Windows Phone Central 146 - WP8 SDK, missing features and no more Metro

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We're back for another exciting chat on all things Windows Phone. This week we catch up on the great SDK leak, the disappearing Metro name, disappearing apps and our user polls on missing features.  Listen above or watch the video after the break...

Daniel is video casting from a Mac...ewww

The big stories

The apps

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Windows Phone Central 146 - WP8 SDK, missing features and no more Metro


Hey guys great podcast just wanted to put my 2 cents on the multitasking on windows phone you said you weren't sure why we couldn't just tap the tile and go into the app. Well my thought was because of the hardware back button. Let me explain if I was to go into the wpcentral app and maybe be in settings exit the app do some other things then jump back into the wpcentral app through pressing the tile the back button would not take me to the main news page but to the previous app I was in and no way to get to the main page without restarting the app. The only way to get around this would be to put a software back in the apps to go to the previous screen. I don't know just my thoughts what do you guys think? And hope that makes sense what I am trying to say

I love your podcast but please record it louder. When you listen to it with headphones in crowded areas it is nearly impossible to hear anything at all even when you crank the audio up to 30/30.

I've been thinking the word "Agile" would be a good name for what was formerly called Metro.
Seeing someone use their left thumb to flick through all their open apps on a Windows8 tablet makes the experience look...well Agile.
But as was pointed out on the podcast, naming things is difficult nowadays.  I'm sure their are plenty of software companies and the like already using the word Agile.
Enjoy the pcast.
Cheers :D