Windows Phone 8X available on Bell Mobility

Windows Phone 8X available on Bell Mobility

Bell Mobility Canada have made their intentions known to stock the colourful Windows Phone 8 flavoured HTC 8X for use on their LTE capable network.

Bell who claim to be Canada’s largest LTE network seem keen on the HTC 8X giving the device a comprehensive set of pages all to itself. They will be kind enough to supply a device on contract for as little as $49.95.

The Bell Canada store was extremely curious to know in what region I was located but still managed to get the site to cough up some details on the deal on the HTC 8X. We previously reported on Future Shop listing the ATIV S on contract and the deal is much the same here, you’ll need to sign your life away on a three year deal to grab the phone at this low price.

The HTC 8X is a top tier phone and has comparable specifications to the Lumia 920 and ATIV S for the most part. While the Lumia 920 has been rare or locked into exclusives the 8X has proved a popular choice for early adopters in this first round of Windows Phone 8 hardware.

The Bell website allows you start building your own unique deal from around $50.00 and if you don’t want to be tied in then you can buy the handset for $599.95. Aside from the three year lock in the prices for airtime seem roughly in line with other deals we have seen for the 8X.

Source: Bell Mobility; thanks, Shane, for the tip!


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Windows Phone 8X available on Bell Mobility


only place to get an unlocked Lumia 920 right now is Expansys.ca or .com for around $615-$650.  That I have found, but if there is somewhere else for cheaper please let me know I want the phone in a colour...which Rogers does not provide.

I was just going to say that rogers has the 8x listed but no stock in store i been checking every couple days still nothing (sydney nova scotia stores)

Some bell stores have a $50 ISC availabe as a closing tool on the 8X. This allows them to send you home with a shiny er matt new 8X for free! However this ISC expires on the 20th of November. Also they are able to waive the evil activation fee.

The official launch date for this device was on the 15th. Not a single Bell store had any in stock. A store clerk answered this was normal as they usualy get product a few weeks after the launch date. This clerk appeared puzzled when I asked why not simply push back the launch date by a couple weeks. It happened that Rogers did have HTC 8X in stock and I got one for my wife from Rogers (and a Lumia 920 for myself). So long Bell. Next time do not screw your customers over.

To be fair, I called and ripped them apart for not having the 8X. The multiple stores I went to said they had warehouse issues with stock. The annoying part is they didn't know anything about the phone besides that and tried to force me onto an iPhone 5. I let them know how grossed out I was of their service, the lady gave me a $250 credit on my account after talking about the general way Bell stores handle their customers for half an hour!

What bugs me is the total lack of signage. I picked up my 8X last Friday, but you would not even know Windows Phone 8 was even out as a choice with all the iPhone and Android stuff strewn.