Windows Phone 8X by HTC available at Cincinnati Bell for $199


US carrier Cincinnati Bell has announced that it will be selling the Windows Phone 8X by HTC for $199.99 after MIR (mail-in rebate). The 4G Windows Phone 8 handset is available at the highlighted price when taken out with an eligible two-year contract.

Unfortunately the pricing is slightly higher than what's being offered by Amazon Wireless with the blue AT&T HTC 8X going for just $0.01. Still, should you be looking for a new Windows Phone, and are interested in Cincinnati Bell, then this is a deal well worth checking out.

Be sure to note that more attractive deals are listed elsewhere and the company appears to only have HSPA+, and while providing ample bandwidth for consumers it's no LTE.

HTC 8X Cincinnati Bell

Mike Vanderwoude, senior vice president and general manager, Consumer Markets at Cincinnati Bell had the following to comment on the announcement of availability and pricing:

"Today’s consumers use their smartphones for everything from checking the latest news and weather, to sharing photos and videos, to navigation and entertainment. The Windows Phone 8X is one of the fastest phones available on Cincinnati Bell’s 4G wireless network, and its high level of customization delivers an unforgettable experience."

The carrier is also offering a free month of service on new plans, but be sure to read all the terms and conditions.

Source: Concinnati BellBusiness Wire


Reader comments

Windows Phone 8X by HTC available at Cincinnati Bell for $199


They use the same bands as T Mobile.  I am a Cin Bell customer but that price is too high since it isn't LTE or have wireless charging like the VZW version.

I wish nokia 920 body design and very light weight like HTC 8x many weak people will not complain too much of nokia weight

Unlimited talk and text is $60 a month. Add 2GB data plan for an extra $30. Roam on T-mobile network.
Was with C.Bell for over 10 years. Now with AT&T and have better coverage and wider selection of Windows phones.

Im not surprised by the price, being a former cincinnati bell customer that left them for tmobile. Maybe the free month of service will lure ppl to overpay