Windows Phone App Short Take: Time Sync

Time Sync for Windows Phone

Time Sync is a nice little World time app for your Windows Phone. If you need to keep track of the current time in another part of the world, Time Sync should come in handy.

Time Sync includes a listing of over 6,500 cities and there's a neat conversion tool that will convert any random date and time for one city or country to another.

There's really not many bells and whistles to Time Sync. You have the main page that displays all your world clocks with controls to add cities to your list and to access the conversion tool.

Your local time will be displayed at the top with the date and a small icon illustrating day or night. In tapping a city listing you pull up the synchronization page that will let you adjust the local time of that city and see the other clocks adjust accordingly.

Time Sync

To access the conversion tool, you can use the button at the bottom of the screen or tap/hold a city clock to pop-up a menu.

The conversion tool has fields for the from and to locations and the time and date you want converted. Just fill in the blanks and the conversion is calculated automatically. Time Sync contains historical time zones and civil changes since 1970. The app also includes transitions such as Daylight Savings Time and records Leap Seconds.

So if you want to convert your local time on January 2, 1983 to the time it would have been in Adana, Turkey the conversion tool will do just that.

Again, there's not much to Time Sync but it does the job of time synchronization rather well. If you have colleagues located in another country or you need to keep track of times for an event in another time zone, I can see Time Sync coming in handy.

Time Sync is a free app for your Windows Phone that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Windows Phone App Short Take: Time Sync



I'm the developer of the App.

Can you please tell what time zone are you in and which country is set as system locale on your phone?
That'd help me to narrow down to the issue.

Thanks, and Sorry for the issue!

No problem here on my Lumia 900. It does say this is for Tango. Have you updated your phone? This seems to be a simple and straightforward app.


The users having issue opening the App, please hold on.

I'm trying to figure out the bug that causes it. The crash isn't being reported to my analytics because the App just crshes on the launch.

I'll update as soon as I have the App fixed.


while you're at it, a way to organise the list of cities would be greatly appreciated. So we can swap around to our preference.

Works fine for me here in Australia on my Lumia 800 which has all the operating system updates.

@nirmitk26 : If I may make a suggestion, it would be particularly handy to have the top 4 times on the live tile.  Thanks for the app.

US GMT -5 Lumia 900 Tango. Installed the app but never ran it. Shortly after installing it one of my 5 email accounts stopped syncing. The others were fine. About 6 hours after installing phone started resetting about every half hour, often with permanent data loss in the program running T the time. Panic set in, tried re-booting the phone myself to no avail. Finally recalled installing this App in the am. Uninstalled it and re-booted. Now all was well except for one app that had to be reinstalled. My Lumia has been stable since I bought it mo the ago, so my conclusion is that the issue was with some part of the installation process, since I never actually ran the App. Whatever was compromised during the installation was back to normal after uninstalling the App. Not complaining, just thought there might be a clue in all this to help you debug. Thanks for the effort you're putting into this App! :-)

Folks having issue launching the App, The issue has been fixed and the update has be submitted for certification.

Just don't uninstall the App, and wait for the update.

Thank you for your patience!

Well in my case it rendered my phone unusable so the App is already uninstalled. Do you think your fix will solve what was going on?

I don't think the issue in your case was because of my App, the OS malfunctioned while installing and it could have been any other App.

Try re-installing the App, and if you can re-produce the issue.


The update of Time sync is now available in Windows Phone Store which fixes the crash-while-launching issue and adds a new feature of re-ordering the cities' list.

Users having the crash-while-launching issue, please re-install the App from Store, do not update.