Windows Phone App Review: Microsoft HealthVault

Microsoft HealthVault for Windows Phone

HealthVault is an online service from Microsoft to track, record and store health/medical related information. The Windows Phone app, HealthVault, is a mobile client for this service to let you have access to all your health and fitness information while on the go.

The HealthVault service lets you document your medical information, list emergency contacts, track chronic conditions, and upload medical documents (via the online portal). Online access will also recommend health and fitness apps for your Windows Phone.

HealthVault, the Windows Phone app, lets you access all your HealthVault information as well as add information or edit existing data. The main pages of HealthVault will display your information with access to your health information, measurements, and profile.  There is also a Family Page that will display your family members accounts.


The health information link will take you to a listing where you can view, edit or add information on allergies, medical conditions, contacts, family history, immunizations, insurance, medications, and medical procedures. From the measurements link you can track your weight, height, blood glucose, and blood pressure.

HealthVault is a handy application to keep your medical and health information handy. For example if you've had adverse reactions to a certain medication, you can document things on HealthVault and when your at the Pharmacist that information is at your finger tips.  Or, if you can't remember you child's medication allergies, HealthVault can help you there as well.

HealthVault is a free Windows Phone app that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. HealthVault.com is where you'll need to go to set up your free HealthVault account.

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Windows Phone App Review: Microsoft HealthVault


Not to worry. As part of US health care reform, eventually all your medical records will end up in Dr. Brother's hands. Microsoft has pushed hard to be a player in the electronic medical records (EMR) arena, and HealthVault is only a small part of it.
I'm just glad Google decided to bail on EMR. I don't think our medical information need be littered with +1s from various medical professionals. ;)

Add pill taking reminders and I'll use it in a heartbeat.  Also, you should be able to scan your pill bottle somehow.  This app results in a lot of typing.

The idea of health vault is so that developers for hospitals, such as myself can create a patient portal, so that you can manage your appointments, medication etc. However there is not a lot of buy in from hospitals as it costs a lot of money per patient. But the concept is very good and secure. So unless your go or hospital subscribes to it I think it is a useless app.