Windows Phone 7 "Instant Resuming" hack makes the OS even faster [Homebrew]

Over at Windows Phone Hacker, developer Jaxbot has figured out a way to enable "instant resuming" on Windows Phone 7.

Of course, you'll need a developer unlocked device and as they state there are some "unintended consequences" (though we don't know what those are exactly, we imagine it's memory/resource related). By using a registry editor, you can navigate to:


and set "DehydrateOnPause" to 0 (defaults to 3)

The hack takes effect immediately and as can be seen above, it makes starting/resuming any task or game nearly instant as it disables 'Tombstoning'. In fact, this feels like multi-tasking, allowing you to "go back" to the last few apps, having instant access to them. Of course the downside is you can't shut down any app either--we imagine eventually the system will force close something. Anyways, it's easily undone if something goes awry, till then, we'll leave it on and see what happens.

Source: Windows Phone Hacker


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Windows Phone 7 "Instant Resuming" hack makes the OS even faster [Homebrew]


Already rocking the hack, and loving it. Since I don't care about copy/paste, the only feature that really intrigued me was faster app loading / resuming. With this instant resume... and with the potential that all my hacks and side-loaded software will disappear with No-Do... I'm starting to hope the update gets pushed back another month! *GASP* lolll

Could you load a bunch of apps and note the performance? Does something inevitably get killed? I unlocked my phone last night and I'll probably try this when I get home, but I wanted to some feedback on potential cons.

I'll also wait with the update until there is a way to sideload apps after NoDo.Really great hack, btw. :)

Disabling tombstonig is not always an advantage!Because many live tiles doesn't work anymore then.If that issue wouldn't be there it would be a very very nice hack!

So why did Microsoft set "DehydrateOnPause" to 3? Just to piss us off and slow us down. I don't think so. Interested to see what the battery hit will be like. I have the highest respect for the geniuses at XDA-Developers but I purchased a WP7 phone so I wouldn't have to spend two or three hours there every night. Enjoy the hack.

That is interesting, no doubt staging the arrival for "multi-tasking" .. all they need to do is build the memory clean up agents to auto shutdown apps and offer a "task manager" to close apps at will or configurable parameter via settings and you're done. Apple didn't implement multi-tasking for the same reason, concerns over battery life, remember? Keeping applications memory resident has to take a toll, but like others I wonder precisely what kind of toll... cool! Thanks for the information! I bet you NoDo leverages this setting to some extent haha.