Windows Phone 8 Unleashed developer resource now available on Amazon

Windows Phone 8 Unleashed

We previously touched on Microsoft MVP for Client Application Development, Daniel Vaughan's latest Windows Phone book back in February, but now the title is available to purchase on Amazon. Windows Phone 8 Unleashed is a developer resource for those who are interested in developing apps and games for the Windows Phone platform.

Vaughan teaches through complete sample apps that illuminate each key concept with fully-explained code and real-world context. It's presented with best practices in mind for creating highly functional and attractive Windows Phone apps. Drawing on access to the Windows Phone development team, he also goes into some detail that other resources may lack.

Here are a few Windows Phone 8 enhancement examples, which are included in the book:

  • Voice Commands
  • Wallet integration
  • New Live Tile Capabilities
  • Nokia Maps Control
  • File and Protocol Associations

Priced at $35, be sure to head on over to Amazon and pick up a copy if interested.

Source: Amazon, via: @DBVaughan


Reader comments

Windows Phone 8 Unleashed developer resource now available on Amazon


pre-ordered like 3month ago from amazon.ca  and still don't know when i will get mine  omg  i have send them a email and their repply was that it was back-ordered... how is that possible it was always out stock from day 0 (may 16) lol 

Even though I've created a bunch of successful Windows Phone app I still ordered...this guy is a great author.

Unfortunately, I'm a visualizer and not a programmer. I can't code to save my life and I wish there was a way I could create an app with my ideas for things on mind. But alas, I don't know of any programs that I could get started with.

I was just telling my wife I wanted to start making some WP8 apps.  This book seems like a step in the right direction, though I noticed in the preview he mentions that this will require the 64-bit version of Windows 8 ... this might be a problem for me.
My dreams dashed so quickly!

Am sure you can come across a x64 version of Windows if you look hard enough :) although if you don't have hw that can support it that would be more problematic...

You could still develop on a 32-bit machine. Visual Studio (with all its variants) is still written with a 32-bit code base. You could debug your app on a physical WP phone through USB. No 64-bit required, even on Windows 7.