Windows Phone App Review: Tile Master

Tile Master for Windows Phone

Tile Master is a utility app for your Windows Phone that has the capability of creating fourteen live tiles. The tiles can be pinned to your Windows Phone Start Screen or to a virtual start screen within the app.

Tile Master will let you create tiles that will:

  • Access to connection settings (WiFi, cellular, Bluetooth, airplane mode)
  • Website tile to go to specific sites
  • Note tile
  • To-Do tile
  • Flashlight tile
  • Wake-on LAN tile to let you wake up a computer remotely
  • Quote tile to let you pin a quote of the day
  • Picasa tile to access the Picasa Featured album
  • Search Marketplace tile
  • Search Web tile
  • Dialer tile
  • Email tile to send a pre-defined email
  • SMS tile to send a pre-defined SMS message

The app is designed with one page for the virtual start screen and the tile creation screen. You're tile selection runs along the bottom of the creation screen. Just tap on the tile you want to create and an easy to use creation template will appear. You'll have the choice to pin the tile to either the virtual screen or your Windows Phone Start Screen.

Tile Master

In viewing the virtual screen, you can tap/hold to unpin or re-arrange the tiles. Additionally, you can toggle between viewing the virtual screen and a display of tiles pinned to your Start Screen (the tile button in the upper right corner). The nice thing with this option is that you can unpin tiles from your Start Screen within the Tile Master app.

All in all, Tile Master isn't too shabby. If you're looking for a tile creation app, it's worth a try. There is a free trail version for Tile Master that is limited to creating connection settings and website tiles. The full version will run you $.99. You can find Tile Master here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Reader comments

Windows Phone App Review: Tile Master


Does anyone know off an app that allows you to pin a live tile shortcut to brightness? (Samsung focus s is way to dim on low so I always manually adjust it between high and medium)

Haven't been able to find one yet.

It's not permitted in the current API and no app can do it. I also want this functionality - although I am fine with the default levels, I need to manually adjust between them at least 2-3 times per day as the auto-adjust is hopeless. It might be possible with a dev or root unlocked phone... Or in WP8

Is there a way to make an app that puts your battery percentage level on a tile that you can on the start screen?

I have such app. The only problem is your phone have to be dev unlock. Man I miss all my home-brew apps on my old Samsung Focus.

Worth taking a look at wiztiles (which is free). It's a similar app but gives you much more control over the look of the tiles, even allowing you to define the picture and text of the reverse of the tiles. Actually ideally you would get both apps to have the best of all worlds

Any way to pin or make a tile shortcut to Settings\speech. I always need to stop and go to there when I get in and out of the car.

All peeps asking about various other functioning tiles, Check out TouchDevelop, its free and allows you to make your own games, apps or fun functions in an easy to use manor. Or if your lazy you can also download someone else's pre made function for said task which ppl have uploaded to the program.

Not sure if it's just me but if you want your brightness to adjust around the brighter side automatically then first turn off auto brightness, then choose high, then turn auto brightness back on. What I noticed on my att titan that the screen is much brighter outside if I have "high" chosen as the brightness than "low" with the auto brightness on. If it's just me tell me otherwise...

I hope in the next update of windows phone Microsoft would just give us a way to customize our tiles and we wouldn't have to go searching for apps to do something different to spruce up our tiles....just hoping for a change...sigh

Any one knw of an app that lets you create folders for the start screen?...kind of a pain to hve to scroll through all these tiles....know what I mean? :/