Windows 8.1 Update 1 now rumored for early April release

Windows 8.1 Update 1

We’ve seen leaks the past few weeks for Windows 8.1 Update 1, the first big update for Windows 8.1 users. The release is just around the corner. Although it’s apparently been pushed back a month from what we’ve heard earlier. You’ll most likely be able to pick up Update 1 during’ April’s Patch Tuesday on the 8th. Details below.

Mary Jo Foley reports that she’s heard the ship target for Windows 8.1 Update 1 has moved from March to April. This comes from two of her sources and actually makes a bit more sense than a March release for the update.

Microsoft’s //BUILD/ developer conference takes place over April 2-4. While we know Windows Phone 8.1 will dominate the news at Build, it’s also a good place for Microsoft to talk about their other platforms like Windows and Xbox. They can talk Windows 8.1 Update and release it a few days later via Patch Tuesday. Makes sense to us.

Update 1 is notable for bringing a few changes and refinements to Windows 8.1. We should see things like the ability to run Windows 8 applications on the desktop, pinning Windows 8 apps to the taskbar and boot to desktop as default has been rumored.

Source: ZDNet


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Windows 8.1 Update 1 now rumored for early April release


I know I am not the only one who is glad to see news about the rest of the ecosystem on WPCentral. Thanks for continuing to post the extra news, WPC Eds.

Is this again an update trough the Windows Store??? They are now ready to improve the classic desktop and are still using Windows Store to update right? I want the old update section back for big updates :) 

Are you sure? Because i readed somewhere that this update would be available again trough the Windows Store if i'm correctly :) But i would love to update trough the classic update again.

Stop making me think these Windows 8.1 news are about Windows Phone 8.1 :p I always get so excited...

I am sick and tired of Microsoft's windows store update system. Its great when it works, but i had to try umpteen times to get it working and update to 8.1. Im not alone, either, as support forums and chat rooms are flooded with similar complaints. The normal windows update worked fine, why try and fix something that isn't broken?

Didn't they bring that one "YouTube" guy who made the awesome "layout". I am curious to see how they will incorporate his ideas

Indeed, they don't have to focus alone on the Touch based part of the OS alone, because not everybody has a touch screen built in, they also need to improve and add new features to the desktop. Like they did when Windows 7 came out after Windows Vista. But i like the direction of booting straight to the desktop for non touch screened device's. But personally i would still use the Modern part of the OS.

Boot to desktop is already in WIndows 8.1. You right click the Taskbar>Properties>Navigation>Start Screen>When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to desktop instead of Start.

Well I guess the first thing I'll do when I get the update is disable that and go back to having the Start menu on startup.

It shouldn't actually affect existing installs, it has to be enabled by the OEM and only for non-touch devices.

Not any more. According to The Verge it can be enabled by default by the OEM, and only on non-touch devices.

Metro apps won't run on the desktop from what I heard but we will be able to se the taskbar within a metro app. Hell of a difference :)

Depends but will be between these 3 days for sure and will be for developers after a day maybe and official release in May or starting June lets c much time...

Preferably 2nd provided that they are eager to get over with what they are willing to showcase (remember that Windows 8.1 was announced on the first day itself).

Sure need it, as I can't use any of my metro apps, only SkyDrive and picture apps work everything else including store crash and I have tried every option n forums to fix it. And since ms doesn't provide recovery cd im screwed.

same here on my work machine (thankfully not my home machine where I actually use a couple metro apps). Since you mentioned it is the only one that works I tried the Skydrive app and it also works for me ... why is that one the exception? Nothing else works. Update 1 better fix it!

Ate you having the issue where clicking them does nothing? Or do they open, then crash? I had both issues and was able to fix them by removing a few updates, then reinstalling. I had to go back a couple of months but once I did it and reinstalled my Start screen was back to normal. I had SkyDrive working also. Internet Explorer is what would crash.

I wish I could remember which updates did it...there was a ost on the Microsoft community forums that pointed me in the right direction.

I noticed that that could be the videocard driver, i had that problem too with the video card driver, i have an old Nvidia video card, but Nvidia is so nice to update them to Windows 8.1 so everything is working fine, but a friend of mine has a recently AMD video card ship, and AMD is too lazy to update the driver to 8.1 and that is cousing the issue with app errors, crashed etc. When i install the default Microsoft screen driver i can do everything i want with those apps. I know this aint the only problem, but you might give it a try, update your video card driver, or check if the apps run when you select the default Microsoft screen driver.

Windows can detect if a device is portable or desktop, and whether it's touch enabled or not, so hopefully they build that into the update and set the default appropriately. At very least, I expect OEMs will pick a default for their system images based on the form factor (for new devices shipping with the Update 1 OS).

According to the Verge it's not by default; it has to be enabled by the OEM and only on non-touch devices.

I like the start screen even on my non touch PC. So why shouldn't I be able to boot up to it if I want to? And where do hybrids fit into all of this?

Apparently they've hired him into the UI design, and he's going to help them make some changes in Windows 9

How about announcing they will be bypassing the carriers for updates to avoid fragmentation across all platforms.  THAT would be an announcement!

Ayah!  I do.  But with others speaking obout their WPs and tablets (Lumia 2520) that are sold by Verizon/ATT that run Windows RT, NOT WP8, I figured the comment was just.  Not simply a comment out of left field.

They rly SHOULD follow apple here and just release the "dev preview" of wp8.1 ON April 2nd and windows 8.1 update 1 April 2nd. That would dominate headlines

I wonder why they don't just call it Windows 8.2 to keep the name short and simple, and push the idea that MS is continually improving it. "Windows 8.1 Update 1" seems pointlessly long and techie-ish. If not, then at what point does an update qualify to be called Windows 8.2? Will there even be a Windows 8.3, or will they jump to Windows 9? (I feel like they keep hiring and firing people in their product naming department.)

It should pack a punch to get 0.1 increment. Update 1, Update 2 and Update 3 will ready Windows 8.1 to become Windows 8.2 

While the leaks point to integration of Modern UI elements into the Desktop environment, I'm hoping to see some more Desktop elements integrated into the Modern UI environent. Kinda like what we saw between 8 and 8.1 where more of the Desktop's control panel items are now also accessible via the modern PC Settings app. That is, getting the window management, taskbar, notification area, and file explorer in the modern UI without looking out of place and cluttered.
In my spare time I've sketched my own concept on how I wish it could be done... Currently trying to make a mock up. Hopefully MSFT could come up with a good plan rather than backtracking on the Modern UI.

Kinda off topic... is it true that if you currently have Windows 8 running on your machines, it is not "advisable" to update to 8.1 til this new patch gets release becuase of bugs that 8.1 has????.. if someone could please confirm this for me, i would really appreciate it.  I just bought a laptop and i'm hesitant to upgrade it to 8.1 because of this.

Simple Bing search (or Google, maybe even AOL search, LOL) shows some bugs in 8.1. I know I experienced two of those myself.

The first thing i should do when i bought a Windows 8 laptop/notebook/tablet is to update right to Windows 8.1, it's much better then 8, and i don't seem to have any bugs, and i don't think you will have any complaints because your device came with Windows 8, so it should work fine with 8.1. Just do it ;-)

Everyone is talking keep desktop but looking at what they want. They are trying to have desktop and tablet interface be the same. If we split it and have desktop only on desktop and tablet and laptops with live tiles, the general public gets confused quick. So whatever changes they do I hope its all across the board on all windows future devices.

Amen to that! I have the same sentiment. It's confusing to have an OS with a split personality...

A more efficient update I would love kinda like IOS does on there tablets. So we don't have to update and check for updates everyday.

You don't have to check everyday! When you're shutting down your device, if there's any updates available, it will say "Update and Restart"

It would be *very* handy if "Shutdown without updating" were available. Maybe it is via the command line shutdown command.... Hmm, have yet to try that.

I'm still confused regarding the booting to the desktop by default. This can still be changed right? and boot up to the start screen for those of us who like the tiles?

I've literally just deployed win8.1 to over 600 machines , I wonder how big this update will be and if it will require much user interaction. Time will tell I suppose! /sigh

That leak was an earlier build... We are waiting for the final build where hopefully some annoying bugs (if there are any) have been squashed.

Probably just me, but I prefer that Microsoft doesn't decide to kill my account for running an illegal copy. I kinda like being able to use my 925, Surface Pro, and Xbox 360.

When I see "Windows 8.1" first in my mind is "Windows Phone 8.1" :D Come on Nokia give me Better 1020 ( Sndrgn 805, 41mpx, 5' display and 1080p, so I can buy my first WP! :-))) Do you know if it's possible WP8.1 to have notification center like iOS and Android? I like live tiles, but NC will be much better :-)

I thought I had read on winsupersite.com that the ability to run windows 8 apps in the desktop would not come until later, possibly not until windows 9 in April 2015. Have there been developments that I have missed?