Windows Phone Central app v2.2 now live!

Windows Phone Central App

The Windows Phone Central app v2.2 is now live in the Windows Phone Marketplace. We shared a sneak peek of the updated version last week and now you can see what Jay Bennett, our resident developer, has been up to.

Here is a few of the improvements the update brings to the table.

  • Links in comments can now be followed
  • New action icons in comments
  • Option to use larger fonts in articles & comments
  • Switched to built in social media sharing
  • Double tap to view in-line images
  • Automatically scroll to newly added comments
  • 'Download app' functionality now available to free/trial users

There are also a handful of performance and cosmetic fixes with the update. All in all, we think you'll like what you find with the updated version.

If you're already enjoying the Windows Phone Central app, the update should be pushed out shortly. If you haven't given the app a try, you can find the Windows Phone Central app here at the Marketplace. There is a trial version available with the full version running $.99.

Oh...Jay has also built a logging tool, the WPClogger, which handles all reports or requests for help that are sent in. WPClogger is open source and any developers interested in using it with their app can find all the details here.

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Reader comments

Windows Phone Central app v2.2 now live!


Ah now this is interesting, you're creating links from within the app aren't you? No one had done that in my testing so they may not be picked up.

Here's a link that should work: http://www.bing.com/ and I'll make sure links submitted through the app are fixed soon!

So I just searched the marketplace for WPCentral just to see what would pop up. I have to say I'm quite upset that you guys weren't able to get your app through with your own official logo, yet another app got through using your logo. That's not fair and it makes no sense
Just give us the word Jay. We the community will harrass Microsoft. We are few but we are loud!! Just say the word!

It is possible that there will be some regional delays. Turning your device off then on again sometimes helps! But I can say we are in every single marketplace region now, so you will see it! :)

I've got the update. Lumia 800, Sweden. Try the "share" trick, press share and then back.

hey  Jay ,

thanks for an other  Great App!!! not gona lie doh I was expecting forum access in this one doh ;)

or was that planed for WP8?

When the app hits v3.0, there will be forum access. But you guys have been very loud on this one, so I will start it earlier than I first planned to :)

Great job Jay. If I could buy it, I would. (stupid regional settings won't let me register a credit card...)

Nit-picky suggestion for "WPClogger". It can be more often misread as "WP Clogger". Capitalize the L if you don't want to add a space and there will be slightly less confusion haha.

I already bought the app before the update. But I find it is a great improvement and even more worth the price.

I know this really does not pertain to this topic, but has anyone had trouble with marketplace loading? In trying to access to download this I just keep getting a "loading" message with nothing loading. I let my phone set 5-6 minutes doing this. I've had this problem now for the past 3 days.

Do you have twitter set up on your Phone? The app uses the built in social network integration so you now need to have twitter set up in your accounts :)

Jay - on the help/about screen, the Go to wpcentral and send feedback icons seem to be reversed...the feedback takes you to the site and wpcentral link takes you to feedback

I am experiencing some scrolling issues.. Nothing major, but a little Androidish. Slight stutter, and not as smooth as before the update. Seems to have lost that native feel. Please fix.

The only change here is it's built on the new Windows Phone SDK... If you want to improve scrolling though you could reduce the image quality to medium in settings :)

Great job Jay! I'm definitely seeing the stutter in comments as well which I wasn't getting in v2.1. Loving the new features though. :-D

Great update, thanks! I hit "Share" and then back and the update showed up. I'd still love to see underlined live links rather than a view with a list of links that don't always make sense and of course forum access, but I'm not complaining. Love what you've done. Congrats on a great app--one of my most used.

Excellent application without any question. Well done Jay. Just one small thing, when i scroll down fast there is a small jerk (not smooth) in the movement just before the scrolling stops. I have not observed this issue in any other official Microsoft apps like People's hub. Is it some kind of memory issue or something to do with the OS.

Jay, outstanding app, should have beat out AAWP app during contest. My only compliant, my live tile doesn't always update. It's turned off in background settings, and when I enable it to turn on, it doesn't always function. But that may have more yo do with my HTC Titan, than the app itself. Yours is still the best for Windows Phone 7 content. GOD Bless

I had a similar issue. I reinstalled and it seems to be fine. This is my most used app and it keeps getting better, though. Great job!

Where's my community wall paper.....lol......seriously I like wall papers or should I say lock screen wallpapers

MUCH better comment scrolling! Also love that leaving a reply doesn't dump me back up to the first comment. And I will be so relieved if the live tile doesn't crap out on me. GREAT job Jay!!

Best WP app without a doubt! You guys need to show everyone else how to make them this well, especially the live tiles and notifications.

I see you know which post is mine because there is a cross in there. But it would be easier if my post would be in a different color.

Wow Jay, was it ever fixed. Thanks, as I said, this is the best app ever. I truly enjoy the podcasts as well, wish your schedules allowed you to do more per week. Maybe when WP truly takes off, this will come to fruition. GOD Bless