Windows Phone 7.8 updates pushing out for the AT&T Focus 2 and Venue Pro

Samsung Focus 2

The other day AT&T pushed out the Windows Phone 8862 update for the Nokia Lumia 900 and now they are giving the Samsung Focus 2 and the Dell Venue Pro little attention with Windows Phone 7.8 updates as well.

The update process for the Samsung Focus 2 is rather lengthy and includes four updates that ultimately brings the Focus 2 to the 8862 OS version.  It also includes one Samsung firmware update.  The whole process takes about forty minutes and in the end, the update gives the Focus 2 multiple Live Tile sizes, more theme color choices, and lockscreen support for rotating Bing wallpapers.

Oddly, the Samsung support page for the Focus 2 dates the release of the Windows Phone 7.8 update on January 23, 2013.  Either the update flew well below everyone's radar or it took AT&T a while to certify things.

Dell Venue Pro Update

As far as the Dell Venue Pro is concerned, AT&T surprised a lot of people by updating it to Windows Phone 7.8 back in February.  Today, the Venue Pro gets updated with the 8862 update for Windows Phone.  The process includes two updates which are quickly installed and you won't see any firmware changes this go around.

While the updates for the Samsung Focus 2 isn't that surprising, seeing the Venue Pro updated was a little odd giving the age of the device.  Nonetheless, it's nice to see AT&T give these older Windows Phones some attention.  Maybe the HTC Titan lineup will be next.

Thanks, Gurggles and sla83456, for the tip!


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Windows Phone 7.8 updates pushing out for the AT&T Focus 2 and Venue Pro


Well AT&T is pushing the 7.8 update for all it's WP portfolio, as i got the update on my first gen. Focus too.

Well, idk...i plugged my focus to sync some photos and Zune said an update is available, the same as here , but i don't live in USA, i imported the phone in Europe.
Maybe it's in waves ?

Thanks for the clarification of out of country user. Good for you. US probably will get it later.

same here, first gen, no update yet, really hoping its true and ATT has finally decided to push it out ages after Rodgers did it.

AT&T treats their WP people much better than T-Mobile.  I have a prepaid Lumia 710 and T-Mobile has said they will never update  it to 7.8.  

Must be nice my old focus collects dust sins the battery messed up on it I even replaced the battery all it shows is a yellow triangle with ! On it

I doubt Windows Phone 7 will get any app love now. I know if I was a developer that decided to make a new app for Windows Phone, I would make it for Windows Phone 8 and above. I have a Window Phone 7 (Samsung Focus Flash--still waiting for update btw) and noticing the apps I want are only for Windows Phone 8. Even though I'm ready to move onto a Windows Phone 8, because it's what I wany anyway. So I'm not expecting any great apps in the future for Windows Phone 7.

Hopefully I can update my Titan II soon.... Next phone is definitely gonna be a Nokia, and I'll never look back to HTC. I can care less for any sorry excuse, because in the end, that's all they are. Nokia's support is what any phone manufacturer should be doing, regardless of OS.

I feel exactly the same. Watching Nokia work hard to support their handsets has won me over and when I upgrade from my Trophy it will be to a Nokia. 

Since their exclusivity period on the 920 is expiring (see 928, effectively), it looks like AT&T is actually needing to make an effort to appease their users by rolling out the 7.8 update.  Funny coincidence, that.

It's more likely that there was a security fix in the update and AT&T finally decided to release the cumulative rollout to ensure the security patches

If it makes you feel better; but the bottom line is that ATT is better at updating their WP devices, especially Lumia's, than all of the other carriers in the U.S.

You're holding AT&T's update delivery efforts to a very low bar. That's like saying that McDonald's works the hardest among fast food chains to deliver a healthful meal. While that statement could very well be true, it's still fast food.

No, there were updates with security fixes and revoked SSL certs that have never been delivered to any of AT&T's original three devices.

Well, Houdani, technically, ATT released the 7.8 update a few months ago, BEFORE the Lumia 928 was even hinted at being released.  ATT pulled the update due to issues with it.

Nah. Dell didn't update their drivers or anything... This was all Microsoft and then AT&T delaying it forever because they didn't want to devote resources until absolutely necessary.

How many people are still using the focus? And if they are there probably ready for an update, so update! Windows 8 Is great

I am using the focus. I should have not bought it since I saw the lumia 900 and 920. My 2 year contract will end sometime this summer. So by next phone will by the catwalk rumored phone from Nokia. Hope it has 41mp.

Would love to, but the 2lb. Lumia 920 was, is, and will always be too heavy. Still waiting on a lighter top of the line phone to be released on ATT. Almost pulled the trigger on the free 920, but after playing with it for an hour for the tenth time, still too heavy!

When will i get an update for my Mozart? i am in the UK and have been waiting for ages. I am on Orange pay as you go.

Same here, have HTC Mozart on orange and not had any updates....upgrade due next month and can't wait to get rid of my HTC and move over to Nokia instead.

Will probably move to Nokia, if i go on contract again. I still love my Mozart though, i dont care how old it is. Its been a  brilliant phone for me for nearly 2 years. This phone got me hooked for life with the Windows phone O.S.

True. And the aluminium case is great in terms of durability. Feels like day one even after two and a half years....

I talked to AT&T, Microsoft, and Samsung and all three had no idea what was going on so I manually pushed it to my Focus S. So far so good, no problems with it here. I figured I would just do it since who knows when the update will be available and knowing AT&T I'll be eligible for an new phone by the time the Focus S will get the update.

Hopefully it will be soon now that they're starting to release 7.8 for non Nokia devices. I've had 7.8 (albeit a version with issues) since late January and here we are in mid May and my wife still has no 7.8 on her focus S that is still under contract. Unbelievable.

I forced 7.8 a few months back on my Focus S but got so fed up with tile issues I restored back to previous version. I want steel grey and three tile sizes back now. hehe Just teased myself is all I accomplished.

Unrelated. Coz this is only one time. Can anyone suggest a good free compass app which can run smoothly on a 720. It would be for a real estate agent who would want to know which way a flat would be facing. Thank you.

Hmm...have my old HTC Surround kicking around, no longer developer unlocked. I'll sync it and see what happens.

I got it for my l900 a couple of days ago and I really like it. I might hang on to my phone until the catwalk comes out..

I updated my Lumia 900 yesterday, and I am having so much fun with the new tile sizes.  I bought my Lumia 900 in November, so it was still very new to me, and with the update, it feels even 'newer' :)
Frankly, even though I planned to get a the new Lumia's that are released in Q42013, unless the camera on it can best my N8, I'm just going to hang onto my Lumia 900.

Still waiting for this update for the Focus S on AT&T in the US.  No way am I going to force it with the tile refresh problems that have been commonly reported.