Windows Phone 8.1 Store now reveals your phone make and model in reviews

Here’s one feature we knew was coming for Windows Phone 8.1, but wasn’t quite ready a few weeks ago: device enumeration in reviews.

Yup, numerous reports have come in confirming that under app and game reviews, individual posts will not only show the user’s name (if registered) but their exact Windows Phone make and model used for the review. That’s important for context when reading a analysis by someone. For instance, if customer rates a game’s performance as “excellent with smooth graphics” it makes a difference if they’re on a Lumia 520 versus a Lumia 1520. Not only that, if an app developer sees negative reviews only from HTC 8X users, they may very well conclude there is something going on with their app that needs fixing.

Some other information included in the Store includes the date of the review and the version number of the app or game for that review. Once again, this helps give context to the app evaluation for others to see. If a person rated an app 2 stars (out of 5) for version 1.2 but version 2.0 is out, then you may want to dismiss that assessment (and give it the old ‘not helpful’ vote, which is also new in 8.1).

Although Windows Phone 8.1 has some divisive issues like Cortana availability, the Store so far has been nearly universally praised. These refinements to reviews helps make the Store more useful and powerful, so we’re glad to see the improvements.

Thanks, Omar A., Pranjai R., and Priyam T., for the tips!


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Windows Phone 8.1 Store now reveals your phone make and model in reviews


Android 4.0
•Swiping between menus instead of tapping them is Metro
•action bar is copied from wp7 (especially making it common between apps, is exactly what Metro is)
•photo album UI looks exactly like WP7 gallery
•contact groups is from WP7
•people app is direct copy of wp7 people's hub
•folder creation method (dragging two icons together to make a folder) is from iOS
•Lock screen to camera is from WP7/iOS (which iOS copied from WP7)
•switching reply method between email/sms/call in contact card is WP7 (Actually, webOS did that 1st -ed.)

I actually found someone who realized that Android copied us. (you saw Android TV? That thing looks like the modern UI of Windows 8)

I don't have an Xbox but I believe you. Anyway Microsoft has been the first to implement the flat UI. After that everyone has been opting for the flat UI. Microsoft are pioneers as always... yet people say they suck. IDK why.

I really don't think it matters if a platform "copies" another. Had they not, they wouldn't have the features they have today, nor would they be as good. So, I don't really see any point to call out on a platform for borrowing certain concepts.

I wasn't throwing any tantrums. Someone asked me a question and I complied by finding an old wpcentral article. I was being quite lazy and copied & paste some of the similarities.
A lot us have pride and will defend this oS to the bitter end but I don't think this was one of those situations.

Or is it .... The other way round?! Google's Play Store started to look more like Windows Phone Store than "Official Windows Phone Store".

What do you mean "copied"? These additions are purely logical. Anyone who cares about reading reviews knows this information is necessary to understand the context of each review. This change is a requirement that's been sorely missing. Google doesn't own this idea. The "Play Store" wasn't the first place this type of information showed up either. Use your brain dude!

This is not copying. It's a nice, useful addition that shouldn't be left out just because someone else had it first. Grow up, dude...

Attention to detail excellent news, shows they care a lot about getting things right for the OS...

It isn't, it's actually much clearer than it was. It's also better without the toy style 52pt header at the top!!!

That is 100% a new feature, so if it's not there yet (I hear it's not) then it will be coming. Responses won't be public, only to the reviewer, but Microsoft may change that later as they feel out what devs want.

If I understood correctly, they already started to enable review replies to a closed number of selected developers, to test it out a little bit and get feedbacks, and later they will gradually turn it on for eveyone. So yes I think you're right, they could still evaluate how to manage things like public or private visibility for replies and so on.

Daniel please help me.. I can't rate apps and games though I have registered with Microsoft account. I'm facing this problem about an year. Don't know what to do...! Everybody rate apps, games only i can't....feeling very sad

Open windows phone store website FROM PC and login with your live id and try reviewing an app via pc(it can be done there once you are logged in and visit an app page via pc)

Also open your live id settings via browser and see if basic information like name and dob are filled...( id created while registering for phone leaves these blank)

Lastly regularly sync your live id by going to settings-accounts--- tap and hold on it---sync

This should do it...if it still doesn't work...try resetting...but it shouldn't reach that far

ha ha. are you serious? responses won't be public?. I can't believe the smart guys a MSFT don't get it. Anybody with an app has been trolled by the typical:

"your app doesn't do XYZ, therefore it sucks"

when in fact your app does do it, but the person never bothered to look. Any developer would like to set the record straight once, so that any readers will not have to wonder why the assertion went unchallenged.

seriously what da hell is wrong at redmond. It is like the live in a bio-dome totally isolated from real world problems.

I would love that. In addition to providing information, it would also show which developers actually care enough to respond...

I like this change too.

I don't see"the version number of the app or game for that review".

EDIT: now i see it but only for some reviews, not all

See the amazon app reviews, for example. It doesn't show for all reviews, for some reason. 

Nice little new feature. Just had a quick browse though the store and seeing a lot of 920's and 520's

Sort reviews has been there since 8.1 developer preview released. That's why the article doesn't mention it as new feature.

Good one.. Wish they could change sorted by 'most helpful' to 'most recent' by default(when we open up the review for the first time).. Recent comments helps to find out how an app working after the recent update.

On WP that's usually not an issue anyway, since most apps haven't been updated in years...
I looked through reviews for several apps right now, and it's amazing how many apps that seem to have severe issues that just haven't been updated at all. Kind of depressing.

Also its kind of awkward that these people pay the yearly fee to put their app in the store yet they don't make it good. What's wrong with you developers?!

Nice addition. What I miss is the ability to choose one or more languages of the reviews. There should be an option for selecting multiple languages and one for having everything else automatically translated to a language of your choice.

For you guys wondering why Microsoft supports China it's because of the phones they use read the Chinese reviews they all got high end phones.

This might me off topic but, why aren't there any game categories in the store? It's very difficult to find a game of a particular genre.

I really dont like users who give bad reviews and ratings in the store and have crappy Lumias 520 and 620. 

When I try the app everything runs smoothly (Lumia 925 and 1520).

I dont like low-end users, they expect they will get everything as the high-end but dont want to pay for almost anything. (for device nor  apps)  LOL

That is just blowing your own trumpet. Try to think about others too. Not everyone has the means to get a high end lumia, like the 925, 1520 etc. That is the main reason why phones like 520 are more popular. Also, people who just switched to the platform tend to buy lower end devices just to get a feel of it. Not to mention students(like me) and the non working class.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

"Crappy Lumias"... Just remember, you may afford to buy all High End lumias. WP market purely depends on Low End phones like L520 and L620!! Dont you see the market share. Imagine if MS pulled the support for Low end models, WP 'd be dead in a year... Every App has its merits and demerits, that varies with phones. NEVER disgrace a LUMIA...

For those crappy lumias WP has got some market share..So nobody cares what you think about them..If those crappy lumias were not there,right now you would be sucking your fingers with Microsoft..  

Pranjai if a user cannot buy his L1520, he should simply shut up! Posting 1 star saying "put it free" will cause the exact contrary !!
Personally I set an App Paid only to avoid stupid people 1 star comments.

That's fine and all... I myself used a 520 for a couple of months... The problem is, those users hijack the app reviews with one-star ratings due to the app not being free... That's completely out of bounds... It's simply like users with an iOS device who wants to Jailbreak the device just so they could install bootlegged apps... Or Android users who're just in the platform since they could install bootlegged apps at will...  With the price of the device, apps shouldn't be a problem... Yes, free apps won't hurt but we shouldn't expect everything to be free... Even with the low-end Lumia devices... They may be the most affordable devices but, compared to the prices of apps, it shouldn't be an issue...

The 620, "crappy"? Mate, you never used the 620, clearly. That is the best damn low end phone ever made. If it had 1GB of RAM I would consider it high end. Think twice before being silly.

Sure, it's stupid when people expect things to run on a 520 as they would on a 930, but to say the 620 is crappy is just silly.

I'm a 620 user and I actually buy my apps. I've bought fruit ninja, sonic cd, mirrors edge, asphalt 7, wpcentral app, nextgen reader, mangablaze and many others. I agree that some 520/620 users say make it free but you don't have to say all of them do.

Friends please help...i can't rate apps games though I have registered with Microsoft account...don't know what to do?? I'm facing this problem about 12 months. Please help me friends...i hope you will help me...

We can't help you, but contact Microsoft. Windows Phone support should be able to help you. Reach to them either through the website or through Twitter.

This feature is great for developers. With the Device and ratings, they can optimise their product for more. 

This is not so much use for devs as it only shows in the store for your region. The developer reports already show the phones for reviews but it only displays the manufacturer name such as RM-821_eu_euro1_276 which is confusing as you have to look it up. Hope they can improve these too, 

Great idea, always wanted to know why certain people are saying something doesn't work and now we can build a pattern also the fact that we can confirm who's review is useful is brill.

Thank you Luigi, it would have been good to have Like buttons here :-)

They need to implement Disqus discussion plugin as many have requested to get this section improved.

Exactly, it'll help developers to find out what phone models are having issues with the apps they develop.

.. Why am I unable to find asphalt 8 on windows phone 8.1 store on my Lumia 525... Very annoying.. It has 1 GB RAM and I can't find asphalt 8

Still not showing downloading bar and speed, it is needed so badly. Sometime when downloading big game on slow connection this can be useful

All downloads made in the store do show the download bar. Though I admit a percentage indicator maybe helpful for some.

Now this is a Feature thats worth speaking about. Glad to see this being added to the WP store. This clears any doubts regarding the functionality of an app on a particular phone according to models.


nice to see this feature! :)

but i would like to see if or how this feature will be enabled for windows 8 in the "universal windows store" alias treshold :P

I wish people would update their apps to the latest version before rating that way they don't leave negative reviews on issues that have been fixed already. Hopefully when 8.1 is rolled out to the masses this won't be a big issue since apps will update automatically.

This is nice. Upon reading this, I immediately thought of browsing the store for any reviews from users who pirated the app. Apps that mostly require 1GB but then it has reviews from a user with 520 or other 512MB devies, they're really obvious to spot as the store wouldn't really let 1GB apps to be installed on devices with 512MB. Microsoft should let developers to have the ability to remotely uninstall their apps (ala Twitter beta) from devices that do not meet requirements (which are most likely pirated anyway)

I know this is out of topic, but it's kinda related, anybody with Lumia 1520, that the store did not notify updates? Ever since 8.1 came out, my store doesn't notify me updates anymore... Had to do it manually... I am still on WP8.

I see two loading bars right after i click on download, it disappears once the downloading starts..

'loading..'.. on top of the screen and 'downloading....' in the middle of the screen.. donno why MS love those dots so much

Another good tweak to the Store =]    Hope they figure out a way for reviews of apps to show up in other regions if they are written in English.. Would speed up discovery of applications a lot.


That's really cool and very useful. I hope something like this lands on the Windows store, which is seriously lacking even after the latest refresh.

This addition is really helpful as this way we can identify users that are using the same phones as us and find out what they are experiencing before downloading an app / game. I have been marking 1* reviews asking for games / apps to be free as unhelpful when I come across them. The reviews probably stems from the fact that these users don't have credit / debit cards and carrier billing is not available in their area which has nothing to do with the app / game thus unhelpful.

Wooow I thought WhatsApp had the worst rating in the store. Viber isn't doing well either. Just opened first app to see the phone identification))

Whatsapp is old news, download TelegramMessenger, lol. Also I've only heard bad things about viber from everyone m, not specific to Windows phone. Maybe that's why they both have low ratings.