of innovation not of Apple, and Microsoft has been way more innovative on the software side then apple lately.

I'm one of those people who use to HATE Win8 (the CP wasn't that good to me and RP was just ok) but since I've been using RTM at work (we had to upgrade to Win8 RTM in August, company policy) I've changed my stripes. Win8 Enterprise RTM is awesome and I don't miss the start button at all. Like others, I've gone days without seeing my start menu, and when I do it's only for a few seconds.

Good for you Cannon. I don't think you are alone.
I've heard, 2 days is the average time to "acclimatise".
I also think Win8 will make ever more sense on touch devices.
Try an HDMI out to a large screen, and see how great IE 10 looks! And the Metro Menu.
Honestly, Microsoft really got the multiple device thing right (and tablet usage).
Its just going to be jarring for people who have had a decade of traditional start menu. Some humans deal well with change, others don't.
Interesting for me, is now that I've used RTM for a month - going back to my Macbook and OSX feels VERY old fashioned!!

I dual boot for now between w7 an w8 on my main 2 screens desktop and also have w8 on an exopc tablet. Every time I deal with w7 it feels old.

>We’ll also say those who don’t like Windows 8 have been more vocal—they always are.<br>

What I also noted (from studying Engadget comments section) was the anti / haters / were vocal.

Almost all of the complaining came from less (less!) than 20 repeat posters.

I have their names (useless now that Engadget have switched from Disqus)

I even logged many of their generally foul mouthed complaints on mostly Microsoft topics.

It taught me, do not listen to comments sections or use them as a barometer for general opinion. (Many people love Windows 8 - and VERY excited about Surface)

That people who like one brand can be totally rude/irrational/childish (normally MEN in the late 20s or early 30s) and work in IT - and fit the "angry techie" mould. Normally have Android phones, and consider themselves experts and smarter than everyone else.

[And who can forget Linux lovers, who come across like they found the one true religeon)

I know that seems like huge stereotyping, but it stands up well to scrutiny/testing :)

Your assessment is spot on. This is why I don't really bother with cnet/zdnet or Engadget anymore, if they aren't writing click-bait articles they are populated by the most immature and stuck-up "techies" I have ever met who view non tech-savvy people as sub-human. I can never visit those sites without getting annoyed.

I have been using win 8 pro RTM on a netbook for awhile, and love it. Yes, a netbook. Aside from having no touchscreen, requiring a bit more fiddling to get things done, I am loving it, and finding the experience more than adequate. Windows 8 is going to be a roaring success I believe.

I just don't get all the hate over the start menu thing.  I've been using W8 all summer and I can honestly say that I don't miss it one bit.  I can organize it much better then the old start menu, and I can remove things without uninstalling them.....I always hated how programs got installed in their own group anyway.  And it works just fine with a mouse, but I absolutely love it with my new touchscreen I got.

went to best buy today and checked out the lenovo yoga .. Windows 8 is amazing, you really need to try it on a touch display to appriciate what they've done.. 
I tried the ipad and several other droids right after.. no contest. 

Evreyone that says they hate windows 8 will be running it in a few months time... All that hate for because of the UI... OMG change is so hard for some people...
THINK BIG PICTURE PEOPLE!!!! Desktop/laptop/tablet/phone all the same all working well with each other.

I STRONGLY recommend you try out the Microsoft Surface before buying the Windows 8 upgrade. Your experience with a device made for Windows 8 will be much better if you have a touch based user interface. Also the newer glossy screens make it look better!