Windows 8 version of Firefox pushed back till next year

Firefox for Windows 8

If you’re running a PC, odds are you’re using either Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser. The trio are always going head-to-head for marketshare with new features and other innovations. Solid touch support is one area that both Chrome and Firefox aren’t doing so hot compared to Internet Explorer.

Which is why the tech community was pretty stoked when Mozilla announced their plans for Firefox as a Windows 8 style app. Unfortunately it looks like the launch of that application has been pushed back.

We last heard from Mozilla that December 10th was the tentative date the world would get their hands on Firefox wrapped in metro UI design. This isn’t the first time the availability of the app has been pushed back. Development began about 18 months ago and was originally slated to become available around January 2013. In May of this year, Mozilla then aimed for a release between October 2013 and March 2014.

The team cites a slower development pace for continually pushing back the launch of Firefox. Fingers are now crossed for a late January 2014 release from Mozilla.

Are you looking forward to using Firefox in a touch environment? Sound off below or go to nightly.mozilla.org to try the latest version.

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Windows 8 version of Firefox pushed back till next year


Same thoughts. There was a time when IE s.ucked. That was a long time ago though. Now, IE rocks!! Mozilla can take its own sweet time with their modern browser.

Competition is ALWAYS good. Firefox one ups IE? No worries, ie hits back with another one up and so on. It forces everyone to improve. Generally who wins? Us, the users.

Agree about the competition. Back when IE had 90% of the market share they let the browser go to pot (as in a toilet). Mozilla came out with a really nice suite that eventually led to Firefox. Microsoft was forced to begin improvements on IE, and the rest is history.

Then slowly Firefox dropped the ball and chrome crashed the party in a good way. Now look at how far IE has come. Its all good.

firefox add-ons which I believe is planned.  If they include the add-on store im all in on metro firefox

It's nice to have the option to have add-ons. I don't even want to use Metro IE in W8 because I can't have things like Xmarks (Bookmark sync), Lastpass (Password sync), etc. which make things so much easier and convenient while browsing. Desktop IE runs fast for me even with the add-ons.

I've been using 8.1 since it went to preview, happy to say that Metro IE does a great job of syncing those now. It's a really nice experience to jump onto my tablet and have all the autocomplete, browsing history, passwords and bookmarks I was using on my desktop at work.

Only thing missing is syncing to phone, but that comes in WP8.1.

I understand that, but that only works with IE, so if I want to use Firefox then I'm out of luck...but even if I did just use IE then I would still have to input all of my passwords again, and I also have to have Adblock Plus, and you can't get that with Metro IE. And a nice thing about LastPass is that it will automatically log you in on websites if you so choose.

On the flip side, using IE sync will get our passwords and bookmarks on your phone come-WP8.1 (assuming you use Windows Phone). Last Pass isn't a good experience on any mobile platform because of browser sandboxing (you have to browse within the app).

YOU choose which extensions you want in your browser. If they are badly written don't keep them. Choice is always good...

If a marketplace with stringent quality control was available, then that would be good. Trouble is that the layperson doesn't know that extensions an slow your browser and cause site issues, and then hey just complain about the browser being bad.

IE has issues with sites like Best Buy .com cause it can't access all the menus with out the assist of a mouse which if your on a tablet having to carry a mouse with you is not ideal.

metro firefox would actually benefit users.  its a step for major companies to adapt to metro style apps for RT devices.  its a slow progress but soon desktop will end up like MS-DOS.

Yeah, it is quite buggy compared to 10. But I'm sure it has been ironed out for release; IE would fail pretty badly if not.

Really? I've found IE11 in 8.1 RTM to be the best IE in years. Even with 10, I was reduced to using Chrome (ugh) for its speed and stability (mostly). IE11 loads almost everything faster than Chrome for me and seems way more stable - I've finally switched back.

Yeah. The desktop version crashes and the Metro one is still clunky. I hate how once you swipe up/down to show then hide the tab bar, you can't see the progress bar on a loading page anymore without leaving the whole tab bar up.

I used IE10 desktop for over 6 months since Win8 came out, but I got fed up with one annoying glitch. Sometimes, when I close a tab/window that's trying to finish loading, that same webpage will spawn 2 new windows. Trying to close those just multiplies the number of new windows that pop up. If I wait until they load, then it usually calms down. Too bad I have a dsl connection, so waiting for every single site to load just to avoid this is stupid. It could be any site, like youtube, wpcentral, etc. No malware detected, nothing from Windows Defender. Happened to my personal and work pc with win8.

Firefox makes life easier, especially being able to customize it the way I want to use it.

I work in an IT department and several employees have called it Fox Fire......it makes me smile...one person said Fox Fire about 10 times during the call and I eventually said Firefox and they were like "Firefox????????" as if I was talking about an entirely different product. :)
I use IE 10 on the desktop and phone. I used Firefox to playaround with addon ons when it was Firefox version X.X (single digits) and I never liked chrome. I have been an IE fan every since I stopped using Netscape Navigator in the 90s.

I hear Fox Fire all the time, and I just don't get it. They use the browser every day. Do people not read? Makes me wonder how these people manage to buy food for themselves and drive a car on a daily basis.

+1 for options. And this would be a higher profile app that would speak to the viability of the Win 8 app ecosystem.

I am using Nightly. Its the 64 bit version of Firefox, and it has both a desktop and Windows 8 mode. It is a beta tho.

I can't get nightly to launch into metro. I know that it must be default, but I get the metro splash screen and it crashes.

I am syncing my add ons, I wonder if an addon is causing it because I get the same behaviour across all of my PCs with it.

I tried it yesterday... You can't stress "beta" enough. It's no surprise they're delaying it. It's almost unusable.

I use it and it works quite fine. Only it doesn't support flash. I don't use IE anymore since I had to reset the settings, because it destroyed the sounds in Metro Apps.

I dumped Firefox and Chrome when IE9 was launched and I have never looked back. Very satisfied with IE10 on my desktop and IE 11 on my Surface and Vaio Duo 13

its compatible with IE11 BUT its not compatible with enhanced protected mode... so you should disable that if you want to run it. some addons can disable EPM by site, but this one wont do that. so to run this addon you should go to Internet Options -> advanced, scroll down until you uncheck "Enable Enhanced Protected Mode*"
and when you restart your IE it will tell you if you want to enable the addon. so yeah, you should choose what you want. more security or the adblocker.
I use tracking protection list, it works for what i need. but I tested to installing and disabling enhanced protected mode. to verify your "not compatible in 8.1" its just what I thought it was...
you should remember IE10 had enhanced protected mode as well. BUT it wasnt enabled by default, now 8.1 enabled it and thats where you can get that kind of message. but its easily fixed by turn that thing off. you would run IE11 like IE10 on 8.0 anyway.


That's the case of almost everybody. So you can only imagine how happy I was to read (in their blog) that a new version of AdBlock Plus for IE is in the works.
Once it's released, there definitely would be few reasons to not completely switch to IE. Although it'd be great if they opened it up a bit to allow easier extension-development...

sigh... please... that blog entry was published 3 MONTHS ago. knowing the rarely publish something in the blog, couldnt you check if the site has already the IE version?
so hard to see the IE logo? I dont even use ABP and I already knew it was released sometime ago.

lol please... if you havent researched please dont comment. so hard to see the f IE logo in ABP site?

The IE version of ABP as it stands now is a long shot from the convivial and advanced one in Firefox (not chrome). Everybody's hope is that after they re-considered working on it again, they will finally bake in the rest of the features that made it such a must-have extension for many...

n.b: you should learn how to have a proper discussion without sounding rude and getting on the defensive rom the get go.

I'm pretty sure that they are acting like "Windows 8 still lacks market enough to launch the app as soon as possible".
I wish that these companies that are ignoring Windows (Instagram, Mozilla) and making us wait YEARS to use their apps, will see the OS grow in a large number and when they decide to launch the app, no one will want them, because there will be great option on Microsoft's ecosystem! IE is already a great option for Firefox, the several apps for editing photos are awesome option for Instagram.

Don't care for touch as long as Surface/Lumia RT doesn't reach our shore. But for WP... I need it NOW! Firefox is my default in PC and need that sync over to WP asap.

That sucks...IE in 8.1 does not work with a lot of sites that I use. I am running the standard firefox on it so I can access some sites that I use.
Does anyone know where I can get the newest beta of this browserr ?

Yeah I want them to take their time developing their browser too I have been testing it doesn't have enough features and functionality that most browser should have still going to test it but they need to make it as good as he desktop browser before its called Firefox call it nightly for now lol

Firefox is not as good as it once was. I either use IE or Chrome. FF was my go to but IE has improved better.

Everyone: "who needs Firefox? We have IE!"

Me: *slowly backs out of the room*

I'll never look at you guys the same again. IE is perfectly adequate but firefox's extensions are invaluable.

I'd love options for Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8 but usually the sites I cannot use with IE are bad for me anyway.

While I hate extra things installed on my machines, FF and Chrome still do way faster JavaScript processing. Most casual users won't notice this, but I work on a browser-deployed app that uses JS a lot. Internal benchmarks of our pages have shown IE improving, but they never catch up. We literally have to override some of our 3rd party JS library classes to avoid some of the IE JS weaknesses.

It all depends on what you are testing. For our app these are how the browsers score (all 32bit):
IE9 = 302
IE10 = 236
FF ESR17 = 155
GC 27 = 130
(lower is better)
Memory usage is pretty much the same between IE and FF, but GC uses about half. Btw, I despise Google, so I really hate that they win our benchmarks every time. The only redeeming factor is that GC and FF are often not allowed in our customer environments.

I'm pretty sure that they are acting like "Windows 8 still lacks market enough to launch the app as soon as possible".
I wish that these companies that are ignoring Windows (Instagram, Mozilla) and making us wait YEARS to use their apps, will see the OS grow in a large number and when they decide to launch the app, no one will want them, because there will be great option on Microsoft's ecosystem! IE is already a great option for Firefox, the several apps for editing photos are awesome option for Instagram.

Hahahaha, if it makes you feel better, I use Windows Phone (HTC 8X) , got an Xbox 360 & will buy XB1 ... But but but I use iTunes

IE is fine but because it doesn't support silverlight, I can't watch Sky Go on my Surface. Any alternatives? Pls let me know...

IE doesn't support Silverlight? Silverlight is a Microsoft product. lol This is why the company needs restructuring, so they can all talk to each other and make sure that their products are all compatible with themselves first.

The only thing I can't do right now on IE is use Asana. So, it'll be a race between when Asana is able to be IE compatible and when Mozilla releases this browser for me to be able to use it on my Surface RT. I have to remote to another computer to use it currently...

Boo!  I like FF...
Although IE 11 metro is pretty sweet too...
I mix it up on my tablet.

There was an update to IE a few months ago and since than my main financial institution's website will not work on it so i have to us firefox :-(

IE10 works great for me but on those rare occassions when IE can't handle some bad script writing, I resort to Fire Fox.  I prefer the desktop version of IE over the Metro app version though so my desktop FF version works just fine.  Of course a Metro FF version would be good for the platform.

Rockin' IE and Opera. I use Opera exclusively for Facebook, in a feeble attempt to thwart FB tracking. Opera replaced Firefox when I had enough of Mozilla's constant stream of updates, and I wasn't even subscribed to the beta channel. (Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as too many updates.) Me run Google Chrome? I don't want to say ain't ever gonna happen, but for now, ain't gonna happen.


Firefox? Firefox? Oh yeah that was that browser I left for IE10 and never looked back. Firefox turned into laggy, slow, junk that always broke Flash.

Ohhh ffs. Little disappointed by this news. I do like IE10 on WP but it's missing loads. I currently use FF on my desktop and the thought of syncing data between desktop and mobile is very appealing as well as improved plugin support.

IE gets some unfair press due to past poor reputation but the mobile platform certainly needs some work.

IE 10 sucks big time with drop down menus. A lot of websites have menus to access different options: banks, insurance companies, retailers, etc. Heck, even AT&T's web control panel uses those menus and IE 10 metro does NOT work with them using touch
Mind you, those menus work perfectly fine with IE 9, so it's all Microsoft's fault that IE 10 does not work with those sites. The only thing I care about is to access most websites, and IE 10 does not work with all because of the aforementioned issue.
Same $hit happens with Windows Phone 8
So, yes, I welcome Firefox and hope IE10 either improves and fixes those issues, or disappears forever

i do want firefox on WP8, cuz the tab management is way better, IE on WP8 is not that convenient to change tabs, and the max tab allowed are 6 only, which is way way to few

I agree that ie has come a long way, but some websites do look better in Firefox. I do use both on my PCs, but I can definitely wait. I remember when I had an Android phone and when Firefox came out for that it was a huge app in terms of size and it was slow and buggy. They can take their time in order to get it right, because ie is so good now, no biggie.