Windows Desktop making a comeback with Windows 8.1?

Windows 8 Start Screen

There is speculation that with the Windows 8.1 update users will have the option to boot up directly to the traditional desktop view. The 8.1 update, code named Blue (that will also impact Windows Phones), will still have the hot corner functionality for access to the Charms and Start Screen.  The option will simply launch the desktop view on the computer at boot up.

No word on whether or not the Start Button will be making a comeback (wouldn't hold your breath) but it will be nice to have the option to go straight to the desktop view. Especially for those who prefer the more traditional Windows view.

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Windows Desktop making a comeback with Windows 8.1?



Yeah personally i am loving the modern ui on my laptop but i could not install win8 on the pc my parents use coz they are used to the old start orb, this new interface is too confusing for them

Well my parents are not technology sound at all (even though my dad uses a Lumia 900 that I gifted him :) ), they only use the pc to skype with me since i stay in a different country. All they can do is open the skype app and do some word processing, sometimes i feel a surface tab would be ideal for him since it has touch inputs.

Awesome. Let me guess, your father has "common sense". Which is all it takes to use Windows 8.  One thing for sure, Windows 8 is surely exposing a lot of these shade tree technicians. They are absolutely baffled by the addition of live tiles. lol.

metro dash (or whatever Microsoft is calling it) has NO room being on a desktop machine, PERIOD.   It's just ridiculous!   And most desktop users see it the same way as I going by win 8 sales).  Keep that crap on the xbox 360 where you use a gamepad on your living room couch to navigate.    I'm glad it will be gone in windows 10.   But I will gladly keep using my Windows 7 because win 8 (and probably win 10 as well) gives me nothing that I can't already do on win 7 (except for adding certain software incompatibilities).  No thank you to Win 8.

Yeah i probably might try that experiment when i am home later this year, i would rather let them use the pc than struggle finding programs they would like to use. On another note, installing windows 8 might make them use it more since windows 8 has some cool metro games

Yeah, I wonder how many people actually realizes Windows 8 brings more to the table than Windows 7. Sure, it may have a new interface (now it's 2 desktops instead of just 1), but hopefully this feature that'll come in Blue will fix all the confusion.
Guess now it'll be Windows 7 with Metro (sorry, I like Metro more than "Modern UI")? lol

I use StartisBack on my desktop. Other than the skin change in Windows 8 & the constantly open modern weather app open on my second monitor. You'd never know I have Windows 8 & not Windows 7. I also have Stardock's ModerMix which lets me run the modern apps in a window in desktop mode.

^ god im so with you NIST. What's the point of creating a new, amazing, start screen to give people the lazy option. Just load windows8 and have play around, its a brilliant UI. Forward Microsoft, forward not backwards.

I totally agree here. Microsoft did extensive research and found that the majority of users didn't use the start menu anyway. Like many other people I pinned programs to the task bar. The start screen solution is brilliant! I no longer have to drill down the folder tree to find the program I want. I can organize my tiles how I want, on the apps I cam get live updates without launching the AP. I find me start "menu" is much cleaner and easier to use. I'm tired of this argument. If people spent as much energy learning and using the os as they do complaining about the loss of something they don't use anyway, they might find that they actually like it.

Well tell that to the enterprises and non power users, there are probably a ton of people working in multi national firms who will find it difficult (for sometime) to use the new ui. Also dont jump to the conclusion that people are lazy here, Microsoft has made a drastic change here to their ui without letting users to adopt. They should have left the orb as an option with the new ui, so non power users would be able to try both at the same time as a transition phase and then removed it off completely in Blue

It takes literally 15 seconds to train a new W8 user:
- How to reach the desktop
- How to get back to the Start screen
- How to shut down the PC

If people cannot become accustomed to this during their first hours in front of Windows 8, they should not be allowed to use a PC. I know many elderly people coming from XP that are doing perfectly fine with W8

One i share its not rocket science the Ui in Window 8 is the simplest most intuitive i have ever used, i understand its easy to become blinkered and stubborn when you are used to something but without change things become stale.

You're confusing intuitive with efficiency and simplicity. If the UI was intuitive, we wouldn't be talking about training or looking things up. You're not going to press Win+D or move your mouse off screen based on intuition because there's no indication in the UI for you to do that. You're generally going to do it because you already knew the shortcut or you looked up the gesture. Whether you think that is good or bad, that by definition, is not intuitive. The UI might be efficient and it might not be complicated, but this aspect of it is not designed around intuition.

Maybe you are right perhaps because i have had an xbox360 and a windows phone since day 1 i am so accustomed  to using a metro interface it just seems like second nature to me.
Perhaps it is wrong of me to expect everyone to find it as natural as i do.

Greg, this idea is false and pushing it just makes adoption harder.  Set the right expectations and people will be happier.  It would be a challenge to explain to a user how to get to disk manager in 15 seconds.  There is a fundamental shift with this OS and that requires time for it to settle in.  15 seconds of training will leave you with an aggrivated user.  I can tell you that as a fact as I've deployed a couple hundred Win8 desktops in the last few months.

Sorry, but that doesn't work.  In the IT support world you've now had to interact with me once so that I could find something I used to be able to find on my own.  I was frustrated then, and now, after you've given me bad information, you're going to have to talk to me again - and I'm more frustrated.  I've lost productivity and you have as well.  And what's the benefit? 

Ok, here's what happened when I was at Microsoft: people wrote a couple of memos, provided some basic how-to guides in PDF form and had people read them ahead of the Windows 7 cutoff date. When people started using Windows 8, they were familiar with it.

OMG rocket science!

The problem isn't about the difficulty in navigating the UI, or the length of training. It's the fact that people have to be trained to do something that you can usually look at and figure out in most operating systems that have a UI. It's not a problem for me, but it's not exactly a selling point for the masses of Windows users.

Well, I'm not particularly thrilled with the shut down process. Honestly I'd rather have a tile for shutdown. But I did quickly figure out how to shutdown

Sounds like you have a lazy IT or training department in your organization. This isn't a class or training session on networking, its a class on finding the tile that says "Desktop".

Well I do admit, the fortune 50 company that I work in does have a lazy IT dept...and all metro apps will be blocked

You mean you have a standard build and the inability to access the marketplace to download or install apps. Integrating your standard build apps into the start menu would be a better solution than blocking an entire start screen, which sounds like a pretty lame approach.

The problem is not the training, it's the justification for the training.  If the new UI was more productive than the desktop/traditional start for business use, I'd get behind it.  It's not, so everyone gets classic shell installed.  Should I also be training people how to use OSX, centos, etc etc just because they exist?  No.  The point of end-user IT support is not just to fix things or train, it's to give users the ability to be efficient and productive while managing expense and security.  The easiest way to do that right now onWindows 8 systems is to eliminate exposure to an unfamiliar and unnecessary aspect of the OS... it's no different than disabling games or automating updates.
I have win8 on every system I use.  On my surface, the new start screen is excellent and I wouldn't dream of using anything else.  But when I sit down at work and have excel, outlook, 3 rdp sessions, IE, citrix, etc etc running across multpile displays, the new UI slows me down or gets in the way.  I put my time in with it and it's cool... i see the potential but it's not there yet.  Maybe it will be in with Blue, but it's not today.
I don't disagree with any of the comments that claim that it's easy to use, fast, modern, more intuitive, the way of the future... those all are or may be true, but as of right now, it's not faster or eaiser for a knowledgeable user.  In fact, it's the opposite.  I like the new approach, but when I have 100 things to do in a day that only has time for 90, I'm going to use what works best, and right now thats the desktop and traditional start menu.

I was with you at the beginning of your post.  When you have 15,000 users switching to Win8 modernUI, its inevitable that a certain % of people with run into trouble.  What business value does ModernUI add to a Fortune 500 company if your firewall blocks access to cloud services by default?
However, you lost me at the end about a knowledge worker.  You can multitask just as easy on Win8 as you could on Win7.  Move your mouse to the upper left and drag down.  All your apps are right there.  Its not intuitive (until someone shows you)  Or of course you can just Alt-Tab.  I reject the idea that people can't be just as productive in Win8 ...once they are properly trained.

So we have some personal differences and probably work in different ways. That's fair and I'm not going to argue that your opinions aren't valid, but lets look at what you said.... W8 is just as productive as W7 after training. Not MORE productive. So as a business owner I now have to cover the training costs/productivity loss just so that they can be JUST AS productive. There's no value there.

We are saying the same thing.  The argument I've repeatedly heard is that Win8 hampers users and therefore is not as productive.  So on that basis alone, it is an inferior OS and provides no value to a business.  I reject that statement.
The value will be based on how well does it run my business applications.
Some of the value propositions that enterprises care about include:
1. Ability to deploy tablets (esp to executives) with a touch friendly UI AND still manage the devices with existing backend systems like SCCM.  Apple and Android can't do that without investing in new management technologies.
2. Windows 8 ToGo has some very interesting applications that Win7 doesn't offer.
3. Much better performance esp boot up time.
But for the majority of existing business userw, I don't see what value Win8 offers.  Instead, added training will be a cost rather than an advantage.  I agree with you there.
But once trained, you can do everything in Win8 just as fast as Win7 (sometimes faster/sometimes slower but it averages out).  But I agree with you that is a negative aspect for corporate adoption until other business values are identified.

I agree... I am MUCH faster in W7 than W8. I really dislike the charms bar - sometimes it appears when I don't want it, and I often find it difficult to show it or it is slow to reveal itself (perhaps made more difficult by having my left monitor as the primary screen, so I have to be precise & can't just put the cursor up against a hard edge of the screen).
I also dislike that the new interface of W8 doesn't support multiple monitors properly, so I can't show a full-screen app and interact with something running on the desktop on the second monitor without the full-screen app disappearing. The start screen also doesn't run over 2 monitors.
I find W7 a joy to use everyday... but W8 still slows me down and gets in my way, as you said

I must be a power user, because I just press Win+D to get to the desktop in less than a second, or click the DESKTOP tile in less than two seconds, or type "Desktop" then press enter, in less than three seconds.

Hate to say it mate, but this is the same argument used when the ribbon was introduced in office 2007.
oh the uproar in the enterprise. and then people just did training during a rollout, and the complaining lasted about a month. throw someone in front of open office that doesnt have the ribbon now, and people are lost.
fact of the matter is that microsoft have done their research and found that people only used the start menu 15% of the time anyway. unfortunately, the lead designer for the start menu of windows 8 wasnt very good at communicating this fact and the fact of the matter is, its just badly handled PR.
When you click your start menu, or anyone using windows 7, how many enterprise users do you know that actually use their mouse to get to programs rather than already just start typing? the functionality is the same.
Favourite programs like outlook and word are usually pinned to their taskbar.
the fact is that enterprise once educated will accept windows 8 because it allows for more advanced features like windows to-go and direct access, both of which are going to be big technologies in the years to come.

Tis a good point. I think because of this, children growing up now don't have to adapt to the world around them, as its adapting to them for ease.

 You and I didn't have to learn to hunt for food in order to survive, but that didn't ruin us.  In fact, it's allowed more people to live.

If they did that, they would never get to where they want to be. If Windows XP taught us anything, it is that not driving change creates a massive nightmare when the change is unavoidable. Getting off IE6, Office 2003 and WinXP is painful in the business world.

the only thing that windows xp taught me is that its clunky unintuitive and annoying to deal with driver issues. windows 8 is rapidly faster. office 2013 way better. and ie10 is the shizzle my nizzle.

I never go into "Desktop mode" on my systems. Even a desktop app shows up in the all programs list. There is really no reason for the desktop mode as far as I can tell. Pressing the start button if brought back should take you to the all programs window now in existence, where even all your legacy apps would be anyways.
IDK after using Win8 start screen, desktop mode, android, even Mac OS just looks like a mess.
I think once Blue introduces smaller tile options, most people can configure their start screen into fewer clusters, thus reducing the scrolling on non touchscreen desktops.

@NIST: how do you have 3-4 simultaneously open windows on the Modern UI? If you have multiple monitors how do you get the modern UI on both monitors at the same time? There are still some things I regularly use which are more efficiently done in desktop mode. I use both. Either bring back the traditional start orb icon or extend the customization of the right click menu of the start screen popup on the desktop.

Uh, there already is a windows 7 classic desktop view, its the bloody desktop. It just doesn't have the stupid start button, but has the hot corner in the same place

Well, Windows Key has been able to open the start menu for years, if they are complaining  for the start button to come back I doubt they ever knew that. Either way, they are complaining about a non-issue

yp! if you ask me it's stupid to have full screen metro on fullhd 22 inch screens. that's the ression why im sticking with win 7

It's probably also the reason you can't spell, which is more stupid than full screen applications. I have modified my work in non-Windows 8 PCs to emulate the experience as much as possible. Still constantly looking for hot-corners, charms and Modern goodness. The problem people have in being productive on the new system is by fault of habit. When you stop acting as though there is ONLY one way to work, you work better in the newer systems. Then again we clearly can't expect bananas to compare to apples and oranges... =P

I want the start button back on desktop view then windows 8 will be perfect (typing this from a non touch screen windows 8 laptop)

But why? The left bottom corner is the new start button. It does the exact same thing other than not taking up space...

buy a mouse and use that instead of the trackpad in my experience its the trackpad that is the most unintuitive input device with win8. with mouse it works superbly.

I agree with you on this, I rarely use my trackpad - always mouse (non touch screen laptop). If stores would only set up laptops with a mouse, I think they would sell more. Scrolling with the wheel, right clicking for options - so much easier to use. When I upgraded my laptop, I went out and bought a new mouse right away, after using the Windows 8 previews, I knew it was something I would want.

Actually I do know how to use them but find it more of a nuisance than anything. I tend to turn it off and just use keyboard shortcuts + the mouse.

Feel free to use whatever you find more confortable with. Sometimes I rather use mouse but sometimes I choose the trackpad.

+1000000. I've been saying this forever too, the start button is still technically there. After using w8 for a few months I now realize how useless that button was, and would have been with the hot corners.

You should check out Pokki for a Start Button replacement. It is free and is quite nice. It also lets you boot straight to desktop and basically disable the hot corners if you want. Also if you want a more traditional Start Button you could buy and download Start 8 from Stardock Software. It is like 5 dollars and mimics the original Start Menu almost exactly.

Not going to happen. In my practice, the new screen is much faster than the start button and I ONLY have non-touch screen Win8 laptops.

The way windows 8 currently works is no different than if windows 7 booted and opened the start menu. If that's all it takes to cause you to hold purchase, I'm surprised you'd buy any computing device at all.

So you can then press the windows key and start typing to open a program right? Fastest way to do it since vista man. In technology, if you don't adapt, you get left behind.

I would say "in thechnology, if you dont adapt, you get left behind" is mostly true, but its not entirely realistic. I have a divided view on "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" but the traditional desktop functions can use an improvement, but the concept remains realistic. Why do we have to begin at the start screen? I wouldn't mind having tiles for a convertible, or tablet. But the Win8 start screen has recieved heavy criticism with the use of a mouse and keyboard, and It exactly doesn't work out for me either. Starting up Win8, they should have given you two options: Classic desktop, or the start screen. I have not seen a mention of Vista since 2010, and it was a complete mess. Microsoft has created a solid ecosystem, especially with asthetics and function. But your quote only applies to mobile tech now. Each 6 or so months, mobile devices have become handheld monsters with CPUs and GPUs rivaling current gen consolesa and low to mid spec laptops. I agree with you, but its always two way street and one lane might be wider than the other.

Sorry for any incorrect Gramar.

"I would say "in thechnology, if you dont adapt, you get left behind" is mostly true, but its not entirely realistic."
On what reasons do you make that claim?
'I have a divided view on "if it ain't broken, don't fix it"'
Well, horse drawn carts weren't broken either, but most of us have moved on since then.
"Why do we have to begin at the start screen?"
How is the start screen any different than the desktop?  They are both app launchers at the onset.
"I wouldn't mind having tiles for a convertible, or tablet. But the Win8 start screen has recieved heavy criticism with the use of a mouse and keyboard, and It exactly doesn't work out for me either."
Explain your reasons why it doesn't work out for you.  I have a triple monitor workstation with windows 8 andusing the mouse is no different than it was in the past.  The scroll wheel works wonders for left<->right scrolling in metro apps.  Unless you substantiate your assertion with something more than an argument from authority or ad populum then I can just dismiss the claim.
"Starting up Win8, they should have given you two options: Classic desktop, or the start screen."
What is the first thing you do after you boot up and log in on any computing device? That's right, you launch a program. Tell me how launching a program from the start screen is harder than the desktop?
"I have not seen a mention of Vista since 2010, and it was a complete mess."
Based on what reasons? Opinion isn't a reason.  Vista worked fine on a machine that wasn't cheaper than a night out on the town.  I can say that 7, in addition to being better optimized, made improvements on menus and structures of menus.  However, that's not even related to what I said about Vista.  My comment was about how the global search feature has had the same mode of operation since Vista.
"Microsoft has created a solid ecosystem, especially with asthetics and function."
Oh?? Weren't you just claiming that the start screen is bad?  Contradictory claims here.
"But your quote only applies to mobile tech now."
Assertion.  Explain your reasoning.
"Each 6 or so months, mobile devices have become handheld monsters with CPUs and GPUs rivaling current gen consolesa and low to mid spec laptops."
My 5 year old PC is more powerful than NEXT gen console specs (according to leaks), so that argument is moot and is simply a red herring.

"On what reasons do you make that claim?" 
Well, not everyone has $800 to shell out on an out-of-contract cellphone while stuck in one.
"Well, horse drawn carts weren't broken either, but most of us have moved on since then."
Of course, but how long did that take?
"How is the start screen any different than the desktop? They are both app launchers at the onset."
I agree, but aesthetics can ruin function and flow.
"Explain your reasons why it doesn't work out for you. I have a triple monitor workstation with windows 8 andusing the mouse is no different than it was in the past. The scroll wheel works wonders for left<->right scrolling in metro apps. Unless you substantiate your assertion with something more than an argument from authority or ad populum then I can just dismiss the claim."
No, my problems are from experience. I probably not have had enough time with Win8 as there is a learning curve. But I demoed a laptop with the new OS, and the Start screen is odd. Click on a program, and opens it full screen. I dont want to work on an full-fledged OS that works similar to a tablet or phone. The Start screen is nice, but has its flaws. And why would i want to go through a process of clicking WIN+D. The Modern UI is supposed to be streamlined and simple.
"What is the first thing you do after you boot up and log in on any computing device? That's right, you launch a program. Tell me how launching a program from the start screen is harder than the desktop?"
Some open in full screen-Im gonna take fire for this.
"Oh?? Weren't you just claiming that the start screen is bad? Contradictory claims here.
ABSOLUTELY NOT! NO! NO! NO! The Start screen is great. But the desktop should have remained as a primary screen and upon pressing Start ,the Start screen would appear. Vise versa. Or simply simple.
"Assertion. Explain your reasoning."
Modern ARM processors in Smartphones have jumped from well under 50MHz to pass 2GHz in a Short timespan(compared to Modern PC CPUs). Their instruction set is not comparable to a x86 processor, but they are relatively fast for their size and energy efficiency compared to a laptop or desktop. PowerVR GPUs with 16 or more cores can produce a polygon count similar or double to that in the current gen Xbox. As mobile Operating Systems become more advanced and demand more cores for operations(ex. WP7 vs. WP8), 4-5 year old Dual Core Intel chips can still upgrade to Win8. "My 5 year old PC is more powerful than NEXT gen console specs (according to leaks), so that argument is moot and is simply a red herring." But technically if you run a PC with similar hardware against the Playstation 4, which one will run smoother? On a PC your running Windows in the background which is consuming resources as a Console dedicates more power from the hardware more efficiently. On a PC power can be raw and defined, but on a console and phone, its about optimization.
"My 5 year old PC is more powerful than the NEXT gen consoles specs(according to leaks), so that  argument is moot and is simply a red herring." 
Okay, but the NEXT gen console are supposed to be priced lower than a PC and will do its job much more efficiently with comparable hardware.
Im still buying Win8, im in the middle of a GPU change.

It might boost sales as well. Everytime I'm at Beat Buy or Costco's you see people just look at a Windows 8 PC with utter confusion or disgust. I've never seen the "average consumer" even remotely interested in it, at all!
Many people I know that have used PC's for years say they'll either stick with W7 or say they're going to give a Mac a try now, rather than even consider Windows 8. My brother even said "If I wanted Windows Phone on my computer, I'd buy a Windows Phone!" Uneducated about Windows 8 for sure, but that's the way the "average consumer" sees it. Sad but true.

thats because the average consumer doesnt know how to use the software. most people didnt actually take the time to learn it during beta because most people are satisfied with windows 7, doesnt hurt microsofts marketshare but it doesnt help sales. thats all that people are referring too. if people knew the benefits how to use it, the increase in speed as well as organization and how quickly you can launch what you need to launch via universal search then i think at least the dislike due to ignorance will disappear.

I have seen the "average consumer" interested in W8. Heck I even taught an 87 year old women how to use W8 and it ended in a very nice sale AND on top that she liked it. She told me one store didn't bother to teach her because they though she was too old to learn it... If she can learn, Im pretty sure anyone else can. People will buy Mac if they feel like dropping $1000+ on something that they will probably have to relearn. Plus in my opinion Windows 8 is far more innovative this time around than Mac ever was.

This would make Windows 8 usable... I could not survive on my work computer without a third party start button.

Hyperbole much? I bet my triple monitor windows 8 workstation is faster and more capable than it's windows 7 equivalent.

Actually, I would know the answer to that because it used to have windows 7.

Agree 100%....win8 is more efficient (so what if I can only do 2 metro apps per monitor do I need more? Windows software works like before) especially with multiple monitors

Yeah, most people use multiple monitors:) Drag and drop is essential to any PC. How does the metro UI handle this? It doesn't. "Windows 7" on Windows 8 does.

Why are you dragging and dropping across monitors in the start screen? The start screen is just a launcher. I see it for all of 0.65 seconds while I type the first 3-5 letters of the app I want and press enter. I dare you to be a faster multitasker than I.

Usable? You mean it is impossible to click the desktop icon or use the hot key shortcut? It takes a fraction of a second many cases.

not to mention the fact that its just faster in every sense of the word. people really are rather difficult.

Wow. Everyone here at my company has adapted to Win8 and love it without the start button. Seems you didn't really make an effort.

isnt that the always the problem with introducing something new into a culture familiar with something else.

Really? Moving your mouse cursor half a centimetre farther into the bottom left corner to open the start menu is too much fucking work for you?

i like windows 8 UI and i really don't wanna go back. the hot corners functionality and app switching is Superb!! :) Im happy with it... its very Fast! i don't like to use windows 7 now... i wd like to say that people don't wanna change... if they try once, they wl cm to know it's power! :) :)

I went back to Win7 on my desktop and didn't last a day. The metro apps are what makes Win8 imo and I missed them. Once you get used to Win8 it's very intuitive and a pleasure to use.

So long as the blue update for windows phone lets me boot to desktop I'll be happy /sarcasm

Don't you guys know this is already possible?  All it requires is a slight bit of intelligence and 1 or 2 minutes of googling.  *sigh*

lol... sorry but just ... no.  Even if I actually switched to Bing, which seems unlikely to ever happen, I would have to go with "searching the web" or some similarly generic phrase over "binging" which sounds wrong on so many levels!

No problem with that, as long as it doesn't mean holding back on pushing Modern UI further. Doesn't make sense to force everyone into legacy mode.

I love windows 8 booting straight to my most used apps! Desktop always looked cluttered so I tried to keep shortcuts to a minimum!
My only complaint...not being able to use w8 apps alongside legacy apps...IT JUST MAKES SENSE TO DO IT!

They should allow the entire start menu to snap to either side (and vertically) and then allow for apps launched to stay in said window!!!

Wow, a column of start menu apps would be awesome in snapped view - never thought of it. Now it's going to annoy me until they bring it, thanks!

Is it really that hard to hit the Windows Key or the Desktop Tile?  Takes a fraction of a second.  Considering Upgrading from Win7 to Win8 has taken over a minute off my boot time I think I can spare the time.
I launch almost everything from the Start screen now.  No untidy shortcuts on the desktop, no navigating through folder structures; hit Win Key, start typing Program name and hit enter.  Simple, faster and defines everything about the Modern UI.

I like Windows 8 the way it is, I simply love it. I don't mind adding a few optional settings like this, even better if they're going to make people bitch less about it.

Well that's a lame update. You can simply click the desktop icon or use the Start + D shortcut and boom there's your desktop, unless that's too much work/hassle for some people...

Honestly people are afraid of change. I got Win8 the day the 920 was released, I did not like it at first but this OS is Microsoft's best yet. I just wish more people felt the same way.

I do, it's fast and intuitive. Using hotkeys and hot corners is much faster. I've been using Windows for 2 decades and didn't know about most of the hotkeys.

Lol. Well, I guess Microsoft saw the sales numbers and figured it was about time to get off a losing horse amid stream. 

Bringing the start button back wont help sales one bit. People are buying tablets because those devices meet their needs not because there is no start button on Windows 8.

People aren't buying Windows 8. Period. End of story. 
It might bring back sales in the enterprise sector. Without enterprise, Microsoft is toast. 

It is sad that the 'people' can't accept change or see where things are headed. The death of the Start Menu and the merging of MS products is a good thing for a common experience across multiple device types.
This is necessary and not just a change for the heck of it. Besides, if people had accepted the changes in the Start Menu since Vista, this wouldn't be so painful for them as it is a quicker way to navigate and it translates beautifully to Windows 8.

That's REALLY hard to say. Some enterprises are still running WinXP and NT Server (or Server 2003). Only those with a need for more secruity have moved to Win7 and maybe Server 2008. They see no need to upgrade because of the money plus the fact that everything's stable with Win7. It's XP -> 7 all over again. You'll see enterprise move to Win9 or 10 when they again have a need for higher security measures.

I can see business moving to Windows 8 for devices like the Surface.  Unfortunately the RT isn't enterprise friendly and the Pro is expensive, so I don't know what kind of inroads they will make there.  Our company hasn't even finished transitioning from XP to 7.  8 isn't on the radar yet.  We are at the point now that we have thousands of applications, and we rely on them much more heavily than ever before.  Some applications take months of training and use for users to reach maximum productivity.  Combined with security lockdown requirements, OS upgrades have become a real nightmare and this is true for most large companies.  Nobody wants to initiate such a radical change that will cost huge amounts of money in verification, training, and lost productivity.   This stuff seems obvious from business perspective but I can see why consumers wouldn't understand what kind of undertaking it can be.

yeah but tablets running win 8 are the same thing as pcs. when you take the time to consider that microsoft is trying to break that boundary.

Sure. And how's that going for them? 
My laptop is for production, my tablet is for consumption, and never (yet anyway) have the twain met. I don't see that changing anytime soon. 
All the fears about the death of the PC are overblown, to a certain degree. In a work environment, the PC is never going away. The problem is that tablets give lie to what people actually do with a computer when they're not at work--they're for media consumption. They serve different needs. My mum has a very nice Lenovo laptop at home. I'm not sure she's touched in months since she got her iPad. She uses a PC at work all the time, but at home, nope. 

your gonna judge everything based on what people are doing around you? my mother uses nothing but the desktop when she is not out doing things. i use both for the same things just depends on what i feel like doing. lets try to take peoples usage of the pc out of your home and apply it. as far as only using the ipad at some point or another she will connect it to a computer. and when it comes to media consumption im sure people have apple tvs xbox's and ps3 for it. everything depends on the person. not sure why anyone would buy any piece of tech to leave it lying around.

This is true, but Microsoft screwed up there as well.  The Surface RT, which I own, is a great device that has fully replaced my laptop for personal mobile use.  But security limitations are a non-starter for work use.  The Pro rectifies this but at a cost which is almost twice the typical business laptop of similar power.

Sales figures are not that bad. Any new computer bought comes with Windows 8, unless you buy a Mac. PC sales in general are down, and that is not because of Windows 8

Actually I was a skeptic when Win 8 first came to the stores. It was worse because I kept thinking I would never get used to the new interface. Well, months later, I would say the Start screen is very functional. And I do work with Office 2013 (neat) most of the time. Shifting from Desktop to Start is now second nature. For those of us who still worry, give it a few weeks. The Start screen grows on you (especially with the right apps).

No, not being an idiot and using the start screen hot corner is the best thing for Windows 8.

I'm starting to think people are unaware what the hot corners are.

LOL yeah perhaps I should have my Coffee in the morning before reading WPCentral. Seriously though..I  am starting to think that many people are unaware of the hot corner.. or perhaps they refuse to upgrade because their sacred start button is gone and just don't take the time to find out.

I know lol, For some reason people think that Windows 8 is only useful for touch screens.. I have 3 year old non-touch screen laptop, and Windows 8 works better for me on it than Windows 7 ever did.

So MS couldnt stick to their guns for even 1 year, after all the fancy presentations and launches they did for Windows 8. Guess now we can understand their lack of committment with WP, they havent got the stomach to stick to their principles.

i dont think they are giving up on their priciples i just think they are taking advice from the customers. not everyone prefers the start screen so microsoft is giving those crybabys an option to boot up to whichever they prefer technically you still have to deal with new functions and everything but on something that your familiar with. if it helps boost sales idc which screen they boot too as long as its windows 8 that they are running.

They have built Windows into its dominance by keeping things familiar for the past two decades.  Just how did they (or you) expect people to react when they changed things so radically?  And it's not like the Start page is all that great on a desktop PC, whether or not it is better is purely opinion based largely on specific needs.  
Microsoft ignored a lot of obvoius issues with Windows 8 and it is costing them dearly in the marketplace.  I can't imaging using the Metro interface in my business environment.  It would be a complete mess.  And I'm a Surface RT fan.

I'm sorry it isn't the case at all. It isn't a matter of needs since it serves the same functions as windows 7. Its purely a matter of laziness or preference. Anyone who makes a decent effort to actually learn the software eventually becomes used to it.

The Start Page on the Modern interface is a matter of needs as it has functional limitations compared to a traditional desktop.  Sorry, I wasn't real clear on that.  Desktop mode does restore legacy functionality, but Microsoft has made it clear Modern/Metro is the future. 

again organization is tentative to the user. you can organize the tiles in the manner you wish and name a specific grouping of applications in a manner that allows you to jump directly into the applications that you use for daily work. blaming the organization of windows 8 is not a valid argument for saying its not good for enterprise or business.

WTF are you  talking about? The desktop is already in W8, all they are talking about is having it boot to that desktop instead of the start menu... which you can already do if you want.  

I don't get the significant at all. It's the same exact procedures. It's hidden so you get to have more screen

I installed wins 8 on all my computers around the house 1 custom built desktop 4 laptops 1 wins 7 tablet.
they run the best they've ever run I couldn't go back to wins 7.
I know it was the best o/s system ever but notice I said was wins 8 and the UI desktop blows it away ny desktop is fast very fast I love wins 8 just the way it is.
You can't improve perfection leave it alone.

Maybe some people are stuck in their old ways. I have a regular laptop, upgraded to Windows 8, and love the new interface. It just feels more modern.

I don't understand the traditional desktop screen. Not one bit. Now why can't the metro ui be the windows desktop screen, where every app will launch the programs you want. And for legacy apps, they can be stored in a specific app folder or whatever. Its time to truly get rid of that old interface.

If you don't understand the appeal of the desktop, evidently you don't use Windows 8 to do anything remotely complex.  Apple makes iPads for people like you.  The desktop is for productive people.

Your funny. Hard for anybody to move forward with people like you around. Desktop mode is just a look. Doesn't represent productivity.

For starters, desktop mode provides windows resizable in any way and in in number you'd like, file structure navigation, and pretty much all of the advanced settings.   I'm glad Modern is working out for you, but people need to stop pretending it's everything to everybody.  I do use Modern by the way, and in fact I own a Surface RT.    So I'm not holding you or anybody else back.  But the fact is Modern isn't ready for primetime, as it can not stand alone as a complete OS, not even in RT form.  

If you have windows 8 on a non touch screen and want the start orb back and have it boot to desktop then just download Classic Shell, its free and easy to use plus you can even make your own images your start orb.

To play devils advocate to the Metro lovefest, what compelling reason has Microsoft given the average person to fully embrace Win8?

speed, apps, mobility (for those with a hybrid) ease of use. only they are lacking is refinements and apps.

You have to hold the Hem's and Haw's of the world sometimes... this is all about keeping something familiar to hold on to. All MSFT needs to do is keep it in for the next year, so that the world gets use to the Modern UI. At that point they take it away

Aiming for a corner is way easier then aiming for a button with the mouse pointer... please please please don't bring back the start button. then all the lamo's who said the start screen is lame will think they were right. windows 8 is under appreciated but just now were starting to hear good things about it by the general populace. 95/XP/7 all had bad press at first but swung around. Its starting to happen now for Win 8 from the people I've been talking to who bagged it at first. So dont go back now MS!

Booting straight to desktop won't boost sales and would ruin bussines model a bit.
Who wanted a new OS those bought it, only pirates left behind cause it isn't that simple to "crack" or "activate" windows 8.
And by the way i like the clean looks of win8, i don't have any icons on my desktop, all shortcuts on metro.
By the way windows 9 will be more integrated with metro but everyone will love it. You know why ? Cause windows 7 will be outdated and hating will be more non sense that it is now.
And by the way, going to desktop by a single click is that hard ? How lazy are you people ?

The Start Button will HAVE to come back. It was such a STUPID idea to remove it that they simply can't expect people to like or get W8 with that absent. I know of NO ONE who uses W8 on a non-touch screen computer who: 1-  uses it on Metro mode; 2 -  doesn't complain about the absence of the Start button.

And no, people shouldn't be forced to download patches to the OS to fix what Microsoft stupidly broke. And the left side bar where the option is, is a nightmare to use with a mouse. And people what to be able to work on the computer with the mouse, without having to constantly go to the keyboard to press a button.

Then again, I think the best thing is just to put down W8 and come forth with W9. History has teaches us that for every good OS Microsoft creates, the next one is crap. (Windows - good; Windows 95 - bad; Windows 98 - good; Windows 2000 - bad; Windows XP - good; Windows Vista - bad; Windows 7 - good; Windows 8 - bad.)

I used my laptop with windows 8 with a non-touch screen and loved it. It only got better when I got my surface pro with touch screen.
I wish they got a rid of the start button in windows 7 and put the "search programs and files" box there instead. That would save me a click. That is all I have been using since Windows 7. Who clicks on start then programs and scrolls through the list anymore?
I love the metro tiles.Just like my windows phone. I get to see what is happening without having to open the app up.
Another thing I love about windows 8 is how fast it is switching apps/programs.

"Who clicks on start then programs and scrolls through the list anymore?"  Business and power users who have dozens of applications installed, many of which are rarely used but still necessary.  Search and a clutter of live tiles is a poor substitute for logical hierarchical organization.  If you don't know exactly what you are looking for search can be completely worthless.

universal search actually makes it easy if you arent completely incompetent. im pretty sure that if you work somewhere you know how to get to your daily programs. you can also pin specific applications to your taskbar. or add icons to your desktop. there is no major difference aside fromt he fact that the start button has been replaced with a smarter program finder. i think of my start screen as what the inside of the start button would look like. you have choice between icons and desktop....... contextual settings and universal search are two of the most useful functions i have ever used..

Yes I'm well aware of how search works, it has failed me on several occasions.  I stand by my assertion.  If you dont know or remember exactly what the name is you are looking for it can be useless.

All you need to do is move the more commonly used tiles to the left. As for search you start to type and "bam" there is programs with the letters you started to type. How easy is that?
BTW, I am an IT admin/programmer and power user.

The hot corner is not hard to use, you don't need to open the left side bar, just slam the cursor to the bottom left corner and click. The start button is still there. Traditional start button will never come back, deal with it

"Traditional start button will never come back, deal with it"

And I supose you're incharge of Microsoft to say that? Well, I bet you it will. Either that or Microsoft will NOT sell W8 to business companies. Windows has become a major OS for corporations and less and less a OS for ludic purposes. Apple has stole that segment. So creating a OS that is completely useless for enterprises and a nightmare when compared to W7 won't do. Microsoft WILL attend those complains. Because it's in their best interests to do it. And the start button will come back.
Deal with it.

WTF are you talking about? Businesses are already adapting to W8, and the start button is ALREADY THERE, just move your cursor a little bit farther into the corner. What do you people think bringing the start button back is going to do? It's just going to open up the launcher, not the old menu.

The start button is not a make it or break it feature for corporations and you need to go smoke more of whatever it is you are smoking if you think it is. Learn how to use Windows properly. How is it a nightmare? It certainly isn't useless. In-fact all the boot security and other under the hood changes are why enterprise is switching to it. The desktop is already there and quite easy to get to. They added in apps, and a new start screen. They remove the start button and retards around the world are uniting to complain.

That good/bad thing is very simplistic, almost esoteric.
And while I don't care if legacy start button comes back or not - don't going to use it - I don't believe it will ever come back. Maybe for Win 8 Enterprise Edition.

No way this is gonna happen IMHO. The star page and the modern design language are the core of the system. Giving that up to save people 1 click if the mouse seems foolish when the software IS selling.

They are not talking about giving it up. The classic desktop is still part of windows 8, they are just talking about booting to it instead of the start menu

Personally I don't see the point of this, sure some will be pleased. Do what I've done and put the desktop button on the main section of the start screen, or any legacy app button. Then you only have to click it to get to desktop view.

Not sure why people are having fits about the desktop view or start button, they are still there.

There's a window 7 shell I use for my Windows 8, I never see that view. Its a free program, I love it. I think its called Classic Windows 7 shell.

No that is not true.
Desktop Users want Desktop after boot.And Users need fast way to Log off and so on.
If you have a lot of Programms installed the the ui looks ugly. and by the way. It needs a learning curve to use it without start. I installed on all of my PCs Start 8. Clasic Shell is an option too. But it should better if MS do it inside OS.

Not true? I assure you there is already a desktop view on W8, I use it all the time. And it isn't hard to get to desktop after boot. Just use Win+D or just put the Desktop icon as the first icon in the start screen and  just hit enter.  Really,  you people make such a big deal out of nothing.

And fast way to log off? Hit windows Key, click the users name, select sign out. Seems pretty fast to me. 

Weird boot to desktop work around it seems on my RT. 
So i followed the instructions to have my libraries recognize my folders on my microsd card.  Since it doesn't recognize out of the box and you really cant manage your music videos within the apps. 
So i followed one of the creating VHD processes where every boot up in mounts i think an VHD drive, so since this task is done every bootup, it goes to my desktop automatically.  It also opens my documents folder, but at least it goes to my desktop. 

I don't really see the point of this whole complaint, or how people can be that lazy, but yea sure 1 less click is nice I suppose...
On a side note, I still can't believe how people whine so much about the start screen and not having a button for it...seriously people, learn how to use Windows 8 properly and you'll love it. Windows 7 is far behind me now, and I'm just glad.

It's like they can't comprehend that the bottom left corner is a hot corner that is the start menu button. They really are bitching about a non-issue.

They really are. The moment I started using Windows 8 and found out that the corners were "hot corners", I thought it was fantastic...I mean, you really can't miss a corner (with multiple monitors yes, but they added those nice little blocking stubs that help a ton), and just for that alone I've been hooked.
And of course, that's only the very tip of iceberg of what makes Windows 8 excellent.