Windows Phone App Review: Sound Asleep

Sound Asleep for Windows Phone

Here's a quick look at the Windows Phone app, Sound Asleep. Sound Asleep is a simple, straight forward sound generator to help you relax and get to sleep easier. There's not a lot of bells and whistles but if you need the sound of rain and crickets to help you fall asleep, it'll do that.

Sound Asleep has six tiles, representing each sound. There is Ocean and Waves, Thunderstorms, Rain and Crickets, Beach Sounds, Babbling Brook (the creek), and Waterfalls. Just tap on a tile to start the respective sound.

Sound Asleep

Sound Asleep is a nice app and has potential. But it's missing a few key features that would help give things more appeal. First, there isn't a timer. Once you tap a tile, the sound plays continuously until you stop it. It does play under a locked screen but I'm not sure you want the app to run well after you make it to a deep sleep.

To pause a sound you have to hit the volume key to pull down the playback controls. It's not a difficult process but I couldn't help but think it would be easier to tap the tile to start the sound and then tap the tile again to stop it.

All in all, Sound Asleep is a decent sound generator for your Windows Phone. There is room for improvement but if you're looking for a simple sound generator it's worth a try. Sound Asleep is a free, ad supported app that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Windows Phone App Review: Sound Asleep


Love these kinds of apps as I find myself many times falling asleep. My favorite one is still Relax Melodies! A review on that app is well deserved!

Yeah me too. I use sleep bug but it's gotta a pretty ugly UI. This one has that metro feel but no timer? C'mon that's a must

White Noise kinda set the standard. White Noise is on all the phone OS. They were on WP7 from the beginning. Well at least last Feb when I got my phone. I wish more devs would put their apps out to all platforms. I think I'll stick with White Noise since they've supported WP7 from the beginning.