Windows Phone 7 app reveals new OS test builds

We just posted about the app 'Dude, Where is my Update?' which focuses on the NoDo OS upgrade (and presumably future ones). In version 1.1 a statistics collecting feature was added which anonymously garnered your OS version and device model numbers--something we thought would be useful.

Looks like some folks at Microsoft or partnering OEMs saw the app too and were curious. One of our readers, larryb, noticed a few hitherto unknown builds of Windows Phone 7, presumably early builds of 'Mango' or at least branches leading to that goal:

  • 7.0.7003 (old)
  • 7.0.7008 (old)
  • 7.0.7355 (old)
  • 7.10.7608 (1 user)
  • 7.10.7613 (2 users)
  • 7.10.7614 (2 users)

The builds which are in bold may signify a new milestone with the 7.1.xxxx denotation versus the earlier 7.0.xxxx. Currently, the latest confirmed build is 7.0.7390 and the most frequent for NoDo is 7.0.7389. Interestingly, we don't see any '7.0.7753' builds, leading one to believe that the Windows Phone Italy post may be hoax/faked.

The app, 'Dude, Where is my Update' has a "local" setting which seems to be pick up all US based users of the app who have run it, giving us a unique insight into the ongoing development of the OS. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft employees will continue to experiment with the program (the app generates an anonymized, non-reversible ID, making it impossible to trace back). You can grab the app here in the Marketplace.


Reader comments

Windows Phone 7 app reveals new OS test builds


Or they could just be the CDMA variant of the OS...more likely anyways.EDIT: early morning + late night = wrong conclusion => fail

Not at all. There are no different OS builds for CDMA. You're thinking of firmware. The device pictured is my Sprint Arrive aka CDMA. It's running 7.0.7389.

I thought about that after I posted, it really doesn't make sense but I was too tired to delete it.

Mine pulls up similar build numbers as listed but I live near Seattle and get some interesting numbers on the # of user per Phone section.98 on a T878833 on a T75753 on a Mazaa2 on a T92951 on a T9296Are these all developer phones?

Looks like Global is a cumulative total and Local = the country you select. US for example. So US - Global = Everybody Else.

Well they did say that the delay in NoDo didn't effect future updates, and this seems to prove it. But without having an idea of what the version of Mango will be then we really can't say if it'll be 7.1 or 7.5 at this point.I'd like another update that adds a few more things before the bigger "kitchen sink" update that Mango is looking like.