Windows Phone Central 165 – #CESLive

We’ve been here all week at CES 2014, taking a look at new Windows 8.1 tablets, PCs, two-in-ones, speaking with Nokia, Microsoft and catching up in the world of tech.

Tune in and watch myself, Daniel Rubino, and managing-editor Sam Sabri for our thoughts on this year’s largest tech show in the world!

Our special broadcast edition of the podcast is after the break, in full HD!


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Windows Phone Central 165 – #CESLive


@dRubino it would be awesome if you could talk with @AdamZ from Your SmartWatchFans site and do a write up of all Smartwatches coming up that will have WP8 support from the get go. Kreyos and Hot are good examples.  WpCentral users would love to see what we can expect starting the end of the month when they start shipping these new watches. Maybe we can get some voice out there to get these watch gadget makers to support Wp8 sonner. 

I would like to have heard your thoughts on Sony's new Xperia Z1 Compact.
Yeah, it's Android but:

1st - there's that possibility of Sony building WP in the future;

2nd - and the most interesting to me, is the fact that, in a time when flagships are getting bigger and bigger, they managed to squeeze all the powerful hardware of the Z1 (which is basically the same as the Nokia L1520) in a 4.3" device, thus addressing the complains of many people about the increasing size of the phones.

I hope to god Sony bring the Xperia Z1 Compact out on WP8. That phone looks sweet -- the size of the original Z1, was the main reason why my Mrs. got a L820.

I like the direction wpcentral has been going. Keep it up.

Any thoughts on the thinkpad carbon x1? 

It's not bad, but I wasn't blown away by it...which may be a surprise. Still need more hands on with it, only had a few minutes so far.

And thanks!

That is disappointing to hear, I will have to see what else is there to consider. Thinkpad Yoga is a possibility but smaller screen, limited to 8 gigs of ram and 256 gb hard drive limit. Sigh ...