Windows Phone 8.1 picks up first update, improves battery life and squashes bugs

Windows Phone 8.1 has been with us for a month now. It came out April 14 and we’ve been loving it ever since. Today the first update is being pushed out to those in the Preview for Developers program who are running Windows Phone 8.1.

Rocking Windows Phone 8.1.? You’re on OS version 8.10.12359.845 if you are. This update will put you at OS version 8.10.12382.878. Head to settings > phone update > check for update to grab the new version and start the installation. 

What can you look forward to in this update? According to Joe Belfiore, you can look forward to a ton of bug fixes and battery improvements!

Update, play around and let us know what you notice!

Pro tip: Not seeing the update? Make sure you still have the Preview for Developer app installed and that you're signed in with your Microsoft account. Also this update took a little bit of time to install for us. It held at 1% for a bit and then exploded to 100% during our install.  

Update: If you notice apps 'installing' after the update, just give it 5-10 minutes as the app migration will bring them over. Don't Fret!

Source: @joebelfiore

Thanks for the tip everyone! 


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Windows Phone 8.1 picks up first update, improves battery life and squashes bugs



I had poor battery life with my 1520 but then I did a factory reset and everything was great after that. Two day battery life in a pinch... Easily a day and then some with heavyish use.

+928 = slightly worse battery life.  Still getting a full day, but less than it was before the update.

I think we get that battery life was poor with the initial WP8.1, but has it improved with the latest WP8.1 Update that we received today.  That's the question.  Let us know on that.

I just installed it so I'll let you know how it rolls.  It seemed to install exactly how they described.  The progress bar was low for awhile and then filled up quick.  It's installing the apps now, but so far so good.

8.1 battery life (before the present update) is really good in my 625 but not so good in my 925. Havn't updated yet but hopefully this updte will improve battery life in my 925 and make it great in my 625.

Was worse for a week or so on my 920. Let it completely drain and recharge, and a soft reset and it's better than before. Hopefully this update will improve it again

I'm getting scroogled by those kind of bugs on laggy brand new Kitkat 4.4.3 (even worse!). Planning downgrade (again) to Jelly Bean in the next hours.

I had bad battery, did soft reset, and all of a sudden, im almost getting 2 days on my Lumia Icon.....now it depends on if i am playing games or not, but if im not playing games, 2 days is in reach.

For Nokia Lumia 920, Hold down "Volume Down" + "Power" buttons for 10 seconds; phone vibrates then release the buttons. This would soft reset your phone.

Scary thing is the reset your phone and new screen snapshot buttons to press are very very similar.... minus the holding down for 10 seconds.

that's not soft reset that's restart. Hold down "Volume Down" + "Power" buttons for 10 seconds is used for restarting the phone.

So tired of soft&hard reseting and endless battery drains on my lumia 920. Too bad i rather like Windows phone OS but Nokia devices battery is just subpar. Never again Nokia or whatever they call it now. Battery drain of this magnitude is just not acceptable :/

While I won't argue your personal experience with their devices, I would suggest uninstalling the LOLCATS Lockscreen Wallpaper and disable  Live Tile and Toast notifications.

Goto settings -> about -> "reset your phone"
Beware, you may lose all your data. So backup first!
For backup, settings-> backup and select what stuff you can backup :)

I did a factory reset to my 1520 too after finding out it was terrible on 8.1. But battery life still bad and not as good as it was when it had the 8.0

Exact same thing for me! Did a hard reset because of poor battery life and Glance wasn't showing notifications. After the reset battery life drastically improved and Glance notifications started working.

i know you would ask that :)   use GPS, Listen to music about 45 mins per day, make calls about 30 mins , browse about 1-2 hours..


i switch on


Mobile data


mobile data


only when needed


no background jobs...

use camera about 4-5 times a day with or w/o flash..


I get 4 - 5 DAYS from my L620, and I just leave everything turned on with auto brightness. I even use transparent tiles with a start screen background, and glance. I use my phone for internet / email / calendar / music / Cortana, and about 30 minutes of gaming per day, so not a heavy user. Oh, and I also turn my phone off overnight.

I don't know why I keep NFC on, I never use it. I let WiFi sense switch between Cell data and WiFi when it wants too, so I have to keep those on, and the odd time I'll use the BT in my car, so I keep that on too.

I guess it's because I don't have a large high resolution screen or a quad core CPU??

My L620 can barely make it through the day in my pocket doing nothing. I've tried hard resetting it and everything. I don't know why...

You have to be lying. Like. I'm not trying to start a war here, but this is outside the realm of reality. Even turning off the phone at night. I can see maybe 2 or 3 days.

I can't tell you WHY I get 4-5 days, when others don't, but I'm not lying.

I have nothing to gain from lying.

how you get 4-5 days. i get only 5-6 hours on my lumia 620 after wp 8.1 update. now i m getting this new update, lets see what happens to battery,may it extend some battery timing....

I get like 4-5 hours with my HTC 8X with Battery Saver ON, and brightness on low and also why does it take 10% of my battery to turn the phone back on?

So in other words, you micro-manage you phone to get 4-5 days battery life. At least your being honest, and I appreciate that. I, on the other hand, keep everything turned on all the time, and charge my phone with a wireless charger while I am sleeping. I refuse to baby sit my battery.

I don't micro-manage my phone.

In my post I said that I leave everything on, with auto-brightness. The only thing I do to "manage" my phone is turning it off at night. I hardly call that micro-managing.

wouldn't week be like 7 days,,,, just checking.. strange had 920 got about 2-3 days with it .. 1520 charge it about once a week.. , got it in March 2014

My son gets nearly a week but that is because mobile data is off. He does use his 620 for games and instagram and makes only the occasional call a day.

I got the 1520 as soon as 8.1 Dev came out, and I get 2-3 days no problem at all. GPS, e-mail, watching YT, reading endless news stories, etc... I would say out of that around 10-12 hours of actual screen time. It's actually amazing, and I never turn my phone off at night either.

Tap swipe issue is gone on my 1520 after this update.

Phone was heating up quite a bit initially unpinned Cortana from the start page,now it seems just to run warmer using wpc app.

Will take a couple days to really see what else was improved with this update.

So far so good


Its great on my 1520, did you do a hard reset when u installed the 8.1? if not do it and it works much better. Mine lasts 2 days minimum even using it heavily.

That's no good, did you go into battery sense and disable stuff from running in the background? After you update to 8.1 it resets any background task blocking you had previsouly setup.

Also, an app will not be listed as allowed or blocked until you actually try to run it in the background. So if you blocked everything and then installed or opened/used more apps you should go back in there and check it out.

4-5 hours really? That's too low for normal usage, I mean unless you use a lot of background services... you must be a heavy user right? I've a 520 as well. But I get 15-20 hours with low usage on that. And around 12-15 hours with mid-high usage on my 720... But still I did get more before the update.

Well, not exactly heavy use. I keep data off, brightness usually off, and use it for mostly texting and music. Usually in sleep mode

Did you check the active background services? Running Cortana (even in background) all the time can also eat a lot of battery

I am not sure about that. I have cortana running all the time and battrey sense shows very low drain due to it. On the other hand, IE11 has been a big hog - even if I use it a little bit, it shoots up to the top of drain list - cortana, never.

Well try this-
Goto settings -> battery saver -> swipe to "usage" tab -> now change the apps from "always allowed" to "not allowed" which you don't want to run in background. It should help!
YES prolonged usage of IE can drain a lot of battery. Try UC browser.
Cortana won't be listed top among battery drainers because Cortana requires GPS to make it work, which drains battery, indirectly Cortana.

I can also get about 10 -12 hours on my battery. That's with moderate useage. Playing games and YouTube videos will drop mine done to 6 - 9 hours depending how long I play and such. Not bad for a 521. I do have a lot off background stuff turned off and don't use Cortana.

Before the update my battery can stay all da from 5 : 00 AM to 6 : 00 PM now it only last until 4:00 PM. Maybe you should try to active quiet hours when not use it. Seriously it make my battery last longer

I carry an icon and I was getting a minimum of 7-8. That isn't bad for me as I use it as my primary driver for work and play. I have to say, this quick charge feature Nokia uses is great

Battery life on my lumia 520 is better with update...you should try this:wait until battey is empty,let the phone turn off..then charge it while its turned off for a few hours...and turn off all feedbacks for microsoft,internet explorer,all apps in backgroun and you should see some improvements...520 also feels faster aftrr update.

We're all normal people here. Also, Nokia has to test and approve the update and release it to the carriers for testing you wont see it for months.

I have a 1020. Was at work at 9pm get home at 6pm and I still have 70% left.  Maybe you all use your phone toooo much?

From what I remember when 8.1 first came out, the common theme was that most of us 1020 owners didn't experience the battery issues everyone else was having


Well I had terrible battery on my lumia 1020 but as soon as I disabled glance I saw a really massive difference... I took some time to realize it since the difference was really minor on WP8 whether I had glance or not enabled.

Let's see which version is shipped with the phones before we make any conclusions on what is final and what is not.

again, you vs paul. sorry, paul wins. who are you to know? at least the guy gets tips from half of MSFT. you? can YOU say the same?

Considering we just got a decent size up date, Paul HAD to be wrong.  Those were not the final bits because we now have new bits.  And I'm sure this won't be the last update before final 8.1 starts going out.

did you read what he said even? He said we had the RTM but these are POST RTM bits. what you're saying doesn't make any sense. It would be like saying windows 8.1 RTM wasn't final because the were fixes that came after it. Well, in that case NOTHING is ever final until they stop fixing it a decade later...

So, just so I'm clear, you're saying what will ship to the users, will be the version without the update?  And then they will have to download the update as well?  Final bits to me is what will be delivered to the public upon release.  Until then, this is absolutely still beta.  And calling all of us "pompus pricks" is really a bit mean spirited. 

Well, I'm sitting here with software that is newer than Pauls alleged final RTM. I don't need leaks if it's public.

so you mean you're sitting there with a POST RTM build which is what he is saying? How do you know you're not getting the first bits of what will become GDR1? It seems to me you cannot prove it either way unless you can get MSFT to officially release the version number for the official RTM build.

I never had any issues with my 1020 after 8.1 update. Infact I've had no issues what so ever, not one lock no crashers, nothing...  

My battery wasn't doing great. But I did realize that the phone's OS was new and i was constantly playing with and using it. Now that It's normal to me, the battery is doing a lot better.

My battery life stabilised after a while on my 1020. Probably like others, due to just using the new features more, now I'm not always fiddling with it the battery life is back to pre-dev preview levels, but improvements are still welcome.

I'm seeing this too in my 1020. The battery percentage stayed at 45% even if I did play a game for more than 5 mins. I think it is more than 1 hour now that it stayed at 45% with data on and more than 7 allowed background task.

Hey buddy I just need a clarification from you since you are a l720 user like me even I don't have any kind of bugs and problems after updating to preview windows phone 8.1 the only thing is that in the three column layout sometimes when I come out of an app using the the Windows button the is a slight lag in the transition but our seems fine when I use the two column layout which we used to have I don't find any lag out maybe there but I would not have noticed and sometimes the tiles go blank when I turn on the net and takes few seconds for them to load many people after updating face this but I just need to know if that is normal on Lumia 720
And will this problem get rectified after the official update firmware for Lumia 720?

Don't worry! It's not only you. It happens with me as well, ever since I updated to 8.1 (both in my 520 and 720 as well). I think its because 3 column view requires more memory to resume back. Because you must have noticed we get a lot of space for more tiles when we use 3 column and thus were use more live tiles as well, which requires more memory to show up while it's idle in background. I think chances are slim it'll be fixed in official update as we are 512mb ram users.

My Icon would get hot as hell 10m after I took off charger with nothing running and screen off. Same for my wife's Icon.

You have FB beta installed? Even closed out, some crazy stuck process was killing my battery. I just uninstalling it and rebooted. No heat, and much better battery life.

It's not just the beta. The offical version will remain open after hitting back if you landed from the people hub. I'm constantly going back and force closing it becasue my 1020 would start getting warm if I didn't.

Have you opened the Battery Sense app to find out what is using all the power?  If not, you should check it out since that is exactly what it is meant for.  It's a new feature in WP8.1. 

Check your e-mail update settings. 8.1 reset mine to "auto" or something. I always had them at 15 minutes before.

Changing that back fixed my battery issue.

Man I had the same problem on my 620 but scene I've turned the location off the battery was better than before

Ton of bug fixes & battery improvements, means there is ton of bugs in wp8.1 preview.
As I will clear I am on wp8.0 & waiting fir official release OTA,

Sometimes when I try to delete a picture it disappears for a second and then reappears. The auto upload to onedrive doesnt work when I reframe a picture with nokia procam. Lumia 1020 here

That didn't happen with me. My guesses- you said 1020, whose image files are huge and can take a some time to delete but it shouldn't reappear!?
The autoupload issue is due to Procam I guess. It can be OneDrive too (in fact OneDrive was broken few days back so they updated it) but its not the OS issue, the reappearance of photos after deleting can be so though.

Only the ones I reframe are not uploading. Here's the scenario. If I take a pic with procam and make no change using the reframe option, it's uploaded. But if i take a pic with procam and then make a small change with the reframe option, its not uploaded. But then, if I reframe it again to the original size it gets uploaded. Weird 

I get your problem now but it looks like you're not the only one. Check out this thread. A lot of people are having problem uploading pics to onedrive when changed through reframe option. Can you confrim if the files are changed into DNG when reframed? Because DNG files can't be uploaded to onedrive by default.

Battery on my 1520.3 has always been great (a full charge lasts me all day at work + lots more). Update took total of 15min over T-Mobile LTE Network and my phone is running much smoother.
Good job Microsoft.

Same! Try uninstalling FB Beta. A stuck process was killing my phone and burning it up. The regular FB is fine though.

+1520 I just did a clean install of 8.1 when it first came out and since then I've had EXCELLENT battery life. I get 1 and a half to 2 days. I use glance in peek mode, Cortana rarely, and Bluetooth often.

Wow...on my 620 battery life just the same, maybe 1-2 hours less...and battery power is the weak point of 620...however I guess that optimal power consumption performance we have to wait a proper firmware update. The OS can have generic power saving features but the "magic" happens mostly by the firmware being device specific

You should make sure in the battery saver that no unwanted apps are allowed to run in the background.

I haven't installed this update yet, but my Icon has had amazing battery life with 8.1. I only seem to charge once for an hour every day.

I've not had any battery issues with battery life on my Icon.  I can make it the whole day and I work 10 hours a day.

My 820 drains battery at a rate of 20% per hour without any physical use after this update. Well done!

Mine is awful too. I'm on a Lumia 925 and I'm thinking we need a firmware update to fix the unoptimized elements of the software we're running.

Exactly my thought when I saw this. Man the battery life on my Lumia 920 has been awful. Between 11 to 14 hours with normal usage. And without Cortana (pain!) it lasts like a solid 16 hours.

Cortana does drain a lot of battery. Non-optional location and internet service activation to use Cortana makes it obvious though!

Not having Cortana running on Lumia maybe a blessing.. Am getting pretty decent battery life with 8.1 on my Lumia 1520. It's always nice to end each day with about 40-50% battery life each day.

Noticed something new. When you have a call in progress there's a video box that you can click. Before it was only available for Skype

627.AM is a great app.  I tried Cortana but still like 627.AM better.  I enjoy the easy scheduling and the alarm option to start off at low volume and progressively increase it until I turn it off.  Some mornings I need just a gentle reminder of the alarm verses a full kick in the #@!.

Those apps make no sense. I can guarantee that the best way to make your battery life better is NOT but running another program :P that's just silly

Batter performance barely uses any battery at all. The good thing about it is that it tells you logs of your battery performance.