Windows 8 released to manufacturers (RTM), nears product release date of October 26th

Windows 8 RTM

Microsoft has announced on the Windows 8 blog that the next major version of its operating system, Windows 8, has reached the RTM milestone. What does this mean for consumers? Not an awful lot if you're not particularly interested, but it does mean manufacturers are now set to start preparing products in time for when Windows 8 is released to the world (including Microsoft with its Surface tablets).

We previously covered Windows 8 when the release preview was made available to those who wished test Microsoft's latest desktop platform. The Windows team has completed product development and testing, and have now started to hand the code onto OEM partners. The release date for Windows 8 to the general public is still October 26th, so we all still have a slight wait to get through, but we're certain it'll be worth every second.

To recap, the upgrade price to get Windows 8 is $39.99 (or you can simply purchase a new PC / tablet with the software preinstalled) and should you purchase an eligible Windows 7 PC today, you'll be able to purchase an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $14.99 through the Windows Upgrade Offer. Not bad, eh? Those holding MSDN or TechNet subscriptions will be able to gain early access to the Windows 8 RTM code on August 15th.

So, who's excited about the imminent launch of Windows 8? Will you be going mobile with a tablet? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Windows Team Blog


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Windows 8 released to manufacturers (RTM), nears product release date of October 26th


One small step for MSFT, one giant leap for forward thinking operating systems :)
Tested the consumer version on my desktop and was not overwhelmed with the switching between desktop (old view) and Metro but it definitely ran smooth and most everything worked right off the bat.
I would probably say that my first choice on W8 is going to be a touch screen device, more than likely windows phone 8 but definitely contemplating a tablet as well.

I can't wait! After trying iout outlook webmail, I'm even more stoked, despite having already tinkered with the release preview.

Oh yes. I've always felt restricted by my iPad and am looking forward to the greater versatility a Windows device and its integrated cloud services will offer.

Bring on the day!

I hated MS 6 months ago, but everything has been so awesome lately, that I can't seem to hang on to the hatred. I hope they will release a Surface Pro with Intel Haswell.

Right on schedout, now if only AMD/ATI would get better drivers out the door. And I'm definitely looking forward to the Surface and xBox dash update.

Won't be October for me as I'm waiting for the Surface with Win8 Pro. Hopefully it'll arrive in time for x-mas at least!

given that MS said 3 month after RT, i would say it won't happen, but like you, im crossing my fingers for somesort of miracle as well lol

Ive talked to someone that has demoed the Pro and says it is real good. 
Target right now is getting the pro out in the Holidays, but based on what he told me, i dont think people will like the price too much :o
Take with grain of salt of course. 

Gonna install the MS Internal bits as soon as they're released. Being a vendor has some perks...
Build Number is officially 9200

Its Over!!!! The Windows 8 Beta test was one of the largest social experiments ever created. Was I a beta tester? Yes I and everyone else.... Lol Nokia... Lol..

Super exited!!! It have the latest consumer preview and its awesome. All I really need is the smart dj and shuffle features of the music app!!!

Have you guys read the comments on the article at Engadget?. The amount of blind hatred towards Windows 8 is sickening especially considering most of those same people haven't even used the preview version.

People unfortunately hate change even if it is for the better, the printing press, the internet, friends ending the last one wasn't for the better but the 1st 2 were and they were heavily protested by many people as im sure you know the internet still is and it will take many many many! Years until its accepted like the printing press, not that this upgrade is as important as the 1st 2 but its the same deal just on a smaller scale

Surface RT for us. ARM not x86! I'm betting the farm that there will be plenty of metro apps to make me forget the desktop. If not, then Win8 is a flop.

Can't wait been using it on my HP tm2t, and it is a great OS. If your using it in laptop/desktop setup, you'll be in the desktop most of the time, so you don't even realize the metro interface breaking your work flow really. If you use it pen and touch it is really fluid like you notice when you start using WP7. Still feels a little quirky here and there but I'm sure SP1 will remedy those.

I really hope some of the 3rd party apps get whipped into better shape than now (consumer preview) by Oct 26. I tried to use the Amazon metro app in a real world case. Pretty much useless with weird screen truncating issues right now. Had to fall back on metro IE.

I wonder when it will hit MSDN...... I might grab a copy then. I still am not too impressed with WIn8 with a keyboard and mouse but, I'll try it for free...

Getting excited. I have had a $500 gift card to the Microsoft store burning a hole in my pocket since the smoked by WP challenge (the did not get a focus s in stock so they just gave me a gift card). I am eyeing the surface RT. My only hope is that I can start and share content via webex then I can leave my five pound hunk of laptop at home when I travel 2-3 times a week.