Windows Phone and low-light photos; new infographic breaks down why it’s important

Lumia 928 camera

It should be clear by now that Microsoft, Verizon and Nokia have decided that the main selling point of the Lumia 928 is its stellar PureView camera, geared especially for photos with minimal available light.

Now in a new infographic, aka those trendy collages that combine stats with bold artwork, we see in numbers just how many use their camera in such conditions. Some of the figures include noting how we spend 90% of our lives indoors, with half of that in the dark or how 52% of people take snaps of their food (presumably at dinner time).

Infographic Low Light Photography

In fact, Nokia told us last year with the Lumia 920 that low-light photography was a priority because their research revealed most people take photos after 5PM (aka work), when they go out with friends and family. In other words, low-light photography is not just some gimmick of “look at what we can do” but reflects what people really want to do with their phones (but are often hampered by limits in technology).

The infographic is hosted on the Windows Phone site and we imagine this could be used for in-store advertising as well for the Lumia 928. Either way, it’s a fun way to learn about current trends in mobile lifestyles, no?

Source: Microsoft; Thanks, Faisal A., for the tip!


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Windows Phone and low-light photos; new infographic breaks down why it’s important


I completely disagree. Smartphones are basically all the same today in terms of OS features. It comes down to personal style and other hardware advances today.

Last I checked, there's nothing a Windows Phone can do that an Android device can't in terms of the OS.

I just spent the last 2 hours at an AT&T store playing with a Galaxy S4 and a BlackBerry Z10 while kicking myself in the head for buying a Windows Phone. Those devices do so much more in functionality. Much more important than nice pics.

Ture but as a Z10 owner, the app selection makes me want to kill myself. The BB10 OS, while decent, is far from wow-worthy. It too doesn't do anything special sans universal inbox and a blinking LED.

I would stab someone in the eye for that blinking led! Custom notification tones would be an awesome "new" feature for WP.

Universal inbox? like linking multiple email accounts together on Windows Phone? Blinking LED, like on Windows Phones such as HD7? or am I mistaken?

I tried to come up a list for myself between my WP and Note 2....I couldn't find anything that I couldn't do on my WP  that my  Note 2 could do (as an average user...not a power user). 
But this conversation can be applied subjectively...every person will use different features of the OS. 

The things that stick out to me that really bug are:
1. Can't download and save attachments to the phone. It saves it to the downloading app (unless I believe its a pdf)
- My main thing is downloading music, I use SkyDrive for our small music team... sharing music. documents and files. When we share music I cant save it to my phone to listen to later... have to do this from the app. On android you can save it to your phone.
2. Can't create a playlist for the damn music app on the phone (HTC 8x). Why do I have to connect my phone to a computer to do this?
3. Voice recognition sucks. 
4. Quick settings toggles for bluetooth/wif/etic.. would be nice to have since i routinely switch these on and off.
5. Group texting would also be nice to have since I always seem to be the one in our circle left out of the group conversation
6. Better os integration when clicking links to open apps e.g. MetroTube or Youtube  etc..
7. No Chatheads (lol I love this feature on android)
This isn't partocularly a big list, but these are MY complaints that I wished were addressed. I'm currently dual driving right now using the HTC One & HTC 8x and to be honest I wished the HTC One had windows phone on it with a couple of the things I listed above. I'm a huge fan of the HTC One build quality, and some aspects of the OS, but for daily usage I prefer WP8. 
The general feel of WP8 is that it takes less steps to do most of my basic functions and that its quicker. One example of a basic function is with copy & paste, Android you have to long-press where with WP8 its just a tap. In practice these little things are found all over the OS, with the volume rocker to bring up the music player and the physical camera button to open the camera app. I also love live tiles, pinning my friends to homescreen, groups, sites, in-app shortcuts. You don't get that with any other OS.

Group texting works on WP7. Does this not on WP8??
Also, for your wifi/bluetooth/connectivty there is an App in the marketplace that will let you create pins/shortcuts for your start screen. That's what I did. Kind of lame but works.

@krayziehustler sorry I meant group conversations. We can send mass texts to a group of people but all responses that follow are in a single conversation outside of that group text. I believe Android and IOS both offer group convos.
@ThePKReddy yep I have that app and use it, would be nice if it was built in though.

Group texting doesn't work on Verizon. everyone ells with WP8 can group text. Verizon sucks for blocking this.

Group texting works by using MMS somehow, and will work ONLY if you send the first text. If anyone else on a different OS phone does and you're included in a conversation, you won't see all of the other recipients. When you reply it only goes to the sender, not everyone else. That's my main problem with group texts -- why won't WP handle them the same way as Android, Iphone, and Symbian?

Only if they send a group text with Windows Phone.  If they send with Android or Iphone you won't see the other recipients.  Trust me I've tested this numerous times.  I see a message and don't realize it went to more people than just me, so I reply and the other group members don't even know I sent a text since it only went to one person.

I have AT&T actually, but I believe the people who were texting me are on Verizon.  It shouldn't matter what network someone is on though when they text you.   Texting is supposed to be cross platform compatible.

Try testing with all att phones. Verizon my be blocking on all new phones not just WP8. Group messaging did work with WP7 on Verizon. Verizon is known for blocking stuff my work vpn didn't work with phone hotspot or jetpack had to call and have them enable vpn passthrough on my account. Never had problems like this with Sprint & att.

Totally agree about the file downloading thing with attachments- give us a damn file manager already, MS!!!  That and the OS integration for links.  I don't know how many times I get links to bandcamp or SoundCloud that just won't open the app- it goes out to IE, which cannot find the content I'm looking for.  I would also like to see:
1. Proper NFC capabilites to be able to setup multiple things on contact. (IE: Turn off Wifi/Turn on Bluetooth/Set screen brightness to max)
2.  Proper USB to car usuability.  I hate the fact that i have to carry a seperate phone to play audio in the car and have the stereo read it. (I don't use bluetooth for audio because switching songs while driving is a major ticket...)
3. I agree with playlists.  See my gripe #2.
4. Move the GODDAMN APOSTROPHE to the "Quick Punctuation" shortcut!!!! Why is this so hard??? being that a lot of the english language has contractions, this is just foolhardy.
5. Integrate the WP Office suite better into developer tools like SQL Server (oh yeah, you know it) and MS Access. 

For the apostrophe, you're doing it wrong. Just type the word without the apostrophe and when you hit space it will autocorrect and put the apostrophe in. It will even look at the context and get its/it's right most of the time. And in the few cases where it fails, tap and pick the correct spelling from the word prediction bar. The only place this fails consistently is possessive forms (e.g. "John's") which are fairly uncommon anyway.

Also, WP8 apps can register handlers for both file types and mime types, just like Android. So if you're clicking a link and it's not launching the app, email the app dev and let them know.

A tip for those special characters -- you can hold one finger on &123 and then tap the apostrophe (or other character) with your other finger. Like you would Shift on a computer. Alternatively for one hand, you can press on &123 and drag to the character you want to enter. Let go to insert it. This is much less error prone than two taps, and it works for the shift key too.

Then feel free to go play with a GS4. Because that's all you'll be doing. Playing with it. Windows Phones are meant for getting things done. Getting in and out of the phone as fast as possible. That's always been the goal of WP. I rarely even open apps anymore because of live tiles. As far as functionality is concerned, most all smartphones have the same functionality. Cameras, phone, messaging, social integration, etc.. The rest is up to apps.

I'm with you Daniel.  Most people I know want to be able to take good to great photos with their cell phones.  It's their number one feature.  It's also my number 1 feature in a cell phone.

It's probably the case that Android can do everything WP can do, but definitely not vice versa. WP is still not as mature as WinMO was, forget iOS and Android. I'm not talking about Instagram, but there are a ton of useful apps on Android and iOS that are not available on WP, nor do they have HTML5 substitutions. Even if there are apps on WP, they are usually forgotten and/or last to be updated.
I'm still dumbfounded as to why there is no notification center in WP. The live tiles and the ME hub are not a replacement for a good notificaiton center.
In any case, I agree, in the future, the gap in functionality of the OS will deminish, and we will be judging devices based more on hardware. As of right now, WP still has a long way to go, but luckily for WP and NOKIA, I care more about picture quality, email, and music on my smartphone :)

Off the top of my head, I can think of several things WP can do that Andriod can't.
1. Kids corner
2. Microsoft Office documents
3. One touch pictures
4. Live Tiles
5. Xbox Live Games
6. Native hub for social networks (FB Home tried but not so.)
7. Instant updates about the people I'm connected including integrated messaging for FB, text, messages and Twitter
8. So much more.

Really, none of these are particularly stand out features. I love WP but there are things on Android that are quite important such as a NOTIFICATION CENTER (tiles are no substitute, toasts just disappear), quick toggles, separate volume controls, phablet support, stylus support, etc. Things people have been asking for since version 7.0 that are STILL NOT IMPLEMENTED.
I also really expected Windows Phone 7.0 to have an active digitzer standard before it was revealed. It made so much sense. Windows Mobile was stylus driven, Windows tablet PCs have had awesome stylus support since 2003. I really expected a Galaxy Note like device running WP7.0 in 2010. 

Like how u put that; nothing WP can do that Android can't. Try that the other way around and might have different results!

I belive that L920 has the great camera... better than gestures on S4... waving hands at S4... wait.. wherez my S4.. oops!! dropped it while waving hands!!!! GONE...

Jesus man, have respect for the author.  I don't think you would like a person saying "boring" to your essay/article/editorial...

Go to any other website that's not a fansite, you will either get banned or bashed for saying something like that. 


Isn't the PureView camera confined to Nokia devices?  The way it is being marketed as synonymous with WP, someone could buy an 8X or ATIV S, expecting the same experience.

It says "LUMIA 928" right on the ad...nto sure how it can be confused. It's literally part of the ad campaign for the 928 as it even links back to 928's Windows Phone page...

Not in May. One at the end of June and one July. There could be more, of course, but those are two I know of. They coincide with certain devices...ahem.

I think they are pushing the camera so hard cause one, it's one of the best features and two, to hopefully sway instagram to make an app for the best camera phone

Actually I don't care. I don't use any social networks. I was just pointing out Nokia and Microsoft possible strategy. It's no secret they want the official app, no matter how many alternatives there are. We also know Nokia has been active in trying to lure instagram in

so? what is your statement suppose to mean?
What if i say 48% who doesn't take picture of Food before, just doesn't know how to appreciate beautiful work of chef? guess it 48% American

Prior to getting my 920 I never really had any interest in taking pictures or really even thought of it much, but since seeing what this camera can do and realizing that I always have it with me, my interest in photography has grown by leaps and bounds. Kudos to Nokia for blowing away the competition when it comes to cell phone camera tech.

Ugh, I must have seen two Verizon commercials 20 times last might alone on TNT. Glad Nokia is getting some love from Verizon, but it is a bit overkill

I can just see the ads now... First true UFO photo captured using a Nokia. Then comes the patents.. No UFO photos may be taken with a phone without the written consent of Nokia.

The sad thing is, to most, apps are more important than a usable top end camera. I just don't get people sometimes. Alot of social sharing services out there, yet they don't connect great camera with them..

70% of the people who use a Lumia to take photos will end up with 0% free storage space due to a bug that the OS maker has been 100% aware of for more than 50% of a year.

I don't know if I am in the minority but I use my Winp7 to: send/receive email/texts, read the news, listen to music, read WPCentral (and make thought provoking and self aggrandizing comments), and take pictures. But, not so much on the photo snapping because I hate the outcome. Many of the shots I take are in low light and I simply hate the results hence, I don't take many pictures. I had a BB before I bought an Atrix, before I bought this phone - HTC Titan. I'm satisfied with the phone but I abhor the photo quality. I am presently waiting for my sentence to expire so that I can march right over to my keyboard and buy the latest Nokia phone in whatever name it takes. I bought a 920 for my wife and I am patiently waiting for my turn. Low light photography is not a gimmick to me but something for which I place great importance. I just can't wait to be able to take a photo of my hamburger and send it to all of my friend (singular). Or, wait for that next celestial event like when Mars, Venus, and the moon all aligned in a 30 angle of which I snapped a photo. It was a good picture of pitch black. I'm proud of it.

I'm with you man.  The Titan is a good phone, but definitely hate taking pictures with this thing.  I'm will be waiting for the EOS though.  It's all or none for me since I decided to skip out on the 920....

I can get a 920 in June but that new Nokia on the horizon has me pausing to reflect. I might have to stick with "Cronus" for a while longer. Did I mention that I named my phone after the leader and the youngest of the first generation of Titans? Bet you wish I hadn't. Wikipedia is a wonderful thing. Do the Finnish pay homage to the Norse Gods? Why yes, I am trying to think of a new name for the next phone I get. I'm glad you asked.

LOL-My upgrade is in effect June 28th, so both of us are practically in the same boat.  I have a feeling we will find out more info in a couple of more weeks.  The latest rumor suggests we will be seeing the fabled  EOS unvieling July 9th.  If we get a render leak, then we will definitely know that the phone will be launching this summer instead of having to wait till the fall before retiring Cronus and my Oceanus....ha, and yes Greek mythology has been an interest of mine, ever since I read Mythology and the Percy Jackson series (lol-I'm seriously not a child).

No but really, if you get the EOS, you should name it Eos....lol.  

Ok, I guess I should call you the oracle at Delphi. When reading up on the "Titans", I skimmed over Oceanus and Eos was unknown to me. I found this at the Oracle at Wikiphi, what a coincidence (?) :
From The Iliad:

Now when Dawn (Eos) in robe of saffron was hastening from the streams of Oceanus, to bring light to mortals and immortals, Thetis reached the ships with the armor that the god had given her.

—Iliad xix.1

But soon as early Dawn appeared, the rosy-fingered, then gathered the folk about the pyre of glorious Hector.

—Iliad xxiv.776

Sure hope we don't incur the wrath of the Titans when we retire them. I place blame squarely on HTC and their ZERO support policy. If I get a 920 I might name him Mjolnir. Hey, it can hammer nails, yes?

I find all of the features of my Lumia 920 to be useful vs gimmicky. All of the Galaxy S-Whatever owners I know say the features kinda work, but they don't use them often past the first couple of weeks.

The camera is #1 with me. I don't even carry my Canon ELPH, compact "real" camera...ever.

Daniel, this infographic could easily apply to the 920 too, right??

Not fair so all my Lumia 920 can do is take decent pics @ night then and only then please Nokia no more only low light pic ads please something else an ad that targets more than people who take pics at night that's not what sold me into 920 . I need something to wow my IOS and android friends with out having to turn of the lights a take pictures they'll probably think I'm crazy

Nokia should definitely tout their build quality as well, it's second to none. There are probably more build quality related viral videos out there than for the camera.   Compared to the Galaxy phones, it's fine European design, engineering and build quality (Nokia) vs. cheap sweatshop plastic that feels like an eggshell in your hands. There are so many viral videos on Nokia's build quality that everyone should want one. I've seen drop tests from 4 feet with the Galaxy S3 and upon hitting the corner of the phone the screen shattered and phone started to come apart, meanwhile the Lumia 920 has been hit with hammers, chopped with knives, thrown on pavement, had a big league fast ball hurled at it (not a scratch, kept recording....the S3 shattered into pieces). One guy even put his 920 on the pavement and drove over it with a car....nothing happened! Amazing!

I'm at the point where camera is becoming my #1 reason to get a phone.  I have kids.  I wish I had that Xenon flash.  I love my 920, but the day I can walk into a store and buy the WP equivalent of the 808 I will have cash in hand waiting before they open. 

Low light photos are great, but my daylight photos are complete crap if I don't manually adjust all of the exposure and ISO settings.