Windows Phone Central 148 Special - Nokia in New York recap

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In case you just woke up from a coma and had no idea that Nokia unveiled their next-gen phones yesterday, we have our thoughts from our impromtu podcast yesterday.  Join Daniel Rubino, Rafael Rivera and Jay Bennett for a late day analysis.

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Windows Phone Central 148 Special - Nokia in New York recap


I'll have to watch and catch up on this after work. I tried tracking Dan down, but never found him. I did speak with Mary Jo Foley and a few of our own members here though, so it was a wonderful time. I also got some VIP treatment by the Nokia and Microsoft staff, which was super cool.

All in all, my overall opinion of Nokia and the Lumia series... VERY high. I will definitely be picking up a 920. I had a great experience, and the staff is amazing... I can tell that Nokia cares about the customers and the platform.

If I have any criticism-- it's the lack of new information from Microsoft, and the lack of release details, which again I honestly believe is Microsoft holding back. They REALLY need to get their act together... and I wish I had an answer on why they're stalling.

Oh yeah, keep your eye on the Nokia Conversations blog in the next few days... they're supposed to post an interview with me! :)

Going android now will mean another period of Nokia adjusting to the new OS and getting v1 hardware ready. By the time they release their first devices their sales of current devices would have tanked since no one would buy a device that would soon be discontinued, then they would have to start from a worse position than they are now. The android fanboys think switching to their beloved platform now would solve Nokia's problems but I doubt it will.

That's a bit confusing. The devices I say yesterday were clearly connected to AT&T's LTE.

Basically, Nokia released the int'l specs, but not specs for the US devices because...dun dun dun...that would basically announce which carriers are getting the phones ;-)

You do realize that (a) I was traveling with just a backpack and (b) I was in a hotel room with crappy internet, right? 

Cut me some slack man...my Blue Snowball mic literally weighs a 1lb. I'm not carrying that around NYC all day.

the colours released today doesn't necessarily mean they will not release more colours later as they did with the earlier models.
There is a science around the readability of text against different backgrounds. It has been found that white letters on a blue background provides one of the best (if not the best) combination for readability. It is why the UK uses this for all it's freeway signs (reading at high speed).
I have a magenta Lumia 800 and the magenta writing is incredibly difficult to read.
Hype vs Product
The last big press event will be Apple (and they will sell product quickly afterwards). I think MS will have been forgotten by then.
My feeling is it would be better to announce after the Apple announcement WITH product to sell.
I see little point building up momentum and then letting it fall flat and being overrun by Apple and Google.
If they want to announce and launch before the competition put in more people/money to develop the OS and partner delivery far more quickly.
It will cost less to do this than to invest millions in trying to catch up.

Marketing and carrier support is going to be key to Nokia succeeding. It has the hardware and software and the accessories.
Carriers and carrier staff must proactively and fairly promote the WP8 devices rather than demote them as they have in the past due to their personal preferences and knowledge levels.
Marketing from MS and even Nokia is like a bad smell, it doesn't come out very well. Though Nokia's attempts are better than MS' that is not saying much.
The lifestyle advertising pitch from Apple, then copied by Samsung and now Amazon should be followed as it is a winning formula and talks to what is important to consumers.
This is the sort of approach Nokia/MS needs for it's phones. See below, there is barely one mention of technology, software or hardware but all about how good life can be.
Even the older ads are great

WPcentral, quick question about windows 8 and windows phone 8. Windows 8 has windows to go were you can carry around windows 8 and some documents and plug it in and use it, atleast that is my understanding of it. Windows phone 8 will support expandable storage. Could it be possible to put windows 8 on the expandable storage and have a windows phone/windows super device? Though the hardware on the phone wouldn't run it you could carry around a windows 8 on your phone. Could some manufacturers decide to include that? Could you possibly make something like a plug in to a monitor and run windows 8, through some hackery? Thanks, love the site and podcast! Keep it up!