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Windows Phone 8 coming soon to Sprint according to support page

Over two years ago Sprint and Verizon were absent at the Windows Phone 7 launch. Since then the Windows Phone story hasn’t been too positive for folks of the red and yellow carriers hoping to get in on some Live Tile action. Since then Microsoft has had two major OS launches, the first for Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) and the most recent for Windows Phone 8. While Verizon customers didn’t get any new hardware with Mango, they did pick up a handful of devices for Windows Phone 8. That means Sprint has been without any new Windows Phone hardware since they launched the HTC Arrive back in March 2011. Looks like Sprint is about to jump back into the game.

Windows Phone 8 coming soon to Sprint


In the support section of the Sprint website is a page called Learn more about Windows Phone 8 that simply says Windows Phone 8 is coming soon!

That is it, no other official word from Sprint. But is it possible there may be a CES 2013 surprise announcement? Not likely, but possible. Sprint has always been lukewarm at best towards Windows Phone. It was about a year ago that the struggling carrier went on record with their disappointment in the platform, despite glowing reviews from customers with the Arrive.

History aside, about a month and a half ago a Sprint spokesperson said they are working on a device with Microsoft to bring Windows Phone 8 to their customers, but not until sometime in the first half of 2013.

That’s why I would be blindsided if a device was shown off at CES in a few days, maybe an announcement, but to actually hold and see the hardware is a longshot I think. I’d love to be proven wrong for everyone holding onto their Arrives awaiting Windows Phone 8. You can be sure we’ll let you know of any developments over the next few days.

Source: Sprint Support Via: WP Daily


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Windows Phone 8 coming soon to Sprint according to support page


They'll probably have the 8X, seeing as how they love HTC. Hopefully they'll include a Lumia as well.

I just wanted to be the first one to say "You're Welcome"  This was all my doing.  I was holding out for a very long time for the next Windows Phone to finally come to Sprint.  I finally couldn't wait anymore due to my Arrive suddenly not wanting to function well in my area.  I checked daily for any word on the next WP device to come to Sprint, even if it said February, April July, I'd at least have held on and ust gotten a Refurb or something.  But, alas, no word.  
Finally I broke down and bought teh Note2 and went Droid.  No turning back for me for a couple of years.  But, I knew, as soon as I got a new phone and walked away from Windows, they'd make the announcement.  I know Sprint was just waiting for me to finally go Droid before they made the announcement.
You're Welcome.  I'm sorry I held things up for the rest of you.
Seriously though, I really hope it catches on and that Sprint starts to put a little more support behind this like they did back in the early days with WinMo devices.  Hopefully, when my time comes to get a new device again, there will be a WinPho device ready and waiting on me.  I kinda like my Phablet but I do miss the intuitiveness of WinPho.

I thought it I did it when I told Sprint why I was cancelling, after a decade of service, and taking my three lines to ATT last month. I ported my numbers, paid my ETF and bought three 920's for the family.

I did the same thing. I've been with Sprint since before the old Sprint PCS days - back when they were a long distance company. I dropped them, paid the ETF, and told them I moved my family to AT&T for the Lumia 920, but that I probably would've stayed with Sprint if I knew they were at least planning on offering new Windows Phones. Oh well...

I left them when the 900 came out, after 15 years of service. When a company refuses to support what customers want, customers should refuse to support them.

I switched to T-Mobile due to Sprint pissing me off one too many times....Also the fact that I wanted a Lumia helped me abandon ship.

I worked my charm and was able to get on a conference call with Dan Hesse as a 10 year devoted business customer the day of WP8 launch. He said Sprint has no plans to carry WP8 anytime soon so I moved on to Verizon. Would have been nice to say we may next year and I would have held out on my upgrade. Oh well I'll just move back after my contract is up.

I think if you left sprint no point coming back. Still the same sprint, mediocre speeds with great price, and little to choose in devices.

I'll second that. I'm very happy I moved away from HTC. I loved my HTC HD7, but Lumia 920 is way ahead of HTC.

F u sprint. After 13 yrs with u, u can stay last. Got my WP8 now and thank God I didn't have to "wait" for Dave Owens to make up his mind.

14 year with them and left with Lumia 920. Its too bad, I liked Sprint but I have no regrets. Never really realized how "limited" their data speeds were. I never used more than 3gb a month anyway and actually have a better deal with ATT share plan. I may be back but for now, ATT has been great.

Come on sprint, really, this late in the game. I guess it's better late than never. I just hope they get some Nokia 920 love. I would seriously consider going to sprint if they do.

Based on what I've read regarding Sprint still struggling with the high cost of their iPhone launch, it's more likely they will start with the HTC 8S, and perhaps also the Lumia 620.
If Sprint actually do release WP8 devices, then it would be intriguing to me because it could not be because of WP8 selling loads of handset in the U.S. In fact, initial reports indicate WP8 sales has been tepid at best at AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. The same reports indicate that the iPhone has now a death-grip on the U.S. market and that even Android has gone down by a big margin. Could it be that Sprint is getting uncomfortable with the tightening control Apple has over them?

8S is a "not at this time" phone... possible to come, but unlikely - IF it does come, it'll prob go to a prepaid carrier (Sprint Prepaid?) as it doesn't have 4G (unless they tweak it last min for US)

But 8X however is still new enough to shine brightly on Sprint!

Hopefully a brand new phone, the current crop of WP 8 phones is already getting a bit boring. An S4 Pro phone or something different and interesting would be nice.

If they get the 920 I will personally find a Nokia "exec" and slap the shit out of him with a T-mo magenta colored glove.

Sorry...too late Sprint...I switched to ATT...a carrier with more guts to support a better product when they see it.

With an HTC Arrive nearing its contract end, I'm not reupping with Sprint, no matter what phone they get. Piss poor support. Sprint never gave us the two bug fix updates and is highly unlikely to give us the 7.8 update too. Why should I trust them to support a new phone for the next two years?

Holy crap!  I went to sprint.com, chose New Customer Just Browsing, and clicked Smartphones.  You can sort by OS and to my dismay I saw Windows Phone as an option.  So I checked it and it came back with the Motorla ES400S running WM6.5.3!  Geezus, this phone has to be over 2 years old.  The specs look pretty sweet though:  Fingerprint reader and rugged.  That would be nice to have in a WP8.

I've talked with people from office of dan@sprint.com (Jonathon and Tamara) both telling me"we do offer a windows phone,you can't say we don't" each referencing the same motorolla...

That company is pathetic,glad I left with 2 lines after 10 yrs. Love my lumia 920

I did the same with 4 Lines. I would admit that I do miss the unlimited data since I stream my music through Xbox music leaving the internal space for game and apps. And my bill is quite high compare to what I was paying on sprint!!!!

I also switched to AT&T with four lines for WP (seems like a recurring theme for Sprint :( ). I miss the lower pricing of Sprint, it's about $100 more a month with AT&T for the same lines and 6GB of shared data, which we don't even come close to using but it's the cheapest option (you can actually pay more if you want less data, go figure). The coverage is about the same where I live and work which is pretty subpar, was hoping for at least better cell coverage with AT&T. Then again, perhaps it's just the craptacular call quality of the HTC Titan; I won't be able to judge that though til i upgrade one of the phones later this year...

Too late since I shifted the boat to AT&T. Maybe if they have a compelling device ( Lumia 920) aluminum body I will probably go back because I do miss the unlimited data. But anything less than that, I won't be going back.

About damn time, I love my Arrive but it's time for an upgrade. Maybe it will be something new from Nokia or Htc, I'll even be happy to see that elusive unicorn the Samsung ativ if it ever decides to show itself. Just let it be something great

I have sent several e-mails to Dan@Sprint.com regarding my desire for a Windows Phone 8 device so it is about damn time. I would love the Lumia 920 or the 8X with an unlimited data plan. I can't pull myself to pay more per month for AT&T just for the Lumia 920 which is what I really want. I am however very tempted to make the switch to Verizon for the 8X and comparable monthly charges. 
Depending on the timing of this and when I can expect a phone determines if I stay with Sprint or not.

Who cares, I already left. After 9 years, couldnt be happier with my Yellow Lumia 920. they should change their motto from 'The Now Network' to the '5 days late and 5 dollars short network'.

Sprint is still in business? They can't even manage to have a signal around the metro-area international airport near where I live.

We will see it when it happens. There has Nothing that has been going through the FCC so, who knows if they will even get one...
I grabbed a HTC 8x on Verizon and I am very happy, getting the best deal for a off contact phone on the internet (yep I looked).
Spring users I hope you get one but, I would not count on anything if your waiting....

I'm hoping its the Surface phone... it would be cool if they had something different. Everyone has giant phones, maybe they'll go with something that I don't have to tote in a packpack like the Galaxy Huge.

It's too late for Sprint. I had them, loved my HTC Arrive but wanted something better.  Since Sprint wouldn't commit I paid my ETF and went to AT&T.  Their internet is so much better too.

Too late Sprint, never going back no matter what phone you have.

Being an Arrive owner, I wouldn't be surprised if Sprint confused Windows Phone 8 with Windows 8 PC running Skype over 3G.

I got tired of waiting and left Sprint for AT&T. Miss the unlimited data, but not the truly awful data speeds.

I always thought Verizon lte was a gimmick. About 2 months ago, my city in Oregon got the Verizon lte and what's special about my citys lte is that it has one of the fastest Verizon lte towers in the nation. I get over 28 mbps in normal day. So if you sprint customers thinking about switch to Verizon for wp8, don't hesitate! Lte is faster than my 3 mbps Qwest! Happy to be red 8x user!

If we're getting an existing phone I'm crossing fingers for a Lumia 8xx series.  There's also the possibility of  ATIV.  There was a sprint windows phone rumored at the beginning of last year with intriguing specs as well.

Sprint come lately.  My wife jumped the Sprint ship over to Verizon over a year ago but I was holding out since I loved my Arrive and there really wasn't any new phone that I wanted to switch to.  When WP8 launched and Sprint had it's head up its ass, I paid the ETF and joined my wife on Verizon and picked up an 822.

As we can see from this forum alone, Sprint likely "noticed" the mass abandonment from folks who could jump ship. They likely saw that the ones they were losing were on their Windows Phone device, then finally got around to noticing "internally" how many of those same people LOVED the Arrive. At that point, sitting at the poker table trying to find the idiot... They realized that they (Sprint) were the idiot. Probably too late. My contract ends in July and I'll weigh all options, but will likely end up back at Verizon unless AT&T woos me with something even bigger than the 920. (Surface Phone! Surface Phone! Surface Phone!)